National Cyber Security employee suspended after ‘revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist plot”

It’s the same old story. What a world we live in – discover the truth; you lose your job. Just the other day I read an article where the great Roger Waters of Pink Floyd & BDS fame lamentably declared ‘artists in America are scared shitless of saying the truth about Israel because they know it will destroy their careers. And this is how they operate. They take over everything that matters so that they appoint only those who will toe the line & this central rule of thumb is applied throughout an entire industry. The media for example – anyone who speaks out….. & it matters not if you’re one of the greatest journalist on the planet like John Pilger – you WILL be black-listed.


Who's the terrorist!

Same thing in Hollywood & politics – speak the truth – end of career. If you’re career can’t be ended then your life will be – Lincoln, the Russian royal family, JFK, his brother Bobby, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King – the list is positively endless. The Zionist machine is a killing machine. Of course controlling the media is the key for they could not do what they do without the media. Not only must they kill but few must ever be able to point the finger. You see if people en mass could point an accusing finger, getting away with far greater crimes would be nigh on impossible – the Lavon affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine & above all, 9/11. They kill so that they can commit far greater crimes. Like I said – Zionism is a killing machine that destroys all before it.


Isis = Israel

Now their big lie is ISIS & this whole phony war on terror which they themselves created by planning & executing 9/11. This killing machine is relentless. This time ISIS is being used as a two-pronged attack – firstly to destroy all of Israel’s enemies so that Greater Israel can be created & secondly to slowly but surely strip us of our fundamental rights so that anyone who realises their game can be eliminated. This is not an easy task because potentially this includes everyone who is not daft enough to believe the official account of 9/11 but then, if they can sell ISIS as an Islamic terrorist group that simply sprang out of nowhere, one that can somehow play hide & seek from the most sophisticated US spy satellites while forever maintaining supply lines so that an imaginary donor can continually supply them with all the ammunition, food & water they need…… THEN WHAT CAN’T THEY DO?


G Israel

You know, while I’m pleased others are discovering that ISIS is an Israeli organisation I can’t help but think why the hell did these people need whatever information they stumbled upon to realise that this is the case. Did they have a blind-fold on? As I said from day 1 – what kind of Islamic terrorist group seeks out to kill Muslims & destroy Arab nations? One that’s deaf, dumb & blind perhaps! Anyway here’s two links that I got from Charles Magus the second one, every bit as interesting as the first though I was astonished to see this in the ‘Express’ – Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is ‘Zionist plan’


National Cyber Security employee suspended after ‘revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist plot”


ISIS operative


Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is ‘Zionist plan’

Like is like


And if you still don’t believe me check out this video –


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