Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago

The reminders are up to 80 now! 5 years have now passed since I wrote to the BBC telling them come hell or high water, I would not be paying the BBC TV licence fee. I actually pleaded with them to take me to court. Sure enough, every month they sent me a reminder, wasting even more money but I haven’t paid my licence fee & come what may I won’t & THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN DO! The final paragraph (before my list of 25 reasons – a catalogue of lies & non-reporting), details exactly why no one has to pay it. In the meantime, all you have to do is tell them this – 

they (the BBC) are bound by a specific operating requirement in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public – THEY HAVE TO BE BOTH ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL!

Once you mention WTC7 they effectively have no leg to stand on. They reported the collapse of the building yet it hadn’t. It was still standing, ONLY FOR IT TO COLLAPSE 23 MINUTES LATER…… so please. Do not pay the licence fee. You’re throwing good money away for worse than nothing. You’re paying them so that they lie to you! This is one of the ways we can hurt them. Another is sending letters & emails to MPs telling them how pissed off you are that Zionists control the BBC! Let them know. Pile on the heat & above all use any part of the letter below. If you need any assistance just message me. I’ll be only too glad to help.
It is also crucial to let media whores know – THEY WILL BE PUNISHED! If my life depended on answering this question correctly – ‘what’s worse? A Nazi soldier in Auschwitz or a media whore?’ I would honestly say the media whore of today is committing a far worse crime. Why? BECAUSE THEY AT LEAST HAVE A CHOICE! Make no mistake – their lies have led to the deaths of millions of innocent folk, along with a refugee crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. If you were a German soldier in one of the Concentration camps, you had to obey orders whether you liked it or not. Bear in mind, soldiers weren’t afforded the excuse they were merely following orders but what could they do? I defy anyone to tell me what options were open to them.
Without going into the obvious lies we’ve been told about the Holocaust, let’s say millions died in the camps. As a result, we had the Nuremberg trials. Media whores willingly told us a pack of lies about Iraq & as a result, at least 2 million innocent folk have died in the Middle East & the carnage continues to this very day. Where’s the difference? Like I said – media personnel at least have a choice; soldiers don’t! Get this into your head – the crimes of the media are of Nuremberg proportions. Maybe if people started to realise this, the word wouldn’t just get out; there’d be an avalanche! I believe it is absolutely imperative those working in the media have to begin to feel public pressure. That means you & I have to act. It’s no use moaning of media lies & how their neglect of duty is what’s making all this hell possible. It takes two minutes to email the BBC or your MP.


Today I received reminder No.40 – pay up or else! 3 years ago I sent this letter to the BBC. It proved to be one of the most popular posts I’ve ever had. I told them – there’s only one cast-iron certainty in the Universe right now – YOU CAN’T GET! Even if you take me to court, FORGET ABOUT BEING WEIGHED IN – YOU CAN’T GET! In fact, please, I beg you….. take me to court. Plonk me right in front of that judge & I’ll show him what a load of low-life, lying toe-rags you lot are! So…… what did they do? The BBC sent me an E-mail. They asked – ‘specifically, in your own words, what was your main reason for writing to the BBC & why you refuse to pay the TV licence? Please give as much detail as possible.’ ……… Well they asked………..
Truth-Mark Twain

Truth-Mark Twain

Ever since the fateful day, your coverage of 9/11 has been a disgrace. There’s yet to be a meaningful investigation & all you’ve done is continue to perpetuate the same lies. How do I know this? Because on the day of 9/11, the BBC reported the collapse of the Saloman Brothers building, WTC7. There was one major problem with this news item – as the BBC correspondent in New York Jane Standley was telling us this, WTC7 was standing perfectly upright over her left shoulder! No big deal. Everyone makes mistakes….. except lo & behold….. 23 minutes later, WTC7, a 47 storey steel skyscraper collapsed at free-fall speed, in classic control demolition style, into its own footprint…… & no plane hit this building! No prizes for guessing why you’ve never explained yourselves for this alone proves the BBC was party to information which at best could have led to the arrest of the real perpetrators; at worst, the BBC is inextricably linked to the very people that planned & executed 9/11! I’m in no doubt the latter is true because the only people who aren’t aware the BBC is a Zionist propaganda tool are those who possess the brains of a rocking horse!
Even when the owner of the three buildings that fell that day, Larry Silverstein, an arch Zionist & close friend of that maniac Benjamin Netanyahu, said while interviewed that ‘they took the decision to pull WTC 7’ a flat out demolition term & virtually an admission of guilt, the BBC NEVER MENTIONED IT….. or for that matter the billions Silverstein received through insurance claims. How can it be possible that within a year of buying the Twin Towers for a knockdown $15 million (his bid incidentally, was not the highest), he then proceeded to insure the buildings for $3.5 billion! Wait! Here’s the real mind-blower – Silverstein requested the inclusion of a clause which stipulated if the Towers happened to be destroyed by a terrorist attack, HE WOULD BE PAID DOUBLE! Getting away with it? I’m still trying to work out how he got paid out! And forget about nullifying the entire US civil Air Defence so that the planes you’ve hijacked can hit their targets, since when did terrorists ever have the ability to reduce the world’s greatest steel-structured skyscrapers to rubble? Yet the BBC never once deemed anything involving Larry Silverstein to be news worthy…….. & you want me to pay the licence fee?


Of course the day to day running of programs carries on as normal which more than helps keep the public oblivious of reality. However when it comes to news not only are we told a pack of lies from carefully hand-picked, squeaky clean news readers like Fiona Bruce & George Alagiah but what remains hidden from public gaze IS THE NEWS! Though this has been going on for years, since 9/11 especially, the fabrication of news has reached such epidemic proportions, I only tune in to BBC news simply to hear what you’re lying about. So before you think about writing back saying how sorry you are that I feel so aggrieved; the BBC always tries to ensure it’s news is of the very highest quality & the rest of the regurgitated tripe you fob disgruntled viewers off with, I’m now of the opinion the BBC can sink no lower.
Before I list a catalogue of lies & non-reporting, I remind you the BBC is in breach of their operating requirements in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public. This document requires you to show information that is both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL. On both counts, this most definitely is not the case. This is why I’ve refused to pay the TV licence & encourage others not to do so. Furthermore such is the gravity of the situation, I’m in no doubt I’m actually risking my life revealing all this because the BBC is totally under the control of the greatest lunatics on the planet – Zionists. There can be no question 9/11 was planned & executed by dual national Zionists & Mossad! This was a classic false flag event. The problem is the media is owned by the very same people so it’s inevitable they’ll continue to exploit, divide, conquer & generally wreak havoc because as well as lying your sweet arse off, your job is to shield the real terrorists by ensuring they always slip under the radar. This is why Israel is responsible for much of the pain & suffering in the world. They’re protected by you! Of course it helps no end when their two partners as chief architects of state terrorism is the US & UK!
media illusion
1). Since 9/11 anyone seriously challenging the ‘impossible’ official version of events either has had a blanket boycott imposed on them such as the 2000 experts who’ve put their names behind Richard Gage’s superb documentary Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth or have been branded ‘dropouts’ as was the case with Dylan Avery, whose brilliant 9/11 documentary ‘Loose Change’ has been watched by countless millions on the Internet.
2). The BBC has never once mentioned how ever since 9/11, 1000’s upon 1000’s of family members of victims have campaigned tirelessly for a true & proper investigation. Instead lies of quite outrageous proportions stating there’d already been exhaustive investigations regarding 9/11, that truthers are unpatriotic & their actions serve to open up old wounds for families of victims, is perpetuated with unerring regularity all over the entire corporate media. Nothing could be further from the truth.
3). Case in point, the BBC has never mentioned how so many family members have taken out civil actions against Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld for murder. Why has this not made the news? There’s a good reason – none of the cases ever get to court because the entire US justice system is controlled by Zionists. Therefore the BBC have no problem sweeping this potential nightmare under the proverbial carpet!
4). How come no one in the BBC ever pondered as to how convenient it was for former Israeli PM & war criminal Ehud Barak to be plotted up at BBC headquarters on the very day of 9/11? Sure enough Barak was among the first to accuse Muslim extremists, notably Al-Qaeda, an organisation founded & funded by none other than the CIA, for carrying out the attack. How come no one questioned how an hour before the attack he knew BUGGER ALL, yet an hour after the attack he knew EVERYTHING? Even Sherlock Holmes never worked that fast! I wonder what Jews would have thought if the roles were reversed – Osama Bin Laden at the BBC accusing Zionists of this heinous treachery? The outcry would have been so deafening, cases of perforated ear-drums would have littered accident & emergency centers! Fact is the day after 9/11 Osama Bin Laden denied any involvement on Al Jazeera TV. Needless to say the BBC along with the entire corporate media deemed this earth-shattering interview was unimportant & so unworthy of showing the world! Don’t even try to explain this, please. The stench of your complicity remains as pungent to this very day.
Lying Bitch!
5). 19 Saudi hijackers were accused yet it’s deemed appropriate to flatten Afghanistan & Iraq? Er Hello. Newsdesk. Is anybody there? Where’s Michael Hanrahanrahanrahan? Why didn’t the BBC ever mention this mysterious anomaly? I understand. You didn’t want to go there……. especially since 7 of the 19 hijackers are alive & well in 2015!……….. Hello……. Is anyone there?
6). Why didn’t the BBC ever mention the Taliban actually offered to hand over Bin Laden so long as America produced at least some evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks? Since Bin Laden had already been fingered, Bush & Cheney had to have some incontrovertible evidence. Now this is not rocket science; it’s plain logic. Of course – there was no evidence! I’ve always wondered what would have happened if the Taliban said, “screw this! We don’t need this shit. Bin Laden – get on your bike! You’re taking a trip to DC pal!”
7). Just about the most damning indictment of the BBC is how its lies directly led to the death of 1.5 million innocent Iraqis. Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith were senior advisers in GW Bush’s administration. These dual national Zionists set about concocting three lies which were duly presented to the media – Saddam had links to Al Qaeda, he had WMD’s & could attack cities in Europe within 45 minutes! This was what the public was fed for over a year. Since this was all part of a Zionist plan to get America to use its military might & money to wipe out all of Israel’s enemies & since the entire corporate media is in the hands of Zionists, when Bush & Blair repeated these lies, no one in the media bothered to ask how this ‘information’ was ever attained! Of course the mere notion Saddam had WMD’s when for 10 years weapons inspectors like Dr. David Kelly made certain he had NONE, was ridiculous yet the BBC was instrumental in swaying the UK public into believing these lies. Not once have you apologized to the Iraqi people. Instead you’ve virtually boycotted any talk of Bush & Blair being tried for the war crimes they obviously committed. The fact a tribunal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia decreed Bush & Blair were indeed guilty of war crimes NEVER MADE NEWS is testament to the level of skulduggery of the BBC!
8). Your coverage of the startling revelations of Bradley Manning & Julian Assange that the US military was indiscriminately opening fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians was nothing short of scandalous! Even though video footage proved conclusively the US military was committing heinous war crimes, you turned a blind eye! This was bad enough but then you proceeded to ignore the dreadful plight of Bradley Manning, incarcerated, held in solitary confinement for 11 months, tortured! After almost 3 years in jail he was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, a crime befitting a serial killer……… MERELY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH? Yet you never lifted one finger to help this brave young man! What kind of people are you? True to form, you’ve proceeded to portray whistle-blowers like Assange as common criminals. He’s a journalist for Christ sake, one of your own! As for John Kiriakou – he’s jailed for revealing the US military was torturing detainees. Once again you never lifted a finger to help him! Just in case it’s slipped your mind – torture is what’s illegal!
9). You’ve never said a word about how all of Iraq’s oil is being stolen. Indeed how would the US public feel if they knew America had built a pipeline, courtesy of the US taxpayer, from Iraq’s oilfields, all the way through Jordan, into Israel where oil is purchased at a knockdown price of $2 per barrel? Of course, a Zionist controlled media lying about the fact 9/11 was planned & executed by Zionists, is hardly going to mention how Israel continues to gain so gloriously from all this mayhem in the Middle East!
10). On that note, why haven’t you ever shown the world Netanyahu’s reaction to 9/11? YOU SHOW EVERYTHING ELSE HE SAYS! In fact you’ve given him an unchallenged platform to spew all his racist war-mongering bile! Why didn’t you show the world how the day after 9/11, he literally could not contain himself – he said “THIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL!” The mother of all ironies – THIS IS THE ONE TIME NETANYAHU ACTUALLY TOLD THE TRUTH! It’s undeniable – Israel is the only country to have gained from 9/11.
11). 9/11 paved the way for the systematic destruction of civil liberties! 30 years ago the Patriot Act alone would have brought about a media onslaught. However, the very fact the BBC never once mentioned the ratification of what is without doubt the most criminal piece of legislation in history – the NDA Act, clearly indicates something is very seriously amiss! How many Brits are even aware an act that allows the US administration to INDEFINITELY DETAIN ANYONE, WITHOUT CHARGE, WITHOUT TRIAL, WITHOUT ANY LEGAL REPRESENTATION …… ACTUALLY EXISTS? It’s like the worst criminals are in control & you say absolutely nothing!
12). RON PAUL should be America’s President. To say he was cheated by the most blatant election rigging through the use of Zionist Diebold counting machines that can’t count, is a chronic understatement! In every straw poll RON PAUL was miles ahead, only for him to end up 2nd or 3rd in just about every Primary & Caucus. Yet even though he was a front runner, THE BBC NEVER MENTIONED HIS NAME ONCE! Over 60% of Americans wanted RON PAUL as President. Good job BBC!
13). Your coverage of the scandal regarding Adam Verrity was an act of Treason, plain & simple! If it was down to me, those in control at the BBC would be in front of a firing squad. This was far more serious than the Profumo case yet you buried it! This man was seen everywhere with Liam Fox, UK’s Defense Secretary, Cameron’s right-hand man! When the question was finally asked ‘who the hell is this guy’, it was revealed he was inextricably linked to Mossad & several Israeli arms manufacturers. It was obvious the UK cabinet had been infiltrated by outsiders. Cameron obviously knew. Fox was forced to resign………… & THAT WAS IT! What damage may have been done to Britain was not an issue! Cameron or Fox was never put to task over what was one of the greatest national outrages in the history of British politics!


Zionist propaganda machine

14). In 2008/9 the Israelis invaded Gaza killing some 1500 innocent civilians. The consequent inquiry conducted by judge Goldstone, a man of impeccable credentials, concluded the Israelis had utilized White Phosphorous cluster bombs, a weapon the international community had deemed illegal & thus banned! The Israelis had committed war crimes!………. NOTHING! The report, even though conducted by a self-confessed Zionist, was well & truly buried……… by you! You make me sick!
15). You then refused to publicize any appeal for aid for the hapless Palestinians who once again had been subject to brutal devastation & oppression by the Israeli forces. I remind you of the Tony Benn interview where he refused to be bullied by the BBC interviewer. You have no shame.
Malcolm X
16). The Israelis have imposed a blockade of Gaza. The Palestinians are being denied basic essentials such as water, electricity & medicine. They are systematically being wiped out; it’s called Genocide by the way, YET YOU SAY NOTHING! Even the fact a former US President, Jimmy Carter, has released a book ‘Peace Not Apartheid’ which flat out condemns Israel, has never been mentioned by the BBC! How can you ignore what an ex President says?
17). Your coverage of the fact Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Mali & the Central African Republic have been devastated by the West is an absolute travesty! These countries have done nothing yet your reporting is of the most disgraceful one-sided nature. When are you going to question what the hell we’re doing destroying these countries? Just in case you’re suffering from a severe case of Amnesia, here’s one – WHY IS THERE ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR?
18). You accused Syria’s President Assad of utilizing Chemical weapons on his own people at light speed. Once again the media acted as a mouthpiece for Zionist war-mongers. Yet nothing was said of how Assad had no reason to do this. He was winning the battle against the rebels. Moreover, he more than anyone knew such an act would be exactly what the Zionist puppets in the US & UK yearned for! Most significantly, if Assad was going to gas anyone, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE REBELS, NOT HIS OWN PEOPLE! However, slowly but surely it became obvious -this attack was a classic false flag operation carried out by the rebels. The Russians & the UN even went as far to say so, yet the BBC who were so quick to trump up lies, suddenly clammed up!
19). Our PM David Cameron secretively accepted payment of £100 million from the NSA for the release of private E-mails & phone conversations of UK citizens! Since this decision can effect the life of every person in this country, the fact it was taken without any consultation or debate is not just a criminal act. To do such a thing without telling us? This is TREASON! What justification can you possibly have for not unloading on Cameron? The only explanation is that like Cameron, the BBC too is well & truly under the Zionist thumb!
20). Iran has not attacked another country since 1798; Israel has attacked almost all its neighbors! Iran has no Nuclear weapons; Israel has over 300! Iran has had no UN resolutions tabled against it; Israel has had no less than 66! Iran has not committed any war crimes; Israel has on several occasions! Iran wants peace; ISRAEL WANTS WAR! ARE YOU EVER GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH?
The flow of Information!
21). All the experts told George Osborne Royal Mail was worth between £4.5 – 4.6 billion. Therefore.shares had to be priced accordingly. Instead Osborne decided to price the shares on the basis the company was worth just £3.2 billion. So, what should we think when on the big day Royal Mail shares rose by 25%…… so that the value of the company at the end of the day………was around the £4.5 billion mark? But the only people able to unload & take advantage are those with deep pockets. George Osborne’s best man copped a hefty £13 million profit overnight! In the meantime, while the British public had been well & truly shafted out of £1.3 billion, the bullshitters in the BBC never uttered a dickie bird …….. except to make sure we were reminded of welfare fraud & the need to stamp out scroungers! The effrontery of it all!
22). Your coverage of the illegal Zionist coup in Ukraine by a gang of thugs truly beggared belief. The BBC was now literally making it up as it went along. One minute it’s all about the need to establish democracy; the next minute we’re in the business of undermining democratically elected governments.
23). I know what you did with 9/11 – you let everyone plead ignorance; no one was held to account for the fact 3 out of 4 planes roamed freely in the most protected US air space in order to hit their targets. You ignored all this yet you burst into life when it came to the blame game! Seems to me that trick worked so well you decided to try it on no less than Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President. How can the BBC, along with every newspaper in the UK have the gall to blame Putin or the rebels in East Ukraine for downing Malaysian flight MH17 before anyone has a had a chance to gather any evidence? Even you can’t be that incompetent.
24). Why is it you said nothing about the blood-thirsty CIA/Mossad terrorists when they butchered 100,000’s of Libyans & Syrians, yet when they went into Iraq you christened them ISIS terrorists of the Islamic State? Then while you continue to ignore the beheading’s that occur every other day in Saudi Arabia, you couldn’t wait to highlight what apparently were beheading’s carried out by ISIS. Didn’t it arouse suspicion that decapitation & blood spurting out all over the place go hand in hand? Ever heard of the Aorta? You see it’s a great, big vessel that transports blood from the heart to the head……….
25). Finally, the world’s media was doing it’s job at last! When the vicious Israeli murderers deliberately targeted 4 kids playing football on the beach, killing them, it seemed there was no way Netanyahu could add to the 400 Palestinians he’d already murdered. The world’s media was there, focused on Gaza. What could possibly occur elsewhere, the next day, to divert world media attention away from Gaza? What about another ‘accident’ with another Malaysian plane? After all the High Court at Kuala Lumpur ruled that the last time Israel steamed into Gaza they used illegal White Phosphorous bombs & so were guilty of war crimes. It sure takes some believing – just 22 minutes after MH17 was brought down by Netanyahu’s Zionist buddy Poroshenko in Ukraine, Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza so that Operation Protective Edge could complete it’s objective to wipe out another 1750 defenseless Palestinians while flattening entire neighborhoods, hospitals, schools & the one power station they had & YOU, THE BBC, SAID ISRAEL HAD THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF? I’m going to tell you something BBC – words cannot describe the level of your criminality. If it was down to me, every last one of you scumbags would face a firing squad. When a country invades another land & the occupants are surrounded, hemmed in, in what is effectively a concentration camp – there’s no Palestinian army, no navy, no air force, no command center – this is not defense. When the casualties read 2150 vs 68, this is not war; this is not even a massacre! It’s Genocide you bastards!
As I said……… they asked! Needless to say, I could have listed many more indiscretions – unfortunately, the Vodka ran out! Tangle with me BBC! This is what you get when you mess with the Great MM!
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  • denis mcgreevy

    Straight from the top drawer michael.bravo!

  • NOAM CHOMSKY SAID IT ALL! Michael; It would be interesting to find out how many people read, and have read your post here? If many have actually read it, then they would want to do something about it. Getting them to read it is the problem. We live in the most “pluralistic – pain in the “S” country on earth where people just want to know about being rich.

    Do you have a way of knowing how many people have read this post?

    • Yes indeed Jack. as I said in the post it was one of my better efforts. The original got 226 likes just on my wall & considering I’d only been writing on FB for around a year. Of course since then I’ve suffered from FB censorship – so many people who want to receive my posts never do. I posted it an hour ago & so far 1428 people have seen it. Truth is Jack – I don’t pay any attention any more because what’s the point? FB don’t play on a level playing field. This is why want to build up my following on my website as opposed to FB

  • Simon

    Damn it Michael, you are truly lethal.
    I love this. It is an honour to know you!

  • William Jewell

    Brilliantly presented Michael Chomsky!!! You have spoken the truth…it is light years away from what the media in the U.S. And U.K. has presented to its citizens…it is so hard to believe that people are so willing to ingest their toxic, twilight zone lies and deception! I consider myself very fortunate to have received a short, sharp, shock of a rebuke from you when I challenged your opinion of Nick Mason’s drumming ability…especially after just seeing the tongue walloping that the BBC just received! Well done Michael!

    • Thanks very much William. Your comment cheered me up no end though I can’t say I remember the Nick Mason incident. For sure I’ve always felt he’s one lucky face but at least he’s not a bad guy.

  • Imran Jan

    Keep sharing the truth Michael. More and more pepole are listening. Great work.

  • Linda

    Wow! Michael this is bloody fantastic, I would have sent you another bottle of vodka, the truths were just falling out! Just when I get down and feel the situation is hopeless you write a corker like this and I want rosters the BBC and knock someone out! Thanks x

  • Sam

    Superb letter Michael,
    Direct debit cancelled and I’ll be up on the roof later cutting the TV aerial off!
    Might even put some nice fresh nails in my baseball bat for when the “detector” van comes calling haha

    • Well done Sam. If only people knew what to say when they come to the door, or indeed write in a letter. No one has to pay the licence fee. They can’t do long as you say –

      Correct me if I’m wrong but an operating requirement in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British the BBC remains both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL. I can prove to you in a court of law that on both counts, this most definitely is not the case! They are lying & they are biased. This is why I’m refusing to pay the TV licence. You’re the one breaking the law, not me.


  • Lynne P

    Brilliant article!~ I’ve just seen a petition from 38 Degrees asking people to save the bbc. Should I post this article?
    People just don’t know …..

  • Angela allinson

    Well done all i can say is i feel your anger. Makes me sick how dumb people are to believe their crap. I was one once. So glad i woke up and smelt the bull shit.

    • Thank you Angela. An ever-increasing number of people are waking up. The thing is, doing so is only the first step. What matters more than anything is knowing how to convince others. Often the realization comes with an insatiable urge to make family & friends believe overnight what came to you naturally over a long period of time. Rule no.1 for convincing others is not to ram one’s newly found opinions down any throats. It requires guile & cunning but well done indeed Angela.

  • Jade

    You, Sir, have hit the nail on the head! Absolutely fantastic read.

  • Bard

    But the common thread for all this criminality is:

    Banking domination:
    Those who are watching would’ve noticed the takeovers in countries that are still not controlled by the Central Banking Mafia.

    The Petrodollar and control of oil & gas transit routes is the root of the conflict that we are seeing played out in the Ukraine and potentially Russia and across the MiddleEast and towards Asia and Russia.

    The US petrodollar system determined that producer countries like Saudi Arabia, in return for the U.S. Militaryariky securing the House of Saud, would reinvest their oil sales into US Treasuries as per the Petrodollar agreement of 1971 which helps keep US debt / interest rates low to service the govt debt.

    The point was: the US was (and is) bankrupt after Vietnam and they had to suspend dollar gold convertibility at $35/oz in 1971 as they didn’t have enough gold to meet foreign Govt and investor claims.

    In 2000 to little media fanfare Hussein declared he’d stop taking $’s for oil and start taking €’s AND crucially NOT recycle them back into US treasuries.

    In 2006 Gadaffi also threatened US (petro $) as he planned to introduce a Pan African Gold Dinar after academic research proved it was viable.

    Re Iraq and Libya, they took over the central Banks and looted the gold (as they did on 9-11 as well).

    All Wars are Banker Wars, Major General Smedley Butler.

    See also EX Marine Ken O’ Keefe

    • 100% CORRECT BARD! The Rothschild’s have effectively conned everyone into believing banking is just another industry. The mere thought a foreign entity could print money, proceed to lend it to whoever they felt had collateral to cover a loan & then charge interest on this money that was printed out of thin air is something quite extraordinary. As a result in less than 250 years the Rothschild’s have amassed close to half of the wealth on the planet. All wars in that time have been manufactured by them. This was the reason they assassinated Lincoln, JFK & even Gadaffi..All you say about the Petro-dollar is spot on too.

  • Bard

    Banking domination:
    Those who are watching would’ve noticed the takeovers in countries that are still not controlled by the Central Banking Mafia.

    The #Petrodollar and control of oil & gas transit routes is the root of the conflict that we are seeing played out in the Ukraine and potentially #Russia and across the #MiddleEast and towards Asia and #Russia.

    The US petrodollar system determined that producer countries like Saudi Arabia, in return for the U.S. Militaryariky securing the House of Saud, would reinvest their oil sales into US Treasuries as per the Petrodollar agreement of 1971 which helps keep US debt / interest rates low to service the govt debt.

    The point was: the US was (and is) bankrupt after Vietnam and they had to suspend dollar gold convertibility at $35/oz in 1971 as they didn’t have enough gold to meet foreign Govt and investor claims.

    In 2000 to little media fanfare #Hussein declared he’d stop taking $’s for oil and start taking €’s AND crucially NOT recycle them back into US treasuries.

    In 2006 #Gadaffi also threatened US (petro $) as he planned to introduce a Pan African Gold Dinar after academic research proved it was viable.

    Re #Iraq and #Libya, they took over the central Banks and looted the gold (as they did on 9-11 as well).

    All Wars are Banker Wars, Major General Smedley Butler.

    See also EX Marine Ken O’ Keefe

    • Anita Butler

      Again why haven’t I seen this before.It’s sickening that this sort of thing is allowed to happen.I despair but will share.Diolch.

      • The reason why Anita is all to do with controlling the flow of information. This was one of the chief goals of the Rothschild’s. The only reason why things are happening so fast now is because of the advent of the Internet.

        • adamson

          great stuff Michael, what the human race needs right now is direct person to person communicators, get the devlish zionist media / internet out of the loop. A concept like bitcoin but in communications/media. , that way we can build our own media networks. Maybe theres a smart app builder who can host the app on his phone, then start disseminate it out. It will send data to other phones directly, without using the towers. Windows 10 pc updates uses this type of concept unless you disable it.

          • IAgainstI

            This is known as mesh networking and generally peer-to-peer – P2P file hosting. Look up what a PirateBox is and the general local area wifi hosting concept. all is based upon FOSS – Free and Open Source Software.
            Check the EFF out at eff dot org for more info about privacy and freedom.

        • IAgainstI

          and when the Bible says “The Devil sends the Beast with wrath, FOR HE KNOWS THE TIME IS SHORT,” – they may be referring to “the sheep may become self-aware via the internet and this expedites the time-frame to “short”, if one intends to enslave them permanently.” Is a race against time, as people are waking up.


    I have always called the BBC the British Brain washing Corporation, I am very impressed with your work and I am pleased that after all these years some one backs up what I have always thought Thank you

    • Thanks Wayne. There are loads of us out there. The MSM is being found out like never before & a point that I’ve been making for quite some time now is to reassure people that even though the MSM is hemorrhaging viewers, THEY WILL NEVER LET US KNOW! Whatever progress we make will never be publicized. If everyone bears this in mind & does their bit to try & wake others up, they can play their games.

  • I am very interested to read this article properly on a computer screen or better still printed out, I am currently on my phone and have made it half way through. Very very interesting reading

  • Jessica

    Ah, this is music to my ears, I love this and learnt a few things in the process. I also do not pay the BBC because of the total disregard of the truth, I don’t believe a word they say and want nothing to do with them. So much is missing though, you should write a book. Wish I could shake your hand.
    A very good read, and shared x

  • Nicola Hammond-Bunn

    Wind your neck in Metal, it’s been too long then I see you on here! Luv (Brig’s Nic) xxx

    • Nicola – well, well, well. What a lovely surprise. How are you? Great to hear from you. How the hell did you dig me out here? Hope all is well. Best regards to hubby. Stay in touch girl xx

  • Laura Gray

    I absolutely agree with all u say Micheal….Great piece of writing.really enjoyed reading this..

  • Sean

    Well done Michael. The world is definitely waking up because of brave people like yourself. I truly commend your story.

    -Bien hecho Michael. El mundo es, sin duda despertando gracias a personas valientes como usted. Sinceramente, encomiendo su historia.

    When is everyone just going to switch off their television in protest as it would seem to be the quickest form of boycott in my humble opinion.

    -Cuando está todo el mundo en España va a apagar su televisión en señal de protesta, ya que parece ser la forma más rápida de boicot en mi humilde opinión.

    Protests in Spain are illegal – this is the best way for the spanish people to boycott the Zionist government of Spain

    – Protestas en España son ilegales – este es el mejor camino para el pueblo español a boicotear el gobierno Zionista de Rajoy

    Thank you

  • Naimah Yianni

    What a great article Michael. I wish more people had your courage. Hopefully as more people get more angry, they will get behind this kind of work. Hats off to you sir!

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  • chris

    So what was the outcome of this correspondence? Did you receive a reply or a bailiffs visit from the BBC.
    For me, the clue is in the title – British Broadcasting CORPORATION. Like any other corporation, they are not interested in the publics best interests

    • No Chris. I believe I sent them another shorter letter reiterating my wish to be taken to court. All they do is send me more reminders. They haven’t got a leg to stand on. Once you stand up to them & explain you can prove in a court of law that the BBC is in breach of its operating requirements in the Royal Charter which states they MUST be truthful & unbiased, THEY CAN’T DO A THING! I told them – they get paid the moment they purge all the Zionists who are running the BBC!

  • I usually do not drop a leave a response, but after
    browsing a ton of remarks here Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No.
    40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago – GMMuk –
    Michael Aydinian. I actually do have a couple of questions
    for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or do a few of the responses appear like they
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    • There are all sorts leaving comments. Often I don’t have the time to vet all of them.
      All the information you need about what I do is on the Home page. All the posts are in chronological order. I manage around 5 a week.
      By the way, its well over 50 reminders now!

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    Wow! That’s about all I can master up at the moment.
    I’m new to all of this information but am so happy that there are so many people out there actually ‘think’ rather than just listen & follow.
    What a fantastic read.
    Shared on my page but I’m not sure how many will choose ignorance over truth. I’m afraid to say that I think the majority will follow the herd.

    • Anna. Never worry about how many people will choose ignorance over truth for you will discover – only lies cannot stand up to scrutiny. This is why they don’t want us to question 9/11 & all the obvious false flag events that they’re bombarding us with. If they were telling the truth, sooner or later there would be no doubters. The only thing that can emerge from meaningful investigation is the truth.

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  • Lynne

    Just read your absolutely excellent article again and it is 100% accurate and true. I cancelled my bbc licence about 2 years ago and do not watch any LIVE tv. My son linked my 52 inch screen up as my computer screen and disabled the TV cable so I am unable to watch any LIVE tv. bbc are ” fake news” and I follow all independent news people like yourself, James Corbett (James Corbett Report) Abby Martin (Empire files) Newsbud (Sibel Edmonds) We are change (Luke Rudkowski) et al for REAL news on youtube etc Your work is priceless

  • Ewan

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