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Berlin terror attack: Police hunt for Tunisian man after finding identity document in truck, as Isil claims responsibility


I was going to follow up my piece regarding the alleged assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey yesterday. However, I came down with an ear infection which is driving me round the bend. I’ll crack on today as much as I can.   First, I’d like to mention the German truck attack. Now I’ve no idea whether people were killed

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When are we going to realise Media barons are committing crimes against humanity?

Dr Park Deitz

40 years ago I was working for a Jewellery firm in Piccadilly Circus. At the time the IRA was conducting a bombing campaign in central London. There were policemen on every corner. It was unsettling more than scary but who needed this. You could be walking down the street & suddenly it’s all she wrote! In the office one day

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Divide & Conquer – All Lives Matter – By way of deception thou shalt do war. Mossad

Scum of the earth

Every so often I receive a notification of something I posted 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t know what system this FB app works to. It appears random. Anyway I got this one the other day. I read it & memories came flooding back. You all know, like the Zionists, I have ‘Divide & Conquer’ on my brain. There’s good

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All lives matter. So who is responsible for the sudden spike in police brutality?

Police brutality

As I started writing on FB in 2011 I remember posting something about the awful case of Kelly Thomas, a white homeless man. If my memory serves me well, half a dozen coppers just steamed in. It was plain cold-blooded murder. There was no justification whatsoever for the man hardly posed a threat, as I said there were 6 coppers

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The tragic murder of Jo Cox: If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the media for inciting hatred

A great lady

There is a fine line between having the ability to smell a rat & jumping to conclusions. That’s not to say I don’t on occasions take the bull by the horns. Within 30 minutes of Malaysian flight MH17 being shot down in Ukraine, I was prepared to state categorically this in all likelihood was a Zionist terrorist attack. I outlined

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UK Column News


Another great show yesterday from these guys. If you’re from the UK this edition of UK Column news is well worth listening to. In fact, if you want the real news in this country, HERE IT IS! I’m however going to highlight the nonsense about the EU & how David Cameron is allegedly battling for us. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER

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How would we like this

At the time, I was working for my Uncle & every so often we spoke about the state of the world & when I said this, naturally he asked why. Now some like to go way overboard on the soothsaying front. I’ll admit I had no idea this fictitious war on terror was ever on the cards. I’ll take credit

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This ‘ATTACK’ in Paris was a self-inflicted act. This is all about creating an appropriate climate in order to usher in new laws that will strip us of our fundamental rights.

False Flag!

This ‘ATTACK’ in Paris was a self-inflicted act. This is all about creating an appropriate climate in order to usher in new laws that will strip us of our fundamental rights.     1) Think about how we expected this. We knew False Flag attacks like this were going to occur. 2) It undoubtedly will create civil unrest which we

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Why in the name of God are London’s Police traveling to Israel?

Serve & protect who!

JUST GET A LOAD OF THIS: A few years ago a traitor of the very highest order named Michael Chertoff decided the US police force needed advice & training from none other than the Israeli IDF, in other words cowardly thugs that brutalise & murder unarmed civilians! Naturally, being Zionist controlled, no one in the US media questioned this decision.

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The Oregon Shooting: All you Christians out there…. Beware…. or maybe it was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault!

False Flag!

As well as horrific, these mass shootings in America have become positively tedious. I’m not saying this shooting in Oregon is a typical false flag event like the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook. This one may well be one of those terrible incidents where someone who’s completely lost it takes it out on innocent folk. I’m a reasonable man. I

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