It looks like the fix is in. By hook or by crook Jeremy Corbyn & the people of the UK will be cheated.

I get the feeling we’re going to be cheated. I smell that awful rat again. It’s a gigantic Zionist one! A couple of weeks ago I heard I could vote for Jeremy Corbyn if I joined the Labor Party….. so I did! I thought about this & felt I wasn’t pulling any stroke. The rules allowed me or anyone else to do this. I’d already decided my direct debit would stay open so long as Corbyn became & remained Labor leader. If he lost I would cancel the Direct Debit, as I would if Corbyn was to do an Obama ie succumb to the Zionists. These are the rules – you join the Labor party – you can vote for their leader.


So no surprise when I went to see George Galloway talk last week he said the Labor Party membership had trebled from 200,000 – 600,000. Naturally Galloway & most people felt this was due to the Corbyn factor. No doubt as soon as it was obvious Corbyn the anti-war, anti-austerity, pro-Palestinian was miles in front, the other 3 nobodies were up in arms. Instead of admitting ‘we’re about as popular as a pile of puke’ they resorted to ganging up against Corbyn. Fortunately the Zionist media made a huge miscalculation by asking Tony Blair to chip in with his obligatory pack of lies. Imagine – a war criminal, mass-murderer slagging off a straight-shooter like Corbyn. It beggared belief!


This is the garbage of the Telegraph – 


Corbyn is now a monster from outer space


Then yesterday a nasty thought came over me. Within two days I received an email from Kendall & Cooper begging for my support. If you want to see what my response was –

Then the next day I received an email from the Burnham camp, once again begging for my support. If you want to see what my response was –

A few days passed & I received two more grovelling emails from Kendall & Cooper. My response is not for print! Put it this way – it was more reminiscent of an irate lumberjack that eats nails for breakfast!…… But then the horrible thought came over me –



I thought oh no. Don’t tell me they’re going to cheat here too? 10 days have passed & I’ve received nothing from the Corbyn camp. I’m sorry to say folks – THE FIX IS ON! I AM NOW CONVINCED JEREMY CORBYN IS GOING TO BE ROBBED! Then to make matters worse I was browsing through the ‘I’m Backing Jeremy Corbyn’ Group & I thought what’s going on here? Either there are loads of clueless pencil-pushers who have no idea who the real enemy is or the group is riddled with imposters. Before my response to this, on another thread I saw this by KEVIN HOAD – 


Labour is attempting to rig the election against JC by “purging” genuine supporters on spurious grounds. To say I am angry about this would be an understatement and I am not alone. It is obvious to all that HARMAN is a LIAR when she says all genuine votes will be counted.


Labour party HQ have been combing through 400 000 new sign ups to find out if they support JC, if they do they are finding ways to discount their vote. Any voting for any of the other candidates are ok only JC supporters are being taken out.


It is being done so blatantly and quite frankly it makes me feel physically sick and damn angry, I hope it does not work but I fear it will and JC will be cheated and in doing so we will all be the loser, but none bigger than what will be left of the Labour Party.


I would like to add I have never personally got involved in anything Political in my entire life, but this man Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air in a corrupt stinking vile pit called Westminster and you should all be damned ashamed of yourselves. Plus the result of a rigged election will be cataclysmic for the Party.


In the meantime while the other 3 nobodies have acted disgracefully criticising a man with an impeccable character, almost as if oozing statesmanlike qualities, there has been not one iota of negative campaigning from Jeremy Corbyn. 



This is the garbage of the Daily Mail & that treacherous Pedophile-loving Harriet Harman who is conspiring against the people of this country. We cannot afford to allow the Zionists to cheat here. This is our last chance. We should make it absolutely clear – they cannot get away with this.


The fix is on


Here was my comment in the group –


NO ONE IS MENTIONING THE ZIONIST LOBBIES & THE UNGODLY INFLUENCE THEY POSSESS! Why should less than 1% of our population have control over Cameron; they controlled Blair & it’s so damn obvious! THE ONLY TIME THE MEDIA SLAG ANYONE OFF IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ANTI-WAR & THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL! THIS IS NOT ANTI-SEMITIC! For starters I support the Palestinians & above all, it’s the truth! If you don’t think so you’re a blithering idiot! This is our country at stake here & outsiders are lying through their back teeth about one of the few good men we have & what’s more, we badly need! Unless people start naming & shaming the very people who oppose Corbyn, who is by far & away the people’s choice, we will be cheated.


Rigging elections may be treasonous but if the media doesn’t highlight this & THEY WON’T, they’ll get away with it. That’s why Israel gets away with countless war crimes. They exaggerate; they lie but most importantly, they do not inform the public of the most important thing – THE TRUTH! The moment they realised Corbyn was a threat they began plotting against him. The other 3 stooges are all Zionist puppets. They are plotting now & they will continue so that when they finally cheat, the BBC & ITV will bring out their greatest squeaky clean news-readers – Fiona Bruce & Mary Nightingale to explain how this good-for-nothing toe-rag Burnham ‘won’ the race by solemnly looking in the camera & saying the typical BS that corbyn was too far left & that labor couldn’t win the next election & blah, blah, blah – ALL COMPLETE BALONEY! But the thing is – these two news-readers are so squeaky clean it is nigh on impossible to imagine they’re telling us a pack of lies (which they do for a living)!


Something’s wrong with this group. Either FB are severely censoring posts or there are way too many people who are cleverly not serving Corbyn’s interests here. Considering his huge popularity something doesn’t add up. No one has mentioned that this is all about who Israel wants as leader of the Labor Party. We don’t have a say. They rigged the Scottish vote for Independence. You simply do not get a record turnout only for people to say ‘let’s stay as we are. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! And if you don’t know that every election Cameron has been involved in has been rigged in his favor, then you’re somewhere in the clouds. He is the perfect Zionist puppet – a traitor who works for best interests of Israel. That’s why he’s made an enemy out of Russia – because the Zionists told him to.


Those people who are brainless enough not to realise the entire mainstream media is Zionist controlled are as good as signing our death warrants. It might sound crazy but if we keep allowing our elections to be rigged & believe you me CORBYN IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO TURN THIS AROUND, MANY OF US WHO SIMPLY YEARN FOR THE TRUTH WILL, IN THE WORDS OF DAVID CAMERON, BE ERADICATED! What we should be doing now is letting it be known that there is going to be hell to pay if democracy isn’t strictly adhered to. We all know Corbyn has more support than all the other candidates put together. We also know he’s more electable than any other candidate because his majority has increased from 5000 – 23,000! Yet they have the gall to claim he’s unelectable. We better hurry up & let them know there will be hell to pay if Corbyn is cheated!

Here is an article by Gilad Atzmon which delves into the touchy issue of hows Zionists are undermining Corbyn’s rightful place at the head of the Labor party. The good news – unlike me these grand deceivers cannot label Atzmon anti-Semitic because he’s Jewish.
Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews


  • barrabus

    Another excellent article Michael I’m really enjoying your site, the whole rotten establishment needs dragging to it’s knees it’s the only way forward.

  • Anna lee

    It is obvious Michael , there is a Zionist conspiracy to stop the votes for Jeremy Corbyn. at any cost ! what a shame ! What is Corbyn people are doing about it ?

    • That’s right Anna. We certainly know that a fair election would mean a Corbyn landslide. The trouble is most people don’t realise this is simply more skulduggery from war-mongering Zionists. I think one option is to go on strike but the media will play it down.

  • Linda Morrison


  • Thomas Hulls

    The more determined they are to stop Jeremy Corbyn, the more determined I am to stop them, as the gloves are off and anything goes. Now they are claiming infiltration by the BNP can it get any more bizarre?

    • This is the Zionist way Thomas. With a media that never questions the obvious shenanigans of the Zionists they can play with a stacked deck but I’m with you – the gloves are coming off.

  • Andrew Francis

    It occurs to me that if this election were shown to be rigged then that would signal the death of the Labour party. To use one of your expressions, Cui bono? Cameron and his fellow Zios must be champing at the bit.

    • Andrew – by their own admission Corbyn has more votes than the other 3 candidates put together. This is not a question of political parties. This is all about finally having a leader who wants to represent the people of this country.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    They are really purging members, unbelievable bastards that they are, there’s an article on Global Research with some letters people have been receiving, rejecting their applications - How can we punish them? This is going to be one of the most rigged and manipulated votes ever ffs is it still worth me trying to join?? Can one join in person? I feel like punching someone aarrrghhh

  • I know Sam – this is why I wrote this piece & what’s most worrying is this is our last chance. How can we punish them? TRAITORS ARE SHOT & RIGHTFULLY SO! The thing is how can they hide the skulduggery? What is happening is infuriating for me because so few people realise who really is behind all this!

  • Abubakar Dabo

    I hope that this debate will symbolize the breaking of the wall of silence and the beginning of an intensive debate in the Labor Party and among the British public on the Zionists lobby’s effort to thwart the Jeremy Corbyn victory.

    • So do I but I don’t think it will happen. I feel the Zionist media is more like to shoot itself in the foot by continually attacking Corbyn with bare-faced lies while never highlighting Cameron’s skulduggery.

  • george

    I have been following for sometime and you are always right on! I am an American and I dont want to interject to your post. We have the same thing over here with 50%, or maybe even more, of these same people in our government officials. There is the problem. The Clinton’s are fundamentalist christians, same as zionist, only most of the people back Bernie Sanders, only they werent going to let him do the debates! People raised hell and he was allowed. They have been in control of all the political discourse. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TO LET THE PEOPLE KNOW WHATS HAPPENING!!!

  • John McDonagh

    Michael, I am proud to subscribe to your site. Keep up the good work, my friend. Sincere best wishes to you and yours.

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