UK Referendum: Democracy at work or just another tool for the elite?

The day after the UK referendum I wrote –

“a vote to leave the EU doesn’t mean we’ve left the EU – you can be sure every trick in the book will be used & even new ones invented so that obstacles are created in order to hinder the process of breaking away.” 


13 months have passed. Nothing. It’s as if the vote in favor of leaving never occurred. Well, not quite. While we’re collaborating with lunatics in America, Israel & Saudi Arabia; while we’re going out of our way to antagonise a country that can annihilate us in two seconds flat & when I say go out of our way, how does one even try & explain this because almost all the accusations levelled against Russia are lies? Big business donated ginormous tax loopholes while ordinary folk have to suffer the brunt of austerity & cuts in essential services; child molesters seemingly above the law – while all this is happening, Brexit remains top of the media’s hit parade! If the referendum did anything, it has served as the mother of all distractions. 


I’m afraid to say this kind of political skulduggery & manipulation is par for the course. Most of us acknowledge we’re being played. Nevertheless it’s worth reiterating when the media pounds a story, you can be sure it’s either a complete falsehood with the aim of brainwashing the uninitiated – Saddam’s non-existent WMD’s comes to mind, or as in the case of brexit, a lively debate is maintained, yet all the while the power-brokers rest assured in the knowledge they’re controlling the situation. As I said, there’s a myriad of ways they can create obstacles in order for this affair to drag on. One excuse will pave the way for another making it appear these are circumstances they could never have foreseen. With the media riding shotgun, never scrutinising anything politicians say or decide, those calling the shots effectively have carte blanche.



Therefore how can one not conclude our entire political system isn’t worth a bar of soap? We’re treated with contempt, played for proper suckers. In the meantime international laws such as the Geneva Convention, illegal wars, torture, the use of illegal weapons, the theft of land, pedophilia & organ theft occur on a daily basis. Hearing real news has become a luxury. 


So was there any point in having this referendum? Yes but contrary to what most people believe, it had bugger all to do with giving us a choice. The Tory party included this pledge in their manifesto because their bankster Zionist overlords told them to. It’s that simple. But this poses another question. Why would they do that when the last thing they or the Tory party wanted was the break up of the EU? BECAUSE THEY KNEW IT WAS A MASSIVE VOTE WINNER! In the eventuality of a Brexit win, already factored in was the very strategy we’re seeing played out today. It’s worth noting too, we we’re promised this referendum when Cameron fought the 2010 election. Did we get it? Hell no! The Tories reneged on this only to have the temerity to say ‘if you vote for us again in 2015 this time we will give you a referendum.’ The media never mentioned this. Imagine Jeremy Corbyn doing exactly the same thing. They’d never let up!


In order to make complete sense of this one is obliged to assume certain things. Don’t listen to fools who scoff at this notion. Often this is the only way to connect all the dots. We’re blessed with the power to think. How dare anyone say you can’t piece together a scenario which perfectly explains what’s occurring. This is what we must do especially when it’s so obvious lies are being told. I know I don’t know for sure yet I’d bet my life it went something like this behind the scenes. First though, one has to ask, ‘what’s there to stop the elite conducting their own exhaustive polls?’ Well, nothing….. but doing so allows them to gain priceless information, in this case discovering well beforehand just how many people would vote one way or t’other. I put it to you they knew 3 out of 4 wanted to leave the EU. Here was one of the independent polls I was sent –



Of course, the last thing they’d do is release such data. Individually being opposed to the EU counts for little. Knowing it collectively is the key but how can we be cognizant of this if the findings of independent polls never make mainstream media & are simply restricted to the Internet often through leaks? The media then simply fob it off as fake news or daft conspiracies. More importantly, this scandalous withholding of public information opens the way for the media to concoct lies declaring polls which show the majority of UK citizens wanting to remain in the EU. Media whores are then instructed to create the feeling this is indeed the case throughout the country. It’s all part of the elaborate soap opera to hoodwink the public.


What’s critical here is also understanding how the public increasingly grew weary & suspicious of the EU, despite the fact both major parties & the entire mass-media repeatedly insisted being in Europe was good for Britain. Of course if the truth be said, corporate media & our politicians are owned & controlled by the same people. Whether it’s a handful of families or as I believe chiefly the Rothschild banking dynasty matters not. The point is the vast majority of the populace remain unaware of this hidden tier of power. Therefore is it not fair to say this general feeling of dissatisfaction with the EU came from the heart & so was entirely genuine?


Now ask yourself, how would we have felt had the media been impartial & thus free to expose the ungodly level of EU waste & corruption? How would we have felt had the media highlighted some of the downsides of staying in rather than constantly dishing out fictitious doom & gloom scenarios if we voted to leave? Like him or not, look how Nigel Farage emerged out of nowhere to become a major player. He could not have achieved this without considerable support. Remember too, his stance on Europe was far more damaging to the Tories than Labour. This is another reason the Tories included the EU referendum in their manifesto.  


It’s clear they desperately wanted Cameron to become Prime Minister. Why? Because if you’re aware of General Wesley Clark’s admission 10 days after 9/11 that the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations, which incidentally included Libya & Syria, then everything starts to fall neatly into place. Instructing senior members of the Labour party to argue the case for more war was simply too much to ask. Labour & Tony Blair had shot their bolt. The Zionist warmongers needed a new face, crucially a far better liar than Blair & sure enough, Cameron’s rather slick, no-nonsense approach initially gave the impression we were getting something different. All we really got was the same dreaded foreign policy & a perfect puppet who’d dutifully serve the Zionist plan to create Greater Israel. 


So this is the long & the short of it – on an issue with overwhelming public support, we get a 6-7 year delay & then when we vote to leave, we’re plagued by foot-dragging & baloney. In the meantime the media relentlessly plugs imaginary downsides of Brexit. The programming of people’s minds continues unabated because who knows, in the future we could end up with another referendum which they will rig again but this time the ‘result’ will be down to people having a change of heart. However….. ON ISSUES WHERE THE PUBLIC IS VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED SUCH AS BOMBING ANOTHER COUNTRY, IN DOUBLE QUICK TIME, EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK IS UTILISED IN ORDER TO INITIATE WHAT’S NOTHING LESS THAN A GROSS VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW!


So what this referendum was was simply another example of how the ruling elite pull the wool over our eyes. For sure if democracy is what we cherish, then there’s nothing fairer yet the public is rarely given the opportunity to ultimately decide. Worse still, when it comes to matters of far greater importance such as the utilisation of our military, privatisation, the systematic erosion of our fundamental rights, ensuring corporations pay the stipulated rate of tax, closing down tax havens & loopholes – WE’RE NEVER OFFERED A REFERENDUM! Why haven’t we had one on immigration for instance? If ever there was an issue that warranted a referendum, here was it. Bear in mind, the argument for or against brexit is beset with a multitude of tangents. The examples I just gave are far more clear cut!


I feel the actual truth is so far removed from reality it would shock people. In the final analysis, the key to all this is perhaps down to the fact our Politicians decide whether we can be afforded a referendum. Therefore, it’s only ever going to be an option when the power-brokers know they can use the situation for their benefit. So my conclusion as to what a referendum actually is – it’s simply a device nestling near the bottom of the elite’s tool-kit. 


Here are the two pieces I wrote when the referendum result came in – 


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