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‘Rabbis Caught Selling Children’s Organs’ – US Media is silent!

About a year ago I posted a piece which contained a link where 3 Rabbis in America had been caught red-handed selling organs. I’ve heard nothing since regarding the case. I don’t even know if anyone went to jail. One hardly needs rocket science to ascertain where & how these men got their grubby mitts on these organs. What little I

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Israel harvesting organs of dead Palestinians – Palestinian ambassador to UN, Riyad Mansour.

Do I believe this? I MOST CERTAINLY DO! Why? Because they’ve been murdering kids in cold-blood for goodness knows how long. The media & our bent politicians, by never condemning these obvious violations of international law, have given the Israelis a licence to kill. So why should we not assume they’d go the whole hog & steal vital organs. In

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