Unelectable my arse!

Six days ago I tore into Hilary Benn. One Hillary is enough thank you very much. In fact I feel even one could well be our undoing. To have one both sides of the pond? Please. I may as well jump out of the window right now! Anyway in the post – ‘So Hilary Benn reckons Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a leader? What nonsense’ –
– I included a link to a Corbyn speech which I posted on my website on Sept 27 2015. Now what’s interesting about this is, the original post was entitled – ‘WHY WASN’T THIS SPEECH SHOWN ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA?’ – 




– the post exceeded all expectations notching up 33,000+ hits becoming the 4th highest on my website. True to form many of the comments reiterated my feelings – why wasn’t this speech shown, most especially since Corbyn had placed his hat in the ring in the contest for the Labour leadership & all the while the media was claiming he was unelectable? What really pleased me is this surely indicated increasing numbers of people were becoming aware of the media’s outrageous bias.


Unelectable my arse

Now I don’t know much about the inner workings of the Internet & all that jive about keywords & what-have-you but fast forward to June 27 when I posted my Hilary Benn rant. It did nothing special – 300 odd hits. However, someone must have dug the ‘WHY WASN’T THIS SPEECH SHOWN ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA?’ link because in the last 6 days, THAT POST received another 68,000 hits, over double what it originally amassed. It’s now in 2nd place & only the 2nd post that’s exceeded 100,000 hits on my website. Even better news- it’s had almost 28,000 shares. Considering most of FB friends are from America & therefore my most popular posts usually have a US theme, I’m pleased as punch about this.
You see while the extra hits offers some personal satisfaction, I’m loving this because one thing this shows more than anything is – Newton’s 3rd law of motion is starting to kick in & the media is on the receiving end. This law states that for each force there exists an equal & opposite force. Well, the Zionist media has been lying its arse off, especially about Corbyn & it’s beginning to backfire big time. The MSM is being found out & what’s more, the repulsive force is hard at work. Many people realise we’re being told porkie after porkie but what’s so gratifying is –


This is a very good sign. Small wonder. When they see a speech like this, anyone with any brains is bound to think ‘enough of this crap! Let’s give this guy a shot.’ The more the media lies, the more they’re digging a hole for themselves & I love it! This is why yesterday I wrote a piece encouraging UK residents with a Labour MP who’s a member of Friends of Israel to encourage their local constituency to deselect that MP. The last thing we need are traitors usurping our democratic process. It’s up to us not only to support Corbyn but do what Zionists do whenever any MP speaks the truth about the mass-murdering IDF! WE HAVE TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!



This devious little good-for-nothing turncoat slag can take a jump for starters – 


No good whatsoever


And today my old mate Ste Matthew Murray made me an administrator in his new group JEREMY CORBYN – KEEP CORBYN. After having a quick browse through guess what I came across  – 
Just fill your boots & listen to what JC’s brother says –

Jeremy Corbyn’s BROTHER on the BBC (Amazing)!



JC'S Bro




Great Speech






  • Lesley Moorcroft

    My family voted Labour and nothing else . I have voted Labour and nothing else but I now feel betrayed . I feel betrayed by an NHS which left me with the symptoms of pernicious anemia and failed to advise me to take vitamin b12 . I feel betrayed by an NHS which told my brother that he had a ” mental illness ” and medicated him for most of his life , yet was left to die alone in A+E with all the symptoms of pernicious anemia at age 54 . I feel betrayed and robbed by the death of my mother at age 66 and my ex partner at age 56 , all because no one told them they had pernicious anemia caused by the use of nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma medications and that they should take vitamin b12 supplements . But what the Neo Labour Illuminati party and Lib Dems and Tories did to my kid , I will never forgive nor forget .
    As a person who was not brought up with a faith as such but grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and as a teenager would listen to my neighbours relate their stories about escaping from Europe during the second world war , I have always felt somehow connected to their story . When I was a very young pre school child I had repeated nightmares about being forced up a staircase into a tower where men in strange uniforms would force me to type and place matches under my nails and light them . It was years later before I recognised the uniforms in my nightmares were those of Nazi soldiers . I would never have thought that years later , my own daughter would have the same experience that Jews in Europe faced in the second world war or that she would be abducted by Child Protection and that I would have to see her in the state I did in care , bald , with severe weight loss , bruises on top of bruises up both arms , with head wounds . I would never have imagined that after she asked me to make a complaint to a childrens hospital about the way she was treated there , it would result in her being taken into care , where she would be so abused . I would never have imagined that when I showed a judge in a secret court room the evidence that my child had pernicious anemia and that she needed the methylcobalamin active vitamin b12 to keep her well , I would hear a judge say that she would have my child isolated in a house with one carer and have a psychiatrist come in and alter her mind into thinking that she does not have a vitamin b12 deficiency . I could never have imagined that my daughter would say that she felt like Anne Frank and that she was waiting to be taken to a concentration camp because of the disturbing and menacing people who began coming to our home from Child Protection to traumatise and threaten us . She asked me to hide her under the bath . She asked me to go to an embassy and ask for sanctuary .

    • I’m so sorry Lesley – that is a truly harrowing account. As much as I’m aware there’s so much pain & suffering in the world on a scale most of us can barely imagine, I nevertheless find it shameful that our country has sunk so low. Often I say had our soldiers known what the UK would become, no one would have fought in World War II. The awful way our elderly are treated; the horrendous abuse occurring in children’s care homes? I believe this is all down to the fact our political system has increasingly been compromised by the bankers & big business. Indeed who could have stopped the prosecution of all the pedophiles in Westminster? The fact we are living in a time where the gap between the have’s & have-not’s has never been greater is now the least of our concern. I believe they are attempting to take away our basic rights so that they can be done with us for good. We can’t even make a democratic decision without the media branding us racists. Sadly unless we can somehow turn this around I feel things are going to deteriorate fast & many more people are going to experience the kind of things you’ve had to endure. It’s a sad indictment of mankind where had it not been for the unbridled greed of the few, I’m convinced we could all live in a world unrecognisable from the one we have today.

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