Implausible, inconceivable, astonishing utilisation of the word ‘whether’ & a lesson in controlling the ‘red mist’

Yesterday I posted a petition calling for a debate in the UK parliament regarding whether Israel has ‘improper influence’ over British politics. Considering nearly ever Tory MP is a member of what can only be described as an illegal pressure group – Conservative Friends of Israel & since almost 100 Labour MPs belong to the corresponding group Labour Friends of Israel, the fact the word ‘whether’ was even utilised, for me at least, qualifies as the 11th wonder of the world!
I tried explaining – this is it! The crux of the problem; the integral reason the world is in such a god-awful state! Now I know I’m no Messiah by any stretch of the imagination so please don’t think I’m giving it the big I am but I feel people appreciate the fact I do not sensationalise. However, on the rare occasions when I do say ‘this is it’ or ask people to share far & wide, I’m taken seriously & there’s a genuine response. Not this time though.
One thing stuck out like a sore thumb – it was as if clicking the link ran the risk of contracting the Black Death! FB censorship aside, how can this petition have only 900 signatures? It’s as I haven’t posted the damn thing on my website! Even on VK the post was as dead as a Dodo! This is a sure-fire indication on the Zionist list of ‘strictly taboo’ topics, this one’s right up there. Makes perfect sense – the last thing they want people to realise is that they’ve got us by the short & curlies! More evidence that what I’m saying is near the mark?
A while back there was a petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest upon arrival in the UK. Now the rule was any petition gathering over 100,000 signatures meant the matter had to be debated in Parliament. Well, in no time that figure was reached but then it all went quiet on the Western front. No debate; no nothing. Not a mention in the media. The goalposts moved quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct! What I’m trying to say is method is applied to their censorship. So what if Netanyahu is slagged off? What difference? You can be sure the next Israeli PM is going to be a proper bastard too, so no big deal. Of course they pull the plug when it comes to a parliamentary debate on whether this steaming pile of horse manure should be arrested. That’s way too much publicity.
It was exactly the same with the Gaza blockade. They don’t care if people know about that. In fact, I believe they derive pleasure from inadvertently sticking two fingers up to the international community. Many may feel I’m pushing it a bit here but I can tell you now, I’m not one for knee-jerk baloney. When it comes to mulling over things I’m the bleedin’ Mull of Kintyre. Petitions lambasting Netanyahu & the Gaza blockade rapidly amass 100,000’s of signatures yet this one regarding backdoor Israeli influence struggles to get 1000? If something doesn’t add up you can be sure there’s a reason. The dots have to connect. They apply method. SO DO I!
Anyway, apart from the opportunity to give the petition another nudge, I thought I’d post a discussion I had with a chap about this. Jonathan Roberts commented “Would like to see some evidence of your claims, and I think if you want your petition to be taken seriously you need to write it in a more formal manner.” Well, what pursued was a bit of a barney. Provide more evidence? What am I? A goddamned teleprinter! Do your own research! I knew my response was inappropriate but sometimes one sees red. Bad days or not, one should refrain from being abusive.
Then much to my surprise the gentleman in question apologised, going on to say he didn’t entirely disagree. He simply wanted more reliable information. This prompted me to do the very thing I normally refuse to do – get involved whenever anyone says, more evidence please. What a world of difference when one stops, takes a deep breath & thinks before responding to what may seem an unfavourable comment. This was my reply….
Thank you. I appreciate that probably more than you can imagine. I apologise too. Perhaps you may understand my position – often those who say ‘show me evidence’ are merely Zionist trolls paid to create doubt & generally waste my time. Moreover, I know only too well from experience, whatever evidence I give, however cast-iron, will be completely ignored. Then there’s the death threats & the outrageous censorship I’ve had to suffer. This is the Zionist Modus Operandi.
Evidence? Just ask the question. If I was a blithering idiot would they go out of their way to shut me up? No. There can be only one reason – it’s because I possess analytical prowess along with sound judgement. One must bear in mind, ONLY THE TRUTH STANDS UP TO SCRUTINY! This is precisely why they attack & smear those who dare ask obvious questions. Do you always believe anything anyone says? In any case, how does one define evidence? TELL ME! Aren’t my pieces long enough? Often I spend over 10 hours putting them together. Not only that, I grant you, most people seriously appreciate how I try to explain everything I write. This is the hard work. For me the easy part is learning the real truth. JUST ASK QUESTIONS! I simply weigh up what I see before me & draw the most logical conclusions.
For instance, the entire mainstream media for over a year, (please do a little research for you will rapidly discover the whole caboodle is Zionist controlled), told a pack of lies IN ORDER TO GO TO WAR! Now what can be more evil than that? Making matters infinitely worse – the end result of this war was chaos, carnage & the destruction of a country that believe it or not had nothing like the crime rate most Western nations are bedevilled with. Between 1-2 million innocent Iraqis lost their lives; millions more lost their homes & livelihoods. Then, after this unmitigating catastrophe, did the media ever once bring themselves to apologise? NO. So now I ask why should I, or anyone for that matter, ever believe anything the media ever says? For me, this is pure common sense as is the fact, the only country to gain from this mayhem is Israel, a Zionist entity.
Like I said, what can be worse than lying to go to war? If you do some meaningful research, you WILL discover all the lies the media bombarded the public with, came directly & were concocted by 3 Zionist warmongers – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith. The same people are in control; the very same people have protected Bush & Blair even though it’s patently obvious they committed crimes of Nuremberg proportions. Furthermore, the very same media that’s supposed to inform the public of all relevant facts, while constantly stating this ‘war’ was in order to rid the world of Saddam & establish democracy in Iraq, deliberately withheld one astonishing detail – THE US & UK WERE INSTRUMENTAL IN INSTALLING SADDAM AS IRAQ’S LEADER! The West didn’t like his predecessor, Qasim. Why? Because he told the US & UK oil companies – ‘IRAQI OIL IS FOR THE IRAQI PEOPLE!’ Why didn’t they mention this? Don’t you think this would have made all the difference? What kind of devious people are we dealing with here? All I do is ask questions. This is my right. I harbour no bias whatsoever. All I care for is the truth.


  • Ted Duggan

    Been listening to BBC Cov & Warks …. Talk about Biased interviews and radio DJ being anti Corbyn ….All Afternoon …. Seems like the Beeb have told all there stations to up the anti JC shit

    • You know why they’re doing this Ted? Think about this – the public have already shown that whatever shit they try to throw on Corbyn, it isn’t going to stick. In fact the chances are they are quite aware this constant vilification of the people’s choice is going to piss more voters off & MAKE THEM VOTE FOR CORBYN! So what are they up to? OBVIOUS! They are setting up a climate where if the worst comes to the worst, they can cheat in the election & then sell the notion Corbyn got beat BY ONLY AIRING INTERVIEWS WHERE PEOPLE SAY – oh, I didn’t like his views on terrorism or the economy or any other bollocks. Then the media will fuel this by making out this is all normal. Corbyn lost because of this & that. Individually it counts for nothing if 80% of us vote for Corbyn. WE NEED TO KNOW IT COLLECTIVELY! What they’re hoping is there are enough dumbos out there with no idea how they’ve been cheated. These bastards are past masters at this sort of shit! They’re simply keeping all their options open mainly because they have nowhere else to go. They can’t praise him & god forbid slag off that useless Zionist bitch May. If they do that the Tories could go into liquidation.

  • Roy Ger.

    There’s a rise against Corbyn everywhere. They are running scared because if Corbyn wins, then world politics will change, that’s if he survives everything, poisoning, car crash, heart attacks etc etc.

    • They don’t like it one bit because if they do get to Corbyn everyone but the totally brainless will realise what the Zionists are up to. The thing is they have nowhere to go. They have to keep criticising Corbyn even though they know it will probably backfire in terms of votes. I suppose they’re doing this with the idea of perhaps rigging the election. However, the very thought of Theresa May winning seems inconceivable so it’s good to see the Zionists stuck between a rock & a hard place!

  • Walter Cairns

    Corbyn made a big mistake in virtually admitting “guilt” over the mural affair – he should have said that it merely represented the banksters of this world regardless of ethnicity or religious background – paying particular heed to the Masonic pyramid in the background.

    • I’m not trying to dig you out Walter because of our recent disagreement. In fact I’m pleased you’re still posting comments & I’m sure you’re right except I feel it’s a little harsh saying ‘Corbyn made a big mistake.’ Come on. I cannot imagine the kind of pressure this man is under. It beggars belief! He must know his life could well be at risk, even his family. With traitors embedded in his own party & the media making up lie after lie, people really need to place themselves in his shoes, stop & think what it must be like. Intolerable is a word that comes to mind yet I believe Corbyn has coped admirably well. So let’s cut the guy a bit of slack.

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