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Anti-Semitic claims against Corbyn, Labour exaggerated: Poll

I feel it’s up to us to let Jeremy Corbyn know the vast majority of Brits are right behind him. This is the last thing the media will do. Along with letters & emails supporting Corbyn we have to bombard media outlets telling them we’re onto them & that they WILL pay a heavy price for lying to us. While

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Implausible, inconceivable, astonishing utilisation of the word ‘whether’ & a lesson in controlling the ‘red mist’

Yesterday I posted a petition calling for a debate in the UK parliament regarding whether Israel has ‘improper influence’ over British politics. Considering nearly ever Tory MP is a member of what can only be described as an illegal pressure group – Conservative Friends of Israel & since almost 100 Labour MPs belong to the corresponding group Labour Friends of

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