RIP Gordon Bowden – Expert Witness on massive fraud & money laundering at 788-790 Finchley Road

Today I received the terrible news Gordon Bowden had passed away. The first thing that crossed my mind was this country could ill-afford to lose men of Gordon’s ilk. It’s a very sad day. This man literally devoted his life to gathering information on massive fraud & money laundering scams & how corporations & senior politicians were right in the thick of it.

A few years ago I received some videos regarding Gordon’s investigations. It amazed me how these crooks were operating under our very noses at 788-790 Finchley Road in London. So in 2015 I put together an article. No surprise but the videos have been taken down. If anyone has them I’d be grateful if you could send me links. In the meantime here’s a clip (21.13) where Gordon pulls no punches….

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Gordon & a host of other great people in Westminster. We all converged on the Global Group UK Investor Show. For me he seemed full of life & in reasonably good health. Whether foul play was involved who knows but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit because Gordon absolutely took no prisoners. Here’s my article from April 2018.

Gordon Bowden: Scams, Fraud & Money-laundering off the Richter Scale

It was a great day out. As well as seeing my old chum Tim Iacono, I really enjoyed meeting such good people. I apologise to the man to the right of me. I don’t remember your name. To the left of me Gareth Williams, Andy Devine, John Patterson & Gordon Bowden.

Here’s the original article from November 2015 – Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron. Like I said sadly they’ve taken down the videos.


  • brian

    this shoiws mossad control over our government, we are all palestinians now
    government racism and hate of its own people is shown here

    • Yes indeed Brian. This is what I’ve been trying to get across for quite some time. We’re an Occupied Territory & our bent leaders along with the full cooperation of the media will proceed to divide us every which way. I’ve also said there is no greater organisation for creating hate in the world than the media itself

  • Deborah Mahmoudieh

    We shall never forget –
    It’s time the British public took heed and gave credit where it’s due: Gordon Bowden = Warrior of our times.
    God bless his soul.

  • Gladio2

    I used to trade in some of the companies Gordon spoke of, small time, couple of thousand here and there in small cap miners, oil companies etc etc

    Whilst I had no idea of Gordon at the time it was clear afterwards what these companies were.

    At first I just traded long or short on them, had more successes than failures but it was hard work, i thought with them being small caps that there was big risk (and there was) but after a couple of years there was a clear picture…..dilution (or share issues as they call it)…..and every one of them seemed to do it, usually after a pump….an issue would be announced which would explain the dump prior to the RNS of the issues (plus lots of bullshit RNS’s that came out, just ask David Lenigas of UKOG – check the chart in URL at bottom of this post)

    whatever happened to his billions of barrels of shale under Gatwick area he declared??….it made national news, as well as his sky rocketing shareprice?

    If memory serves me well Lenigas was somehow intertwined with Tiny Rowland’s outfit many years ago – LOHNRO I think it was

    Then a few years later I saw a Gordon Bowden YT video and it brought back so many memories hearing what he had to say about Finchley Road and Boiler Rooms

    I wasn’t one of the insiders who knew of this, just traded small cap oil/mineral companies on the AIM Market for a couple of years but it was hard hard work for a small time player like me, over the 2 years of doing it I probably made £40k, but likewise lost about £25k the other way but the info gleaned from others, watching the rampers and derampers on the boards and finally seeing through the bullshit RNS’s made me walk away

    Oh, and if you ever get a call from a company called Galvan….avoid them like the plague, they use their experts to manage a portfolio for you, I tried them as a test as I had money to spare and wanted to see if these trading companies actually work, so I put £5k into a pool for them to advise me on what to trade.

    I made sure they contact me first with their recommendations prior to going long or short, to see what they had to say (fortunately I knew the market a bit, not great, but I knew the lingo) and it took the 10 days to reduce my pool to £3200 hence I pulled the plug.

    Even some of their ‘advice’ I questioned, one time they were advising me to go short on SportsDirect, I knew the trading pattern of SD and said to the Galvan guy, nah, are you sure, charts telling me this is gonna go up (long) but you’re saying go short (down)…..needless to say I was right and they weren’t

    So I laughed at them, told them what I thought and pulled the plug on that

    So moral of the story is, these trading companies offering to manage your portfolio, they don’t care if you win or lose, they make £100 for every buy and sell you make through them, so don’t use them, I’m like the boy who’s told don’t touch that, it’s hot, but I have to touch to find out

    Anyway, Lenigas’s baby, even made it to the Evening National news back in the day about billions of barrels of shale

    never happened, but Gordon knew all this anyway, as it transpired

  • Barbara Richards

    Gordon is a hero! I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child trafficking victims, Allan Levy and Barbara Kahan did the damage limitation investigation Pindown report, and I had to get my copy off eBay because Staffordshire County Council pretended not to have any copies. I’ve been systematically reabused as have other Staffordshire Pindown child trafficking victims, I use the word trafficking deliberately as they were making money out of us stolen children. I found out about Gordon’s amazing investigative work whilst searching for information about my abusers.

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