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Zionist coercion, Jewish lobbies & their control of the media has served to pervert Democracy

Ken Livingstone has been attacked from all quarters & suspended from the Labour party, yet he committed no crime. He did nothing wrong. In fact, all he did was tell the truth. Love him or hate him, Livingstone has always been a straight-shooter. If there was a book on MP’s who’ve never taken a backhander, he’d be on my short-list.

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National Cyber Security employee suspended after ‘revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist plot”

It’s the same old story. What a world we live in – discover the truth; you lose your job. Just the other day I read an article where the great Roger Waters of Pink Floyd & BDS fame lamentably declared ‘artists in America are scared shitless of saying the truth about Israel because they know it will destroy their careers.

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