Most Jeremy Corbyn groups on FB actually seek to undermine him

Here’s a paradox – As most of you know, I’m a big Jeremy Corbyn fan. Why? Because he’s one of the few decent, honest politicians we have. Want to know what I think of most Jeremy Corbyn FB groups or at least ones I found myself plonked in? THEY’RE NOT WORTH A BAR OF SOAP! In fact, they’re worse for I’m convinced they’re run either by Zionist trolls or those with the brains of a rocking horse. I’ve been involved in about 6 of these groups & in all of them I rapidly found myself at loggerheads with other group members. Why? All it took was the Z word or mentioning the real cause of JC’s problem – the Labour friends of Israel group.


The caption below sums it up. This is why JC is being undermined & this is why I’m certain most of his groups on FB actually seek to undermine him. A while back I also wrote to Theresa May expressing my horror & indignation of how our democracy was being usurped by Zionists. This amounts to Treason yet you can be sure – NOTHING WILL BE DONE!



I can ill-afford to waste my time, so quick as I entered these Jeremy Corbyn groups, I scarpered. Then today I discovered I’ve been re-plonked into the ‘WE SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN GROUP!’ So I saw a couple of decent JC captions which I duly swiped. On one of them I left a typical GMM blaster…..
those in the Labour friends of Israel as well as the Zionist controlled media are systematically doing everything they can to scupper Jeremy Corbyn. The problem is, too few in the Labour party have the courage to address the cursed Zionist plague we have in our midst. The longer we go on allowing our politicians to be bought by special interests groups, the further we will sink into the abyss.


Then I scrolled down & BANG! I saw this caption. Bear in mind, this guy is making out he’s a Corbyn supporter. As the well-known saying goes – WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES! My God almighty. For starters, anyone who believes Theresa May has anything near 47% of the vote is a complete buffoon. The woman, as well as being a traitor, is an embarrassment. If ever there was a Zionist puppet! In short, if by now, you don’t realise everything possible is being done to make her look good & Corbyn bad, then you must be in cloud-cuckoo land! Either that or you’re smoking bad gear.
But wait. First, look at what this guy wrote. It took me two seconds to smell a very large rat…… Oh I don’t believe it. The post has actually been taken down. And I know why – my comment below got 5 Likes in 10 minutes. When you read it, you’ll realise why I so much wanted to put up his introduction to the caption. Sadly I can’t lay my hands on it now but he started off with this…..



I mean is this hilarious or what. I’m actually pissing myself. This guy, an alleged Corbyn supporter, sticks up a poll which has JC at 15% while Theresa May has a whopping 47% & he says don’t be pessimistic folks!!! Hahahahaha – so funny! I am absolutely in bits. I’ve just spoken to the guy. He says he’s not a Zionist troll. Well if that’s the case, he should be on stage. I mean for crying out loud – if this is what JC can expect from supporters then Theresa May, god forbid, has an outside chance of becoming queen!


Well, well, well. Now you know why I took myself out of these Corbyn groups. It also should alert people to the fact the powers that be are VERY worried about JC getting in. A year ago I said if there was a fair election JC would win by a mile. I stand by that. Anyway here’s my comment. Lucky I copied & pasted it because that whole post with all it’s other comments has disappeared!


Anyone who believes that poll is a blithering idiot. I’ll give you 3 examples where Mainstream media has lied its arse off!
1) For over a year the media bombarded us with the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith, that Saddam had WMD’s. These lies led to over a million people losing their lives!
2) The media also made sure all the Pedophiles in Westminster would not be prosecuted. Why? Because the chief power-brokers rely on those with untold filth in the closet. How else could they declare war on countries that have done nothing to us? Had the media named & shamed child molesters like Greville Janner they would have all gone to jail.
3) 9/11 could not have occurred had the perpetrators not known in advance that the media would not just effect a systematic cover up but brand all those with any sense as mere ‘conspiracy theorists!’ All we needed for the truth was news presenters stating the obvious such as ‘we’re watching controlled demolitions here’ or ‘why didn’t the US air force shoot down planes 2 & 3’ or ‘how come Larry Silverstein was paid out $7 BILLION in insurance for the Twin Towers when 6 months earlier he paid a paltry $15 million?’……
Here we have just 3 patently obvious questions, yet – NOTHING! NOT A WORD! Therefore, I contend if the media would lie about these 3 things …..THEN THEY’LL LIE ABOUT ANYTHING! This poll is laughable. Theresa May is a traitor who lies from every orifice! It is imperative the uninitiated begin to realise the very same people who control our politicians in the West are the same people who own & control mainstream media. I guarantee – if we manage to destroy the media as we know it & replace it with entirely independent news outlets that are obliged to tell the truth, the world we know today will soon become unrecognizable.





When JC first got in some 18 months ago I had a long chat with my good friend Jonathan Trapman. We naturally were delighted he was the new Labor leader. We disagreed on one point only – Jonathan felt Corbyn had to be himself; I felt he had to take the gloves off. I wonder how you feel now JLT & others for that matter. I believe we’ve enough of Mr. Nice Guy. It hasn’t worked. Therefore I feel JC – TIME TO TAKE THE GLOVES OFF! Just over a year ago I wrote this piece. It’s worth a read because it ties into the whole post. 



And while I’m at it I thought I’d re-post this. It is the 2nd most popular post I’ve ever had on the website with 203,000 hits. 



  • Ron Wright

    Not even his own MPs are loyal and supportive. He will go down in history as the best Prime Minister that we never had.

  • Michael: I am truly shocked that you are still alive based on your written views – even though not directly on Face Book. LinkedIn etc. Good people like Jeremy Corbin will be shut down by the big Z every time the truth is said. The OWO controls the money and the MSN and they eliminate people like us. THAT is why I am being very careful of my words in the media. I don’t have the time OR the energy left to start a link such as yours. PEACE.

  • Audrey yassen

    Got to say I’m captivated by what you have to say Michael ,I find myself nodding agreement with all your writings.I shall continue to share your posts as most people on FB are media sheep,I want to be part of the revolution of opening the eyes of the brainwashed sheepies😆

    • As a matter of routine, I walk up to people here (in the U.S.) and ask “Tell me what you think about Jeremy Corbin”? The reactions are: Who is Jeremy Corbin? Sad, but it opens up a chance for me to open up their minds about Corbin and what he is up against. Then, the reaction is: why are you so interested in a guy from England? Typical Americans! What can I say?

      • Jack – That’s exactly what happened to me here in the UK when I mentioned RON PAUL. Hardly anyone in England heard of the guy who by rights should have been President instead of that wanker Obama. You’d think that couldn’t be possible but what it shows are two things – 1) That many people are that dumb & 2) Silence is golden ie the incredible power of the media

    • Thank you so much Audrey & what you say is music to my ears

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