George Galloway: Israel Caught Subverting UK Government

Following on from my post regarding this mind-boggling situation of Israeli subversion where most of our MPs have effectively committed Treason by swearing allegiance to the Zionists, my good friend Simon King commented with this superb George Galloway video (11.02). I immediately felt this was Galloway’s finest effort to date, so way to go George. Also yesterday, Anna Lee, Marino Robles & I launched a group dedicated to highlighting this outrage. As far as I’m concerned, apart from the entire MSM being in Zionist hands, these pro Israeli groups are the crux of the problem. If we somehow rid ourselves of this scourge, all the other major problems can be handled.


But right now, the Conservative Party may just as well be the Knesset. With them in power the UK is an occupied territory. Our concerns matter none. What Israel wants supersedes all else. This is why our armed forces are engaged in conflicts that only serve Israel’s interests. I’m convinced Jeremy Corbyn is our only hope. This is why his own party is working overtime to pull the rug from under him. What makes this so infuriating is all the Labour MPs who are causing Corbyn untold grief are MEMBERS OF THE LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! In other words what the vast majority of Brits want doesn’t amount to a can of beans. All I can say is if we sit & take this like a bunch of saps, then we deserve what we get!


I feel there are way too many groups on FB. I believe most of them are one ginormous ego trip for those who run them. I’ve always felt if your writing or your posts are good enough, people will tune in. The odd group is okay. What I can’t stand is 10 different groups all dealing with the same subject matter. That includes the Palestinians, Israel & Jeremy Corbyn. I feel one group is enough. Surely, diluting our strength cannot help our cause. This is what they want but then I’ve gone blue in the face saying way too many activists are tactically clueless. What makes matters infinitely worse though is nearly all the JC groups on FB are actually designed to harm him.



I’m hoping to modify the group’s title WE SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN. Considering another group has exactly the same name I think it’s fair to say we need to come up with something different. I’d really appreciate some suggestions – the title has to refer to JC & the dilemma of special interest groups. I thought I cracked it with my JC caption yesterday which said – I SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN; NOT LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! It’s not great but I certainly think it’s better than what we’ve got. I don’t often ask for feedback but we really could do with some help here folks. Please – I want to see some fingers pulled out!


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Most Jeremy Corbyn groups on FB actually seek to undermine himMost Jeremy Corbyn groups on FB actually seek to undermine him

How can the UK be a democracy when the majority of it’s MP’s have declared allegiance to Israel?How can the UK be a democracy when the majority of it’s MP’s have declared allegiance to Israel?



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