Jeremy Corbyn named the most popular leader of the past century among Labour members

I find it mind-numbing how so few people are aware our elections are rigged. When I say this I’m usually met with either a weird look or silence…. but I’ll keep saying it – surely if they lie to go to war & kill millions of innocent folk, THEN WHAT WON’T THEY DO? Still, it seems asking people to think a little is tantamount to hitting a brick wall. Plain logic & simple reasoning falls on deaf ears, yet what we’re talking about here couldn’t be more obvious. We know they control the media. We know they possess untold resources & since they lied about Vietnam, 9/11, the Iraq war & just about everything else, then why wouldn’t they commit a lesser crime of election fraud?

Yet so many readily concede it doesn’t matter who we vote for. Well for the best part this is correct – both Tory & Labour have Zionist puppets at the helm. It’s the same with the Republicans & the Democrats in America. This is normally the case. However, every so often a genuine statesman slips through the net. In America JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Ron Paul; in the UK John Smith & Jeremy Corbyn – the common denominator with these five men – they could not be bought. Significantly, even though all were destined to be leaders, only JFK made it to the top & wasn’t this a huge lesson for the true power-brokers?

JFK’s murder was literally in everyone’s face. Coupled with the fact the subsequent explanation come cover-up was so riddled with flaws, they knew they could not make a habit of assassinating Presidents or Prime Ministers. However they also knew they had to be rid of Bobby too. This time at least they would not wait for him to become President. I believe a similar scenario occurred with Labour leader John Smith who was all set to become UK Prime Minister. Considering Tony Blair took over & what occurred soon after, how can anyone not at least consider how convenient Smith’s ‘heart attack’ was? Still, would they have got away with assassinating Ron Paul & Jeremy Corbyn? I don’t think so because this would have certainly raised way too many eyebrows.

So what better way to keep their puppets at the helm than by ensuring they’re the ones who effectively count the votes? They certainly have the dodgy technology & this way high profile assassinations could be limited. Moreover it matters not how popular Ron Paul, Jeremy Corbyn & Marie Le Pen were. The media would make it appear they weren’t! As I’ve said a thousand times – what we know individually & what we know collectively are two entirely different things & the media’s job is to ensure the last thing we as a whole realise is just how popular certain politicians actually are.

The hidden tier of power is never going to let anyone represent us. Democracy is a total myth. We live in a world where money rules & so brawn naturally will always triumph over brainpower. Billionaires are master manipulators. They’re anything but intellectual masterminds & is it not the case most of them merely inherited vast wealth? It’s a damn sight easier becoming a billionaire when you get a multi-million dollar rear-end injection & one thing is certain yet never publicised – billionaires possess a secret loathing for democracy.

I believe America’s last chance was Ron Paul. I believe the same with France & Marie Le Pen & Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. I’m afraid to say it’s all downhill from here. What’s important to understand is how they undermined JC. Here was the only leader EVER, both Labour or Tory, to win the party leadership on the first ballot. Even today, most Labour supporters want him to remain as leader. Of course real polls on the MSM are rarer than a 1933 penny. The media’s job was to make JC ‘seem’ unpopular. This is how they get away with election fraud. Here’s what I wrote back in May 2019, 18 months before the election –

What they’re doing now is manufacturing a false belief that all is not well within the Corbyn camp. This is for the media’s benefit so that when they cheat, immediately they’ll put the defeat down to this alleged discord & bullshit claims of anti-Semitism while ignoring every report regarding blatant election fraud. This is their MO & it explains why they’re instructing those on the Zionist payroll to lie through their back teeth. Do you honestly believe Jane Kennedy doesn’t know what she’s claiming is fabricated nonsense? It’s all about setting up a belief that JC can lose when the truth is he should win with an overall majority, regardless of the media’s bias.

Here’s the whole piece –

And speaking of these disgusting media whores, I nearly smashed the TV when BBC presenter Huw Edwards said, ‘so why did Labour do so badly?’ This sheep-shagging piece of shit actually kept a straight face!

Just for the record, here’s what we could have had with Corbyn. First & foremost, forget about being America & Israel’s poodle. UK’s armed forces, for once, would have remained firmly on home soil. He wanted to close tax loopholes that allow the super wealthy to stash cash in offshore havens; he wanted corporations to pay their share in taxes as well as eliminate slave labor by raising the minimum wage. He wanted to give us free broadband by eliminating outrageous line rental charges which to all intents & purposes is simply another way of channeling money from ordinary folk to the super rich, even though all the infrastructure to set up British Telecom WAS PAID FOR BY US! He was going to renationalise the railways; They never should have been privatised. Again WE built the rail system with our taxes. I ask, WOULD THIS HAVE ALL BEEN SO BAD?

None of this was ever highlighted by the media. Yes. Lamentable as it is, we’ve arrived at a situation where if an election manifesto of one of the two main parties is contrary to the liking of billionaires then the media is instructed to clam up on what after all are election pledges to the people! I mean how ridiculous is that? Instead all we heard were blatant lies that Corbyn was this & Corbyn was that from Zionist scum like Alan Sugar, Rachel Riley & Jo Coburn. Sadly people are so dense they fall for it even though many are aware the media lies for fun!

Yet all this was not enough. In order to rig the election the elite needed more because they knew the Tories were that unpopular. The key was applying untold pressure on JC so that he’d announce a U-turn on the EU Referendum. This was the only way they could make Boris & his lousy Tory party look like legitimate winners.

Bear in mind, what could the Tories campaign on? How they were going to tear the NHS apart? They had nothing. It’s crucial too to remember how JC has always been a man who stood by what he believed & the fact real polls suggested 3 out of 4 wanted to leave the EU. While the media scandalously stalled over the fact we voted to leave, this is what JC originally said –


So I ask – what occurred to make JC effect this most unpopular U-turn? I have to reiterate – the people we’re talking about here think nothing of targeted assassinations. They are the greediest liars who yearn for war, death & destruction. So, do you honestly believe these people wouldn’t have it in them to approach JC & say ‘you’re going to offer a 2nd referendum whether you like it or not?’ Let’s assume JC originally stood firm. Lo & behold, soon after some maniac murders Labour MP Jo Cox. So they approach JC again & say, ‘we did this. The next one is a member of your family.’ What would you do? You know these people won’t take no for an answer & you know the media will always cover up anything they do, however heinous.

Back in May 2019 I put it to you this was why Jo Cox was murdered & again what I felt was a perfectly logical explanation all but seemed to fall on deaf ears

JC was always anti EU. Why the sudden u-turn? Has MI5 & Bilderberg Attempted a Coup on Jeremy Corbyn?

Up until the moment JC announced this inexplicable U-turn, the media had been staunchly opposed to leaving the EU. They were making up any garbage to make us believe it would be a disaster if we left. But did they once praise Corbyn for offering a 2nd referendum? HELL NO! In fact all of a sudden the media were perfectly happy pushing the notion Boris was the only one who could take us out of the EU. What amazes me more than anything is even though it’s obvious we’re being played like a bunch of saps, so few people actually saw the bigger picture!

I believe the one thing the world needs more than anything is to somehow slow down the ever-widening gulf between the rich & the poor & perhaps even turn the process around. America, Britain & France voted for leaders who genuinely would have at least tried to redress this horrendous imbalance. It is indeed a sad indictment of mankind that we weren’t even allowed the opportunity because they cheated & the saddest thing of all is most of us have little or no idea that we’re being well & truly conned.



    The Tribe the fiends of israehell crucified him now they hunt his disciples

  • frances

    An informative and insightful article, as always, thank you. For anyone undecided about vote-rigging, James Corbett has recently made a short video on this topic – Vote-rigging has been going on forever.

  • CB

    The dirty politics behind Israel’s capitulation to Putin’s WWII Revisionism
    The Jew Haaretz
    “Hosting event marking 75th anniversary
    of Auschwitz liberation, Israel’s Holocaust
    remembrance authority is now facilitating
    the Kremlin campaign to blame Poland for
    the outbreak of WWII – and to whitewash
    Stalin’s handshake with Hitler”

    Till about yesterday, the only revisionists
    were the Holohoax deniers. And now Putin
    came up with a WW2 conspiracy theory of
    his own. Welcome to the club, Comrade!
    All we were lacking was the credibility of
    the KGB in regard of the KGB-originated
    “six million gassed Jews” figure.

    Since the KGB is on record as having
    exterminated at least sixty six million
    Russians, not to mention some sixty
    million killed in the war enabled by
    Comrade Stalin – a good half of whom
    were also Russians – six million gassed
    Jews must be the next best thing
    to resurrection of the dead.

    And even more so with the murderous
    kosher apartheid, whose extremely costly
    parasitic existence necessitating unending
    trillion-dollar wars (triggered by 9/11 –
    perfectly fitting into the preset criminal
    pattern) is to this day falsely rationalized
    by the legendary six million gassed Jews.

    And, of course, the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ funding of the Nazi Party
    remains a total Talmudic taboo even
    with the ‘radical’ Marxist Jews.
    Not a squeak was ever heard from any
    of those mendacious kosher rodents.

  • CB

    POLAND 1939
    Rydz-Smigly, that cardboard cut-out of a Marshal,
    was Satan’s gift to the Jew Rothschild banksters.
    Marshal Pilsudski would have never swallowed
    those utterly ludicrous ‘Anglo-French guaranties’ –
    and would have never heard of them, in the first
    place – as, having negotiated with Mr Hitler
    earlier on – in the spirit of mutual respect –
    he would have arrived at a satisfactory modus
    vivendi mit der Führer without any need for
    the back-stabbing Judo-Masonic ‘guarantees’.

    If Hitler was a “King” on the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ chessboard, Rydz was a “Jester” –
    vain and silly enough to be impressed by the
    criminally-motivated Judo-Masonic insinuations
    like the “British Empire… the “French Republic
    will never allow… – humbug, humbug, humbug.”

    In fact, the Jew Rothschild banksters planned
    WW2 – at least since Versailles in 1919 –
    precisely in order to have Poland utterly
    devastated, so that the largest in Europe
    cabal of Jews could be squeezed out
    of that country – and shanghaied to the
    Rothschilds’ colonial project in Palestine.

    And in the light of this, the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ funding of the Judo-communist
    coup d’etat in Russia in 1917 can be also
    better understood – just like their funding
    of the Nazi Party. They knew exactly what
    they could expect of their fellow Jews,
    the disciples of Talmud – cannibalism.

    For example, in 1937, the Judo-communist
    cannibalism even got to the point of incest,
    when Judo-communists went about mass-
    murdering their fellow Judo-communists.

    And here is a typical little piece of the Soviet
    government murder statistics – between
    1937 and 1941, eleven million were put
    to death – among them, of course, hundreds
    of thousands of Judo-communists, as well.

    Thus, when Mr Hitler’s crusade against
    communism began in 1941, the Jews’
    reputation for extreme terror was so well
    established – even with the populations
    of eastern Poland and the Baltic States
    occupied by the Soviets only since 1939-40 –
    that there was no alternative left to that
    very treatment which the Jews eventually
    received, which, of course, suited the Jew
    Rothschild banksters’ purposes just fine.

    • They engineered WWI too. How the hell did the UK end up fighting alongside historically our two greatest enemies France & Russia? They wanted to destroy Germany because it was all about maintaining the Zio/US/UK economic hegemony. By 1890 Germany had become the greatest economic power on the planet.

  • CB

    So announced Afshin Rattansi on RT.
    Do all big-time gangsters in Mumbai
    sport a Stalin-like moustache?…
    And they, too, command the highest
    respect, don’t they?…

    Alas, Mr Hitler’s attempt to liberate
    the Soviet communist death camps
    didn’t succeed. And unlike Dachau
    and Auschwitz, where the prisoners
    were found alive and well, when,
    in 1941, the Germans entered the
    NKVD (KGB) dungeons in the city
    of Lviv, in the west of Ukraine
    (that used to be eastern Poland),
    they only found piles of corpses –
    each of them with a bullet
    through the back of his neck.

    So Comrade Stalin, the greatest
    mass murderer of all times, who
    started WW2 along with Mr Hitler,
    gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less,
    while Mr Hitler is being berated
    to this day – in effect, for no other
    reason than his military failure.

    So where is the moral in this
    officially endorsed WW2 fable?…
    In the gutter, that’s where.

  • Eileen This is a very interesting website where the From Russia With Love podcasts tell the truth about how Russian Communism was created and how Stalin, Marx and Trotsky were all Jews/Zionists and how they killed and murdered millions of Russians and sent others to the freezing cold of Siberia with nothing to help them survive apart from a spade and a hoe and no warm clothes.

    I am not at all surprised at what you say Michael about the elections being manipulated. It was not at all logical for people in the UK to vote for Boris in such large numbers, knowing what was known about him.

  • Bojo has now succeeded in producing brexit,but it could possibly (in the months/years ahead) turn out to be something that could turn into a major disapointment for those who supported it.
    It’s grest to now know that we have finally exited the EU on Friday 31st,but what comes next during the coming 11 months of transition ?!
    Will negotiations between UK/EU go the way that Brexiteers wish it to go,where we do completely go our own way as a totally independent nation,or will we yet again (somehow) see ourselves remain sshackled to the EU via some back door process,where we remain as rule-takers ?!
    This yet remains to be seen.
    Brexit could possibly turn into a dream come true for the WDC neocons,with Britain becoming a virtual 51st US state,with the NHS dismembered by US greed & sub-standard US produced food on our tables,not to even mention the UK being once again dragged into future illegal wars fomented by the US – after all,what does the US have to really offer us in any future trade deal – mostly armaments (at massive expense) & sub-standard food !
    the US will undoubtedly see Brexit as a golden opportunity to get it’s claws into Britain – big time !
    As for Labour,they never stood a chance of winning the last election,especially after the villification of JC & the total set of in-fighting seen throughout the party,with the loss of so many labour seats.
    Unfortunately,there is still a stigma attached to the Labour party,after the last disastrous Labour government under Blair/Brown,and there was a genuine concern by many in the UK that had t here been a labour win,we would have seen a (possible) repeat of the 1997 – 2010 disaster.
    There were many people in Britain who genuinely felt no animosity toward JC,but were totally afraid of seeing another disastrous labour government take power,so that particular dread forced them to vote Tory,despite all of the previous negative excesses of the Conservatives.

  • Venner

    Hi Michael, I think the elections are rigged too and I think it is done by postal vote fraud on a massive scale. I think they rig the ekections too and I think I know how they do it. The system was secured by in person voting because the logistics of getting thousands of people to vote fraudulently was impractical.
    Prior to 1985, postal votes were strictly limited, only allowed for oversees military personel and disabled people. Thatcher extended the right to postal voting to any British citizen outside of Britain and anyone inside Britain that met specific good reason criteria for needing a postal vote even though a house of commons select commitee review of electoral law warned against it for fear of election fraud. I remember that and I remember thinking, why do they think people on holiday even care about voting? It seemed a strange thing to go to all the trouble of changing the law for that.

    So this is what I think. I think in the 1980’s they had already recognised the potentential for using the id’s of people outside the country, who did not already apply for a postal vote, to then submit fraudulant votes in their name. But this goes alot further because then in 2000 the Blairites changed the law again. This time they removed all restrictions on postal voting in mainland Britain but kept the restrictions in Northern Ireland because they said N.Ireland could not be trusted! Seriously, you couldn’t make this up.

    So this is what I think. By 2000 things were different. Everything was on computers and we had internet. So, those huge data hacks on data centers that hold all our information? We are told they are done by dark web hackers who do identity theft for petty fraud. I dont think so. I think those hackers are working for a much bigger criminal enterprise. By comparing everyones info gleaned from hacking these huge data harvesting servers with the electoral role, they can identify millions of people who never vote because they do not even register to vote. I believe this is probably how these asset stripping zionist criminals put themselves in office for the last 4 decades.

      • Good article. Anyone who realises the true level of Zionist fraud in our elections is right on the mark. These bastards have taken away democracy & have done so without most people having any idea.

    • postal vote fraud really came to the forefront during the 2017 election,which cost TM her majority in parliament.
      Apparently she decided to hold that election,while not taking into account the possible magnitude of the millenial vote.
      As it turned out,there was a fairly high percentage of millenial voting which took place,when TM previously thought that they would not vote (perhaps through apathy ?!),but nevertheless they did,and it later became apparent,after the votes were counted,that voter fraud took place on a fairly large scale,by millenials voting twice,once by postal vote from a certain address,and a second vote from some other physical address elsewhere – some lived with their parents/friends.relatives.

      • Eileen

        But are the general public aware of the fact that voting can be manipulated? If so, how did Boris get away with doing that too and why is nothing being done about it in Parliament by the politicians? Or is it not something they can do because someone is pulling their strings, the same as happens in the US, etc?

        • i doubt whether the general public are aware of vote-rigging,as the electorate are /have been brainwashed into believing what a wonderful thing “democracy” is & that goes for practically every country in the western world.
          From it’s first inception in ancient Greece,it has always benefitted the political/wealthy elite,to the detriment of the working classes.
          Even in ancient greece,only a certain proportion of the population were allowed to vote/practice a profession or trade/bear arms for the state,which of course benefitted the “minority” at the top !
          That has carried through down the centuries to the present,where the political elite hold sway over the masses – they always have done & will continue to do so well into the future.
          Those in parliament are on the “gravy train” & have a vested self-serving interest from the past into the present,so the majority of them have no interest in ever reforming the current status quo among their ranks – take a good look at not only the commons,but also the House of lords to see that.
          there must be a certain cross-section of the electorate who know that voting is rigged,but i have no idea as to exactly what percentage of them exist.
          Those in a position of priviledge are highly unlikely to ever willingly relinquish their grip on power,as past world history has always shown,and the same still exists today,largely due to a long established and entrenched political system within most nations.
          All of that is what has also led to voter apathy,as the younger generations (in particular) have realised that in reality,voting changes nothing for much of the electorate.due to the self-serving nature of so many politicians in parliament.
          So,it is perhaps true to say that the word “democracy” means different things to different people.

        • Venner

          Yes someone is pulling their strings, the U.S. and Israeli Jewish lobby now has a stranglehold on British politics, they infiltrated the main opposition party and sabotage its members from within. Then use their control of the media to smear anyone who opposes them while denying their opposition a chance to defend themselves.

          They know none of them were antisemetic but they whipped up a witch hunt to smear them because they supported the Palestinian cause, this included Jeremy Corbyn too. One of the worst was Joe Glasman a psychotic and despicable liar that helped orchestrate that snear campaign. He was so beside himself over its success he couldnt help but let the cat out of the bag when he made this video. If you can stomach watching this horrible little man you will see how he starts off acting fairly reasonable but after a few minutes he starts showing his true colours. He soon realised this video was a mistake and tried to have it taken down but electronic intifada pushed back and kept it up. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this Joe Glasman is the brother of Labour Peer, Maurice Glasman who sits in the house of Lords.

          • Eileen

            What an incredible pack of lies he told!! What on earth is his brother doing in the House of Lords??!! Since when is Parliament under control of such people??!!

          • Uugh! that was painful watching that evil, little wretch. These people are worse than vermin. They’re like a living cancer & unless some sort of miracle occurs they’re going to slaughter anyone that opposes them in any way. I’ve said it many times – these Zionists bastards have it in them to make the 66 million they murdered in the Russian Revolution look like a mere warm up.;

          • Eileen

            Has nobody seen the video saying that there is a need for population reduction stated by Bill Gates?
            There is also the Kalergi Plan that is about population reduction too. The population need to react before it’s too late. After all we are a lot more than they are. I think those who control the world are about 10% of the population with over 45% of the wealth, which leaves us to split the remaining 55% among 90% of the population. There is a definite need for society to wake up and make big changes in society today and how we are being manipulated by the lies told by the mainstream media, etc.

        • THE MEDIA IS OWNED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HAVE BOUGHT OFF OUR POLITICIANS! How many more times do I have to say – if it doesn’t make the news, then it’s not news. And that’s what’s happening. I’m sure there have been several reports of election fraud & the media has simply buried every single one.

      • Thanks Terence. I could never understand why TM called that election & why they let her call an election but then it’s pretty difficult to get a worse,k more inept PM than she was.

        • my personal belief is that TM was a “willingly inept) PM,who was & is a bilderberger and a disciple of a one world government order.
          From her time as Home Secretary,and right through her premiership,she showed an absolute unwillingless to really serve the electorate.
          Her actions,post 2016 referendum,showed that up to a large degree,where she simply let the clock run down on Article 50,and she continued to kick the can down the road,every time a possible breakthrough might have been achieved,in the removl of abaritain from the EU.
          Further evidence of her duplicity is the fact that she continually consulted Merkel & Brussels in any of her forward planning regarding Brexit,long before she ever consulted her own parliament on those respective issues.
          i cannot speak for others,but i presume that many would consider her to be nothing more than a traitor to Britain in most aspects of her tenure as PM.
          One can never forget her tearful resignation speech ,when she chimed on about Britain being the country she loved……..indeed…………she loved it so much that she put 14 million people into poverty !
          i think that many throughout Britain heaved a sigh of relief when she departed from Downing Street !

          • Eileen

            Just another puppet like most politicians I guess!! But I think that Mad Maggie set the pattern for the way that the Tories should “govern” the UK, others have just followed in her footsteps.

    • Thanks Venner. 100% correct. Thanks very much for your excellent contribution. It explains a lot. As you probably know I’ve never been one for detail. All I do know is the Zionist mentality – they’ll lie & cheat to the maximum. It’s obvious Corbyn was cheated.

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