Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron.

I could not post this yesterday as my website was down so I posted it on FB. However, since this involves the greatest criminals in history I decided to repost it. We’re talking about blatant tax fraud & money laundering on a scale scarcely imaginable & it goes all the way to the top. How can such criminality occur under our noses? The answer lies in the fact a handful of powerful Zionists have managed to usurp our entire political system through their elaborate scheme of encouraging political upstarts to succumb to sexual perversion.


Price of Apathy


All those who fall foul are given an opportunity to climb the ladder of power. They are granted special favors in terms of funding & favorable media reports which boost their non-existent credentials, while their opponents are rubbished. The most able are singled out for higher office. However, those who succumb to child molestation know their actions are on tape. Therefore, they have rendered themselves open to blackmail & so sickening are their crimes they cannot refuse to do what’s asked of them. Monsters funded by the greatest criminals on the planet! Now ask yourself, how else could we have got into this mess?


This is how nobodies like Blair & Cameron, who never previously held ministerial positions, went straight into No.10. This is how illegal wars that have only helped Israel have been declared by both Labour & Conservative politicians. This is why we have an inordinate number of child molesters in Westminster. No surprise UK politicians as well as several in all major Western economies ‘offer’ unconditional support to Israel no matter what crimes the IDF & Netanyahu commit, thus defying the vast majority of the people they’re supposed to represent. Ask yourself, if my explanation is flawed in any way, how else could we have arrived in our current predicament?


The Naked Truth Cameron Is he the worst prime minister in British history.


I hardly heard of Gordon Bowden. I think I’ve received one or two of his videos in the past few years but I’ve got to say – what this guy has uncovered is mind-blowing – a syndicate of crime at 788-790 Finchley Road & it basically shows how everything at the top level has been afflicted by the most virulent carcinogenic strain known to man – Zionism! For UK residents especially, I cannot recommend this video more highly…….


They’re taking so many videos down it’s a joke! So, I’m just putting a few more up…..




  • Sam

    Thanks Michael great work lately and nice one David too, Lie detector would be good but I think what Ricky Dearman really needs is to be lynched and strung up, the child murdering bastard! I was disappointed to see James Corbett, whom I usually respect greatly, come down on the wrong side entirely on this hampstead case, very worrying…

    • Thank you Sam. Of course we could settle all the Pedophile cases within a week just by placing these vermin on lie-detector machines. In doing so we’d save ourselves untold millions. Think of all the time & money we waste on Inquiries that simply end up telling us lies. Julian Assange would never have been locked up because a lie-detector machine would prove this was a trumped up case. Similarly on the day of 9/11 I said Larry Silverstein should be forced to sit a lie-detector test. Wouldn’t that have told us pretty much everything? Of course now you know why the media have forever given lie-detector machines such a terrible press saying they’re not foolproof when our own judicial system is full of so many holes it’s embarrassing! Moreover compared to the jury system lie-detector machines ARE virtually foolproof. What a pathetic world we live in! Thanks for all the help Sam.

  • Pam

    I have been thinking about why george lansbury, labour leader in the 30’s..grandfather of angela…built an orrphanage in essex to house the poor of london..great as it was..and I was there..it did strike me that we were all fodder for his mates..I remember nen in suits, naked photos of me at 5, abuse if my brothers, it co tinued in many childrens homes but this one had a hotli e to politicians. Its gone now..adoption they think is better. Hm.

    • Dearie me Pam. That sounds so awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pedophiles in Westminster go back 200 years. The Rothschild knew they could best control politicians through sexual blackmail. As I said there are a cabal of gangsters that transcend politics & they control politicians because they make sure they have filth on them. To think we have these animals declaring war on nations that have done nothing to us! Yet what makes me feel so ashamed is the fact so many people out there can’t see the wood from the trees. It is obvious the media barons are inextricably linked to those who encourage pedophiles into the upper echelons of power. It is their job to then protect them. If ordinary folk made enough noise these vermin could never get away with such perversion. What is most sickening is the lack of empathy. These perverts know they are destroying the lives of these defenseless souls. It’s horrendous.

  • Leslie

    These horrific acts have been found depicted inside of cave walls and pyramids. It goes all the way back, somehow. The conclusion I’ve come to after 20 or so years of research, is that it suits the interests of the most powerful of the most evil elite on several levels.
    Aside from the blackmail power cycle that has been well laid out here, it also is necessary for their worship of evil. Then there are the mind control programs that these specific acts are essential for complete compartmentalization of the victims’ brains. This compartmentalization renders them able to be programmed to do whatever their handler sees fit. Super soldiers, spies, sex slavery, you name it. These programs are real and well documented. MKUltra, Milab, project paperclip, it had many names, but is the same thing. There is a wealth of information about them, I suggest everybody learn as much as possible about this. Cathy O’brien’s story is a wealth of information, and a great place to begin.
    So, with all of this in mind, how far fetched of an idea would it be to think that some of these rings could’ve been contracted to successfully split these children’s minds and/or program them? That’s just a nagging thought I’ve had while following this and similar cases. By the way, way smarter, more influential people than me have drawn the same conclusion as me (before anyone goes putting me on a list for thinking).
    I pray that the truth comes out and for the children’s safety, as well as the safety of everyone trying to help.

    • Thanks for that Leslie – I think we’ve reached the point where it’s us or them now. If we win the truth will come out; if they win, they’ll continue to write the History books.

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