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Welcome to the 21st Century

There is no American justice. What we are all seeing is Israeli justice! Since our politicians allow Israel to commit land theft, incarceration without trial, child kidnapping for the purpose of organ theft & mass-murder; since we fight wars only Israel wants; since the West unconditionally supports this nation even though it is the greatest violator of international law by

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‘Rabbis Caught Selling Children’s Organs’ – US Media is silent!

About a year ago I posted a piece which contained a link where 3 Rabbis in America had been caught red-handed selling organs. I’ve heard nothing since regarding the case. I don’t even know if anyone went to jail. One hardly needs rocket science to ascertain where & how these men got their grubby mitts on these organs. What little I

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I suppose it’s the end of a great career of a truly outstanding actor but what we need more than anything are well-known people speaking out. It’s bad enough having the entire corporate media owned by Zionists but now, such is their power, alternative media is being singled out for special treatment too. Voltaire was so right when he said

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