Unprecedented FB manipulation: Groups allegedly supporting Jeremy Corbyn continue to undermine him

I know I’ve touched on this before but once again I feel the most crucial aspects of an issue which has enormous ramifications for almost every UK citizen, is being totally ignored.

Suffering the inordinate level of censorship both on FB & my website is becoming intolerable. Believe you me, the fact I’m aware that those whose judgement is sound suffer the brunt of this; the fact the lady who runs my website along with another 140 sites says she’s never seen one come under the barrage mine is subjected to, serves no recompense whatsoever. It’s bad enough trying to cope but to then see groups on FB that allegedly are supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, only for them to seemingly pull the rug from under him, is getting too much to bear. As I stated, this issue couldn’t have more serious ramifications yet instead of people highlighting what’s critical, the side-steppers either waffle or worse, play the media’s game by discussing who could be the most suitable replacement to Jeremy Corbyn. Ultimately, JC’s position as Labour leader shouldn’t even be on the agenda.
In the group inappropriately named ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn’ there was a post which had the face of that miserable wretch Sadiq Khan. Not that I care what religion the Mayor of London follows but in such a climate where the media has openly incited Islamophobia so that the likelihood of a Muslim being elected into such a lofty position was nigh on impossible, only for a nobody like Sadiq Khan to pop up out of nowhere? I mean if ever a man was selected – a pro-establishment Muslim who moans about anti-Semitism? You couldn’t make this dross up if you tried! However, when I saw the headline, I went ballistic –

‘Sadiq Khan is the best candidate to replace Corbyn as Labour leader suggests new research’



Normally, I’d post the link but I’ll be damned if I’m going to publicise anything from a bunch of liars like YouGov. New research my arse! This is how they do it though. They just make it up as they go along. What new research? Sure, only idiots believe such crap but meanwhile the relentless campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn continues unabated. I was so mad I commented –
“Put it this way – I like dog shit more than Sadiq Khan. There is something so utterly repulsive about this man. It’s the same feeling I got with Tony Blair. Like Blair, not one atom in his body wants to serve the people.”
Yes I know, anger got the better of me. This is counter-productive but how can one avoid getting so frustrated when we live in a world where those who sell out, like Theresa May & Sadiq Khan are wrapped up in cotton wool by the media as are the pedophiles & war criminals of Westminster, while the same media pours scorn over whistle-blowers or anyone who is anti-war or pro-Palestinian?
Over the last two days the thread received 100’s of comments. I thought why are people even discussing this? I’ll admit it was somewhat of a relief to see the vast majority express their contempt toward Sadiq Khan but then, this goes without saying. I wouldn’t be writing this piece if they’d have said any different because I’d have topped myself! Since I’d taken a mini break from posting I thought I’d read all the comments & sure enough my worst fears were realised – not one person mentioned the role of the group the Labour Friends of Israel.
I refuse to believe people are incapable of working out what this treacherous group is really all about. Yet, inconceivable as it is, people fail to make the glaringly obvious connection that the LFI is the driving force behind the campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. This means a foreign nation is effectively undermining our democracy. IS THERE A GREATER CRIME? Well yes. Lying to go to war but then the very same people are already doing that! For God sake – how much longer are we going to allow these criminals to slip under the radar? So I said –
‘What Labour needs to do is disband the Labour Friends of Israel group. How can we have these groups within our major political parties. This is tantamount to Treason. Either that or Corbyn does a Blair & says ‘it’s my way or the highway!’ Blair got rid of anyone who caused him any grief. Why doesn’t Corbyn put his foot down. He’s tried to be Mr. Nice Guy & it hasn’t worked.’
It more than confirmed my belief Zionist bullies have managed to place the fear of God into ordinary folk so that justifiable criticism is out of the question. No one went near this comment. Zionists know only too well – fear is a weapon & boy, do they use it to the max. They know what we need more than anything is people to say screw all this anti-Semitic bollocks. Yet as I read through all the comments it was clear people have either fallen foul of the media’s subliminal brain-washing or are simply too scared to say what needs to be said. Today I read more comments which merely discussed who really would be a suitable replacement for Jeremy Corbyn. To say exasperation had set in was an understatement. I bemoaned –
‘All this talk of Keir Starmer (being the right man to replace Corbyn) is premature, frustrating & so damn annoying. Why are so many Labour supporters playing the media’s game or should I say falling into their trap? We don’t need another leader. Most Labour supporters have already made it abundantly clear – WE’VE GOT THE ONE WE WANT! Do people need reminding Jeremy Corbyn won on the first ballot? Who’s ever done that? Answer – No one! He absolutely slaughtered the opposition even though the media, along with the other backstabbing candidates launched a relentless & totally unjustified assault on him.
The media then did what they do best – made up a bare-faced lie that Corbyn was unelectable, then making a meal out of it even though this claim was void of any substance. Moreover, what evidence there was suggested the exact opposite. In 1983 Corbyn inherited a 5000 majority in Islington North, where he’s remained MP. Why didn’t the media mention how his majority has steadily increased over 33 years to over 23,000? How can they have the gall to claim he’s unelectable? How dare they? So the real question people should be asking is WHO IS DOING THIS & WHY?




Since the media is Zionist controlled; since all the anti-Corbynites are members of the treasonous group Labour Friends of Israel which is an affront to our democracy & since only blithering idiots don’t realise Zionists exert untold influence on UK & US politicians, how can people be so blind not to realise outside forces have infiltrated the upper echelons of UK & indeed US power? Can’t people see the obvious that any anti-war candidate either side of the pond is going to be butchered by the media regardless of how popular they are? What does it take for the penny to drop that the media & our politicians are under the Zionist thumb? People better start naming & shaming these crooks because if things carry on like this, we will soon discover what’s it’s like to be a Palestinian. 
Finally, anyone who is idiot enough to say this is an anti-Semitic rant is not only a brainwashed moron but very much part of the problem. When you have such a serious dilemma you don’t let the chief protagonists slip under the radar. As former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni once said, “it’s a trick. We always use it!” When a bank robber is caught red-handed, he cannot turn round to the judge & say ‘I don’t recognise this court because you’re ‘anti bank-robber!’ The only activists doing a good job are ones who’ve been branded with this meaningless label. We’ve long since passed the point where many more people should be stepping up to the plate. We’re running out of time. If Corbyn is ousted it will be a major disaster for all decent folk in the UK.



While the ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn’ group has over 32,000 members, where anyone daring to admonish the Labour Friends of Israel is either ambushed or branded anti-Semitic, our own group ‘TRUTHERS AGAINST ZIONIST LOBBIES’ is having strict limitations imposed upon it. We’re even having trouble inviting our friends. FB is anything but a level playing field. My conclusion to all this confirms what I said the other day – social media is fast-becoming a waste of time. The manipulation has already reached ungodly levels, way more than most people can even imagine.
What we really should be doing is pounding our elected representatives directly – letters & emails stating we will not support candidates who declare their allegiance to any country, most especially Israel & we will vote out any candidate who dares to defy the will of the people. What is the point of having elected representatives if they then support all the things we oppose? In the coming weeks I intend to concentrate on assembling appropriate letters for folk to send out. The only way we can give these people a headache is by bombarding them.
Just to remind people what JC is all about I posted ‘WHY WASN’T THIS SPEECH SHOWN ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA?’ on 27 Sept 2015. It remains the 2nd most popular post on my website with over 200,000 hits, while the video has received in excess of 160,000 hits. Ask yourself, how can the media have the temerity to hound such a good man?






Finally, I just received this interesting link from David Douglas Hill. I haven’t read it yet but on the surface this shows mainstream media could well be in its final death thrones. Sure, they’ll lie right up until the last minute but when the MSM finally capitulates, the floodgates will open & the crooks will be running for cover. I only hope I live to see the day.

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media







  • Ted Duggan

    I never trust the BBC …..Total Bullshit right wing news and propaganda …..Today I watched the Marr Show …. UKIP FAILS …CORBYN FAILS …….. No mention of Tory FAILS in the NHS etc etc

  • Jenny

    Thank You Michael,
    I am a Corbyn supporter, and know with out a doubt he is for the people, he is therefore a danger to the establishment, and they use every trick in the book to attack him,
    He is under so much pressure that he has to watch everything he says, and in a way like Trump and Russia, everything is thrown at him to discredit him in anyway possible.
    The BBC is the biggest fake news on the Planet and I no longer watch the BBC news, nothing it says can be trusted.
    I think you are so on the ball with your articles, and actually for me, make it feel a more sane world, I also feel despair and what we are fed as news on a daily basis, nothing can be trusted, NOTHING, we need to double check all information………and a gut instinct always kicks in when your awake……….

    • Don’t despair Jenny. The Zionists have dug a hole for themselves. Not only they’re attacking Corbyn & Putin; they’re trying to tear their own President apart. With their tool, the media, hemorrhaging viewers they’re worried as hell. They’re only chance is to keep dividing us. The problem for them is people are fed up with conflict & it’s shit or bust for them. They can’t stop now.
      You’ll always be near the mark if you trust your instincts xx

  • Liz

    After a glace at Jeremy Corbyn for PM facebook post last night I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was horrified and stunned to see that. they were laying into him and suggesting other leaders like you mention above!
    I am outraged and want to know what we can do. I need to do something to counter this but what can I do about this infiltration when I have little time to spend outside of work? What is best….leave the group and encourage others to do so? Or stay and bombared the comments section as much as possible, giving them a a blast of my mind to show my disgust?
    Can you advise please?
    Also Michael after I wrote a fairly tame comment in Piers Corbyns post about the wingey Blairites causing grief for JC, I said ”can’t your brother just kick them out for being twats?” and I immediately received a friend request from the US ambassador of Chad!! WTF!! Have you any reason you could suggest as to why this happened?
    Is Piers likely being monitered? Should I tell him about the US diplomat guy on his friends list or what?
    I’d be grateful for any help you can offer. Keep up the good work and your excellent articles!

    • Thanks Liz. I’ll do what I can. This was one of the groups I was in & I foolishly took myself out, so the answer is to stay in & counter what they say by keeping it simple, merely stating ‘HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS GROUP – JC for PM, WHEN ALL YOU DO IS UNDERMINE HIM?’ Or you can say, ‘HOW COME NO ONE EVER MENTIONS THE GROUP LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL?’ IT IS OBVIOUS THESE MPs ARE THE ONES UNDERMINING JC.’ If you say enough of the right things you will be thrown out. That will mean you have done a good job. Say these things regularly in comments on appropriate posts. Go as far to say, ‘THIS GROUP DOESN’T FAVOR CORBYN! HOW MUCH MONEY DID THE ADL OR THE LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL GIVE TO THIS GROUP?’
      By all means use any part of any post, however you like. Yesterday on FB I wrote a piece about this very problem. There are some useful lines in it. If you need any further assistance just let me know. I really will be only too glad to help.
      Finally, as for weird requests on social media, I would have gone round the bend long ago if I delved into each & every one. My advice here is simply trust your instincts. If it doesn’t seem or feel right then the chances are it isn’t. Decent people don’t make weird requests.

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  • It looks like you have a couple broken links on your website. Check out a service like URLInspect.com to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.

    Here’s one link: https://robinsongroup.com.au/products/

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