Anti-Semitic claims against Corbyn, Labour exaggerated: Poll

I feel it’s up to us to let Jeremy Corbyn know the vast majority of Brits are right behind him. This is the last thing the media will do. Along with letters & emails supporting Corbyn we have to bombard media outlets telling them we’re onto them & that they WILL pay a heavy price for lying to us. While obviously it’s important to know the media will say anything to damage the Labour leader, sitting on our hands is simply not an option. We have to be, dare I say it, more pro-active. This post is for the purpose of explaining why this is the case.




1) There isn’t a racist bone in Jeremy Corbyn’s body.
2) The true racists typically are those who accuse the Labour leader of anti-Semitism.
3) The label anti-Semitic IS MEANINGLESS! Why? Because the term Semitic means OF MIDDLE EASTERN ORIGIN!  Therefore, Palestinians are Semitic as are Iraqis & Syrians! In fact the most anti-Semitic people on the planet by a proverbial mile are Israelis….. & for more reasons than simply treating their neighbours abominably. 
4) Almost 90% of Israelis are of Khazarian origin, a former Eastern European nation. Therefore, we have the quite ludicrous situation of non-Semites perpetually moaning about Semites being anti-Semitic! It doesn’t get dafter than that!
5) Like many of our more commonly used phrases, the term ‘anti-Semitic’ is a media fabrication for the purpose of stifling wholly justifiable criticism of evil, warmongering Zionists & Israel’s wanton disregard for international law.
6) Anyone utilising the term anti-Semitic should therefore be looked upon as someone who has the brains of a rocking horse!


It is truly sickening how at a time when the Tories couldn’t be more unpopular, as well as downright reckless, a large portion of the Labour Party is doing its utmost to undermine its leader. What’s even more annoying is I find myself a lone voice in the wilderness, bemoaning that virtually no one is highlighting how nearly all the trouble-makers belong to what by law should be an illegal pressure group – Labour Friends of Israel! This already renders it beyond the pale but when one considers how so many members of the Labour Party are 100% behind Jeremy Corbyn, a recent poll put it at 80%, merely thinking how our democracy is being usurped is all too much. Why oh why doesn’t JC purge the Labour Party of those who are nothing less than traitors? Screw what the media thinks. Let them scream the gaff down! 


I posted this caption the other day solely because it reiterates point 1. Other than that, I feel the rest tells an erroneous story. ‘Admiring the media’? Only a blithering idiot can admire such a conniving bunch of liars. ‘Manipulating’? Well, they get 10 out of 10 for trying but then, like I explained in my recent post – – pathological liars end up with nowhere to go. They have to keep lying. As for ‘convinced’, you’ve got to be kidding me! I’ll simply say anyone who’s become convinced JC is a racist anti-Semite, the phrase ‘brains of a rocking horse’ once again, quickly springs to mind! 



Joking aside, what’s of vital importance is understanding that all this bluff, baloney & bullshit may simply be for the purpose of keeping their options open so that by the time of the next election, the Zionist power-brokers will still be able to consider whether to rig the election & perhaps get away with it. Of course, right now, with Theresa May & the Tories so unpopular it’s hard to imagine they can pull such a stroke. Like I said, it’s purely a question of keeping their options open but with local elections looming, they have no option but to cheat! Now this doesn’t mean Labour isn’t going to make gains. Sure, Labour will do better. However, the crooks will see to it that it’s not well enough for anyone to write the Tories off. Now this is absolutely crucial because – 




The power-brokers simply have to make it seem Theresa May still possesses some solid support. This way their options remain open. The age old saying, ‘a week in politics is a long time.’ Who knows. They still may be able to rig the next general election. Of course, they’ll have to stick ‘spin’ into overdrive, selling it simply by only airing clips from liars on the Zionist payroll or proper dumbos who fell hook, line & sinker for the media’s garbage. They’ll say JC was racist or that economically he didn’t have what it takes – all complete & utter bollocks! What people won’t realise is that for every person saying this, they would have interviewed 10 others who flat out stated they were voting for Corbyn & were fed up with austerity & the fact there was always more money for war! These clips are never aired. This is just another facet of media control – the ability to create a totally fake reality. We cannot allow this to happen.


I maintain this is precisely what they’re going to do in the local elections. Why? Because if I was in their situation & a proper bastard to boot, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’D DO! Yet most folk still have no inkling this is what occurred with the Brexit referendum. Nearly everyone I spoke to wanted out. Very few people, in my estimation no more than 1 out of 4, believed the media. What indeed had the bloody EU done for us? Open up our borders so that any Tom, Dick or Harry could waltz their way in, while privatisation exponentially increased the gulf between the haves & the have nots. Give me a break! Yet the result showed there was very little in it. The next day I said ‘you got to be joking. They’ve pulled a right stroke here. We better not get the cheerleaders out. We’re not out of the EU yet!’ 18 months later….. err hello! So ask yourself, who won?


By rigging the final count as opposed to the actual outcome, there was no scream up. Few people had any idea they’d been well & truly shafted. Sure, we voted to leave but it was so close, this alone was enough to buy them the time they desperately needed. Had the truth been told, 65% for leaving; 35% for staying, the pressure to leave the EU would have been insurmountable. Moreover, this way they were able to use Brexit as a major distraction, which is exactly what’s occurred.


I promise you, the reason Zionists sometimes let it slip that they really do possess ungodly power is they can’t help but boast. They’re so arrogant they want people to know because they know, more often than not, few people are aware of the true extent of their manipulation. 


The truth is, despite the fact the media has continued to display outrageous bias against Corbyn, polls have consistently showed he’s steadily gained support. What this amounts to is the media has effectively shot its bolt. People aren’t buying the slurs any more. As a result, people are so fed up with what is 100% bias portrayed as fair reporting, they’re now stating THIS is the reason they’re going to vote for Corbyn….. not Labour but Corbyn. We’ve long since reached the point where their lies are backfiring on them! This means the Tories have no chance. This is what people need to realise. This is reality.


Then it becomes an altogether easier task factoring in what is guaranteed – the real string-pullers will stop at nothing to force elected officials to deliver what they want. After all, if they lie to go to war, WHAT WON’T THEY DO? This is how we all have to think.  



And they will use every trick in the book. I’m merely outlining one of them – HOW THEY BUY TIME! This is why I’m always harping on about people barrelling out details we don’t need. I’m sick to death of arguing over mere detail. What is required is understanding & anticipating our enemies’ moves; realising what options they have; how they cheat in order to buy time; the fact they’ll not hesitate when it comes to any form of skulduggery; & ultimately being tactically astute.


1) We know JC is anything but the perfect Zionist puppet. However, perhaps the reason the media is showing out as much as they are is because JC stated….     


Note: very little publicity is given to this. They do not want the word Palestine even mentioned. This is a typical Zionist ploy. They never publicise the truth; only lies! 


2) As PressTV so rightly states – the majority of Labour Party members in Britain say Israel is ‘a force for bad’ & believe accusations of anti-Semitism within UK’s main opposition party are being exaggerated to damage Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn & stifle legitimate criticism of Israel, according to a new poll. Apparently two-thirds of Labour party’s members held a negative view of Israel.

This I most certainly believe. The problem is knowing it individually counts for nothing; knowing it collectively is what matters.


3) 77% of the participants in the poll said the allegations were ‘exaggerated’ to damage Corbyn & stifle legitimate criticism of Israel. Some 61% said he was handling the situation well.


4) The poll also found that Corbyn’s popularity was soaring. An astounding 80% of Labour members supported him despite internal rebellions & claims of anti-Semitism.


5) 64% of Labour members also thought a Corbyn government was ‘likely,’ compared to 62% who last year said it was ‘unlikely’ for the opposition leader to be elected as Prime Minister.




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There is no greater threat to the UK than special interest groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel

Write to the bitch/traitor who wants to kill us all – 

There is no greater threat to the UK than special interest groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel. These groups are an affront to our democracy. Not only are we being pushed into a confrontation with Russia but negotiations are under way to amalgamate Europe’s armed forces without our say-so. I suggest every UK citizen needs to send this letter to their respective MP.


To Theresa May
10 Downing Street


It has become abundantly clear politicians, most especially in the West, do not represent their electorate. How can our political system permit our major parties to have groups within where MPs have effectively declared allegiance to another nation? Surely this is an act of Treason. There’s not one earthly reason to justify these alien organisations whose sole purpose is to apply pressure on our elected representatives. It should be no surprise therefore our politicians act against the best interests of the UK & its citizens & instead adopts policies only Israel wants!


It goes without saying both the Conservative Friends for Israel & the Labour Friends of Israel should be disbanded immediately. Let Israel look after itself. And don’t give me any crap trying to make out this is an anti Semitic rant. I’d be equally furious if any country indulged in such outrageous behaviour. How dare our MPs declare their allegiance to a foreign entity & in doing so make a mockery of our so-called democracy! Bad enough this is even happening but to grant unconditional support to the one country that’s the greatest violator of international law is indefensible. In a fair & just world every MP would look upon Israel as a terrorist state.




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  • Linda

    Letter copied and sent. I’m banned from face book for calling Israel murdering bastards. Of all the disgusting things I have seen about the Palestinians this weekend and reported, only to get back that it does not violate their terms and conditions,. Seems firing on innocent, unarmed civilians with butterfly bullets that explode on impact is fine but don’t call Israel out on it. Israel are murdering bastards. They are unning our countries at the highest level. While I’m banned and I went on to an Argentinian site it was film of a remain IDF soldier spouting lies about the atrocities this weekend. Although she convinced some the majority were calling her a lying Zionist bitch. Israel have bought up massive swathes of Argentina where they send the IDF on “holiday” some were complaining that Zionist run prostitution and drugs they truly are mafia. Over 500 people have had limbs amputated this weekend because of the bullets used. They are designed to kill or cripple for life.

  • Linda

    Sorry about the typing errors. I have noticed lately that anything I type on my apple iPad or laptop has very slow key movements. I re read everything but it always comes back on screen with letters or words missing.

  • Venner

    @Linda that is the behaviour associated with keylogger malware that records what you type and sends them to a third party. Get your computers checked. Keyloggers are dangerous malware for the fact they can also capture your passwords.

  • Venner

    This is a great piece Michael and in my opinion, entirely accurate.
    The extent to which democracy and our entire society has been subverted by these people is almost beyond belief. They are literally revelling in it right now and if they believe JC is against them it is unimaginable that they won’t try to rig the election or even assassinate him, he needs to take his personal security very seriously and trust no one.

    • IT IS BEYOND BELIEF. This is partially why they get away with it. I’m sure you’re right in saying Corbyn’s life could well be at risk because what these bastards want & what they’re prepared to do to achieve their goals supersedes all else. This is why they think nothing of committing murder, only this time more people than ever are aware of Zionist coercion. Thanks for all your support.

  • Gordo

    I am a simple man. or try to be., probably in mind more now as the years tick by.

    From what I glean from this Anti Semitic rubbish being aimed at JC and Labour. It is a great cover over for anyone to use, when you disagree with anything Israel is doing. Disagree or Criticise Israel and it’s Supporters and you are being Anti Semitic. No matter what they doing like shooting innocent people or using their secret service to stir something up.

    The biggest abuser is the Right, the Nationalistic and Fascist’s. –

    It is is being misused as much as the Racist Card was. there are true cases for both, but this is and has much misuse and false claims.

    As a socialist, I try to see all men/women equal . no matter what race, religion, shade of skin, but it is becoming increasingly hard, when I witness today’s ativities

    • Yes Gordo but I will say, one thing I feel more than ever before is this bullshit term anti-Semitic has been used so much mainly because the Israelis display such evil, it’s starting to wear thin. People simply aren’t buying it & it explains why more people than ever are prepared to run the gauntlet of being labelled A.S. Other than that I agree with all you say.

  • Unfortunately there is a great problem with the overall perception of the Labour party.
    The former Labour leadership of Blair & Brown & the disastrous policies that they pursued during the last Labour government has put many people off joining or voting for Labour,including illegal wars,mass immigration,to mention but a few !
    Compare leaders though & you’ll see obviously,that Corbyn is a far better leader than May could ever be !
    It is undeniable that the last Labour government under Blair/Brown seriously damaged the British economy in various ways.
    All of this makes many people who otherwise might have been prepared to vote Labour,much more hesitant to do so.
    So this means that Corbyn must ultimately seek the power within himself to purge those elements within his party,who seek to unseat him.
    This will take some time to achieve & he is very short of time – 2020 is not far away now & if Corbyn cannot achieve this by then,the Tories & May might yet again be in power for another 5 years – we all know what that means,given the disastrous and dangerous set of Tory rule which we are now currently experiencing !
    Let’s hope he succeeds in time for 2020 !

    • Yes Terence. What you say is right except….. PEOPLE ARE JOINING THE LABOUR PARTY & DOING SO IN THEIR DROVES! This is why in my piece I said – ‘they’re voting for Corbyn, not Labour! I believe the hesitancy you’re talking about has all but vanished. However you are 100% correct in saying JC has to now put his foot down. There are many people waiting to be selected & they will not bow to Israeli pressure groups. This is what Corbyn & indeed the country needs.
      However, rest assured – THE TORIES CANNOT WIN! The Zionists however may decide to count the votes. This is where we can pull the rug from under them by letting people know this scenario is all part of their plans.

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  • Venner

    The players of the race card always seem to be the ones who are the most racist.
    If you are white, work in a restaurant as a waiter/waitress.
    After a few months of treating both black and white customers in an identical manner you will have learned by the way they behave towards you that reverse racism is the norm.

    • Spot on V. In my eyes Israel is the perfect racist state yet their media jump on anyone who says – stop immigration.

      • venner

        I am so sure UK immigration was part of a plan to crush the last bastions of socialism in Britain, the national health service and the welfare state.
        It is impossible to believe that the British Governments that agreed to it with the EU did not know that open boarders would lead to a mass invasion of foreign healthcare and welfare seekers that would overwhelm the system. They damn sure knew it.

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