Theresa May: Treason softly spoken

Before I steam into Theresa May I’d like to make more evident how our inept political system can be compromised so easily. I think it was Labour PM Harold Wilson who said ‘a week in politics is a long time.’ Well, this is an exercise to show what can happen behind the scenes in Westminster in 7 months. Now bear in mind how rapidly the transition was between one Zionist puppet Cameron to another, Theresa May. This is crucial because how many of you are aware the previous Tory leadership contest was –


Aaahh what the media doesn’t tell us! Cast your mind back to May 6 2005. This was when Tory leader Michael Howard announced he would stand down. Well, 7 months later, on December 6, David Cameron’s victory was announced. Already we see a major discrepancy. This is not some wishy-washy election in the local boy scout’s club; this is for the leadership of one of our major political parties, in all likelihood for someone who is going to lead this country. How on earth can the parameters for this electoral process distend to such outrageous proportions? Well the answer to that is very simple – we inexplicably have a system in place which allows this & secondly, THERE WAS GOOD REASON!
At the start of the 2005 Tory leadership contest David Davis was the clear favorite. In the race also was Ken Clarke, Liam Fox & virtual unknown David Cameron. Not being a computer buff, trying to find the correct odds now is nigh on impossible. After all, these are facts that ‘need’ to be forgotten rather like the word ‘Palestine!’ From what I remember, David Davis was as good as nailed on to become Tory leader. He was the only one who had overall support within the party. For quite some time he’d made himself a senior member of the Tory party by often being at the forefront when attacking Labour’s policies.
What we do know about Davis is he was nothing like the warmonger Cameron turned out to be. Also since Davis resigned his seat in 2008 to fight a by-election on the banner of EROSION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES one can safely say he was vehemently opposed to WHAT HAD BEEN DECIDED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! This is 2008, two years before Cameron & Theresa May were ever in office to begin dismantling our fundamental rights. How come the public was never informed of these plans? Davis’s surprise by-election was his way of trying to mark our card. Needless to say, the Zionist controlled media played down every move he made.
And of course it was the media who in unison suddenly declared Cameron was the best thing since sliced bread. This is what I wrote on December 10 2013 in article entitled –

Cameron Guaranteed the Zionists EVERYTHING

“All of a sudden the media sprang into action! Barons en mass instructed their editors to tell the UK public how great Cameron was! Immediately I asked ‘HOW DO THEY KNOW HE’S ANY GOOD?’ He’s never held office; he’s never been a minister! How come out of the blue, all the newspapers were throwing their weight behind this guy? Answer – Cameron guaranteed the Zionists EVERYTHING! Small wonder the media backed him – the newspapers are owned by the same people who own the politicians! Scratch my back will you? End result – no bankers prosecuted; austerity measures – IN; Israel? Never to be criticized! What Phosphorous, white & bombs? Foreign policy? No problemo – continued UK participation in pipeline construction in Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya & Syria; sanctions on Iran? Please! Just ask Mr. Netanyahu – YOU’LL GET!” 
AND THAT’S WHAT IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO. OUR LEADERS, ABOVE ALL, HAVE TO BE ACCEPTABLE TO ISRAEL FIRST & FOREMOST. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME FOR AMERICA! Look, I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but we better suck it up quick because we’re running out of time. The fact is, what we want doesn’t even enter the equation….. & I’m convinced the integral reason Zionists get away with such skulduggery is because they know most of us are bunch of saps. We’re so easily led by the bullshit of the media small wonder most folk can’t see the wood from the trees! Sure enough, Cameron became leader of the Tory party because of the media. Of course one would have to be a fly on the wall to know what exactly went on behind closed doors but really it’s obvious.
At the start of the campaign Davis had the support of the majority of Tory MP’s. Cameron was a nobody. His CV wasn’t worth a Mars bar. Moreover, the last thing the British public wanted was another Blair. Yet this is precisely what we got! Since most Tory MP’s belong to (what should be an illegal group) the Conservative Friends of Israel, why should it be so improper to suggest, one by one, attempts were made to bribe & coerce Davis supporters into joining the Cameron camp? Of course this is what had to happen & this is why this particular Tory leadership race had to be strung out over several months. In the meantime the media had to go to work raising Cameron’s non-existent profile. I knew we were being had from the off!
And don’t for one minute think the Zionists stop there. You can be sure all those who remained Davis supporters were pigeon-holed. This is how it works. They were now MP’s the media would never praise. The only time they’d be highlighted was if they were involved in some sort of scandal. Then it would hit the airwaves quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct! Any replacement would have to secretly declare their undying allegiance to Israel. A ‘good’ one is given what candidates can only dream of – all the necessary funds & guaranteed media support. As a result, unbeknown to the UK public, we now have a Tory party where almost every MP is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In the meantime, increasing numbers of Labour MP’s are being coerced into joining GUESS WHAT……. THE LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! Now what a surprise!
Any would-be detractor can think what they like – ‘who are you to say this. Yeah I’m anti-Semitic, I’m a know-it-all’ & the rest of that crap! Look, all I like to do is think – connect all the dots. Why do I do this? Because I’m able to. I was born with this gift. Ultimately I believe the only way mankind can pass the baton in the Human relay race is if good triumphs over evil. Right now evil has all the trump cards. Since I’m on the other side of the fence & since I know they’re after my arse, I’d be plain daft not to want to try & wise people up!
Anyway on June 27 in a piece entitled ‘So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a leader? What nonsense’, I stated….. 
“Like him or not, JC is the rightful Labour leader. He deserves a shot for at least one general election. Any talk from members of his own party that he’s unelectable is not only premature; it’s entirely erroneous & therefore, it should be no surprise, this is to all intents & purposes the Zionist media talking. Which brings me to a key point. I’ll take a chance & say I’d like to bet the vast majority of the current trouble-makers in the Labour Party are among the 80 Labour MP’s who are FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! I’ll be damned if I’m going to hold back. I know who’s screwing us & I’m utterly sick of it!”
So back to UK Column News there was an interesting piece about David Davis which starts at 27.16. He said –


David Davis on Blair

It’s good to know there’s at least one Tory MP who wishes to see Blair tried as a war criminal.
If you want to really know the kind of person we now have as Prime Minister this is what UK Column news said two years ago –
“On a 2014 front page highlighting the rapidly growing Police state we warned of ‘Treason softly spoken’ by British MP’s….
At the forefront was Theresa May running the largest most sophisticated state surveillance system in the world….
Denying with her lips what she does with her hands she spews forth the Monarch Butterfly of state control by propaganda….”
It’s only a couple of minutes at the beginning but what’s so striking is listening to mainstream media’s take on the woman who’s now in control, you could be excused in thinking it was Mother Theresa, not bloody Theresa May! These guys at UK Column though are nobodies fools. They know a very dangerous woman is now in control of our country!
I listen to everything but the other pieces I found most interesting were regarding public health & vaccinations from 8 minutes on. This is something most people really need to get their heads round. I mean I’m sitting here telling you this – I’m nearly 60 & have no kids to worry about. Anyone who comes to me with a needle is more likely to end up with that & the syringe as a suppository! Wanna give the great MM a vaccination eh?
Also at around 32-36 minutes, how Britain is now one of the most corrupt countries in the world & the most unbelievable propaganda that NATO KEEPS OUR NATION SAFE! The very notion would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. What is actually happening is Zionist bankers are pushing the US & Europe into a conflict with Russia & China. KEEPING US SAFE EH?
The real reason is this is the Route 1 option for the Zionist Rothschild banking dynasty to create a New World Order which they will control as despotic lords. If this doesn’t work, they won’t stop because all the while everything else that’s being done is for the initiation of this goal. And you know what else – the only reason Theresa May is our leader is because she works for the very people who are trying to kill us all!


Definitely no Mother Theresa -More Like TreasonousMay - GMMuk

START May destined to be Leader of the Conservative Party

02:17 “Largest (…) state surveillance system in the world…”
03:24 Deaths in police custody & collaboration with the US
04:05 Melanie Shaw persecuted by servants of Theresa May
05:39 Swiss Airport Flags offer insight into realities of Brexit?
06:23 Is this a real instance of EU inspired Hate-crime? No.
07:56 Public Health & Human Rights – ‘Informed Consent’
11:18 Diphtheria vaccination lies : Campaigners persecuted
15:37 “…we must sensitise the Public to the benefits of it…”
16:02 The Significance of Consent & “Montgomery Ruling”
20:38 “…that means that the vaccine is causing an illness…”
21:47 “One (Death is) Reported for Every Two-Hundred…”
26:21 Acute Flaccid Paralysis : forgotten Polio of Yesteryear
27:16 David Davis points a finger of blame at Anthony Blair
29:12 European Union Military Union – An Evil Superstate
32:41 “Britain (is) now one of the most corrupt countries…”
33:17 Sights turning towards Africa with Michael Fallon lies
34:29 NATO ‘Keeps our nation safe…’ : Awful propaganda
39:26 Foreign Apaches helicopters & decline of UK industry
41:05 Nine Boeing P8-As to be bought for the British Forces
43:13 Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership & Tisa
44:37 Derivative problems – Italian woe & tides of illicit debt
46:28 Key point : “Deutsche Bank is not long for this Earth.”


  • Tracey

    All politics (notice I never said ALL politicians although you I’m seriously tempted to) are part of and collude with a system more rigged than a Tudor ship at sail. And nothing will convince me otherwise. Ive always believed ‘something was wrong’ I’ve felt it too. From the obvious to the not so obvious. From 9/11 to Nice and a highly suspicious coup d’etat that never actually was, in Turkey. The killer in the truck remembers to ‘take his passport’..I feel like I’m being continually laughed at. I’m a dirt poor struggling single mother and so suddenly I realise why. How do you make someone believe bullshit? Well for starters it has to be extra smelly. Secondly and equally as important demoralisation. That’s easy enough; cut down/off vital services and supplies. And there you go..the recipe for divide and conquer.

    • I hear you Tracey & I know exactly how you feel. It’s like we’re having the piss taken out of us. It’s all so painfully obvious. I actually cannot believe they’ve used this ‘bringing along their ID bullshit’ again! You’d have thought they skinned that one! Then we’ve got to put up with all the morons who think were conspiracy freaks. Sometimes I wonder what it will take for me to snap!

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