So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a leader? What nonsense


So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn is no leader? That means this turncoat toe-rag thinks he knows more than all the people who voted for JC in his landslide victory to become the leader of the Labour Party. When one considers what Corbyn has had to put up with it’s a minor miracle he hasn’t had a nervous breakdown. From where I’m sitting he’s handled this pressure as well as anyone could have.


Too many fans!

I just want to say – Benn. Who supports you? You are one of the few MP’s I’d actually enjoy personally waterboarding. You knew the media would never let up on JC; you knew more than anything he needed the support of his party. Considering his victory was so overwhelming, the fact you’ve adopted this treacherous stance shows what a nasty little weasel you are.


But just to show I back up what I say with evidence that supports my argument while the Zionist media does the exact reverse by donating an unchallenged platform to pathological liars, here’s an example of JC giving a speech that the media dutifully ignored. I posted it on Sept 27 last year. Sure sounds like a leader to me. Watch the video & you decide ….






Like him or not, JC is the rightful Labour leader. He deserves a shot for at least one general election. Any talk from members of his own party that he’s unelectable is not only premature; it’s entirely erroneous & therefore, it should be no surprise, this is to all intents & purposes the Zionist media talking. Which brings me to a key point. I’ll take a chance & say I’d like to bet the vast majority of the current trouble-makers in the Labour Party are among the 80 Labour MP’s who are FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! I’ll be damned if I’m going to hold back. I know who’s screwing us & I’m utterly sick of it!


Labour friends of Israel


Now I could do some research & discover which ones are in this group but no. I’ll stake my reputation on it. I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste my time when it’s so obvious our democracy is being undermined by Zionists. If it wasn’t, the media wouldn’t be at the forefront, plain & simple. The very fact these 80 Labour MP’s & for that matter the entire Tory party have committed a treasonous act by declaring they’re friends of Israel, when it breaks more international laws than any other nation by a proverbial mile, should tell us everything! Why shouldn’t they be friends of Costa Rica or Outer Mongolia? Why shouldn’t we have MP’s who are friends of every country in the world? It’s ridiculous!



I don’t want to harp on about it but from the very beginning I said JC would be well advised taking the gloves off from the word go. That’s why I made this caption. That’s why I wrote this piece –


Jeremy Corbyn Brands BBC bias ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Shallow’


As an adviser I would have insisted, in his inaugural speech as leader, he should unload with both barrels in order to place the media firmly on the back foot. Here was the opportunity. This was the time to make the sparks fly! I’d have gladly written the perfect speech & had Corbyn delivered it in the way I know he can, I believe it could well have altered history! Corbyn had to strip the media bare explaining exactly how & why the entire media apparatus had been compromised by a handful of Zionists. I can just see it now –
“This is why we have all these illegal wars.
This is why war criminals like Tony Blair side-step justice while whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning who reveal their crimes are jailed!
This is why each & every inquiry is a white-wash!
This is why not one banker has been charged let alone punished. I’D HAVE THROWN THE KEY AWAY!
This is why Israel gets away with blue murder. 
This is why we have an inordinate number of pedophiles in Westminster. 
This is why when Cameron says no stone will be left unturned regarding these child molesters, NOTHING IS EVER DONE! 
This is why at a time when ordinary folk have had austerity thrust upon them, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR!
This is why the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing at an exponential rate.
This is why we live in a society where fairness and justice are but a pipe-dream.
This is why we’re being lied to about the state of our economy. Believe it or not, under Cameron and Osborne, our level of debt has almost doubled! 


Gloves off please


Okay. He tried to be decent & this tactic back-fired. Now we should do everything we can to ensure Corbyn remains leader. Like him or not, this is not about political ideology. It’s simply a case of not having a leader who’ll do everything Netanyahu & the Zionist bankers want. This is about restoring democracy. Be sure – they’re going to undermine it further still by selecting leaders that are nothing less than traitors not just the Tory party but Labor too. I’ve even heard that awful wretch Teresa May is being touted as a possible Tory leader. As if she qualifies as a leader? I don’t hear that arsehole Benn saying anything about this evil bitch. LIKE HIM, SHE’S A TRAITOR! SHE’S ALREADY COMMITTED CRIMES THAT ARE WORTHY OF THE FIRING SQUAD! I’ll say it one more time – all they want are perfect puppets.
And think! What happens as a result of this perversion? One inevitably ends up with utterly useless heads of state. This is what makes Benn’s claim so ludicrous. Just look at what’s happened in America – two of the worst candidates in history are fighting for the Presidency. To even say they’re crooks hardly cuts it. Trump’s a megalomaniac who thinks he’s the big banana but anyone who inherits $300 million can do what he’s done. Yet Trump’s an angel compared to his opponent because there could not possibly be a worse candidate than Hilary Clinton. This woman, if she can even be called that, should either be in jail or in a secure psychiatric ward out of harm’s way. I’m telling you now – if she becomes President, SHE WILL START WORLD WAR III!
Do I even have to say how we could ever risk such a thing? And the only people rigging the elections in America so that this psychopath becomes President are the same people who own the media & our politicians here. They are all part of the same Zionist New World Order coup. THINK ABOUT THAT!


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