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The GMMuk proclamation: If you yearn for the truth whatever the media says believe the exact opposite!

The media is deliberately misleading the public into believing Jeremy Corbyn does not represent the people of the UK – both the young & the elderly. It is imperative people do not allow the media to rule their mind. Their ability to do this is the only thing they’ve got. Of course they’re going to cheat if it gets to

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Corbyn: “ISIS created by UK & US; 9/11 manipulated.” Of course he’s right but to get rid of Trident?

I was absolutely over the moon when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Even if you didn’t know a thing about him, if you had any brains you had to love him, for the liars in the media & the shittiest politicians we’ve ever had weren’t just slagging him off; they were literally falling over themselves to

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14 years on: media lies continue to wreak havoc. It’s unequivocal – without the guaranteed support of Corporate media, 9/11 would never have made the drawing board.‏

FOR THE MILLIONS THAT HAVE DIED & THE UNTOLD MILLIONS WHO’VE LOST LOVED ONES! http://whatsupic.com/news-politics-usa/14-years-on-911.html   Thanks to John Miranda for this caption –    9/11 was the mother of false flags, yet successful as it’s undoubtedly been manufacturing a war on terror out of thin air, the operation itself had so many holes in it, quite how so many

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