Now I’m sure – Nice was another Mossad operation

When I first wrote of the Nice ‘attack’ I thought shall I continue where I left off – surely it’s another Mossad job. I thought no. This time, let’s give the benefit of the doubt by saying the accused probably lost it rather like the way Andreas Lubitz did. Lubitz crashed a plane into the Alps killing 149 people. That wasn’t deemed a terrorist attack. Lubitz after all was Jewish! Bouhlel may have snapped the same way. He had more reason than Lubitz for his Muslim brothers & sisters in Libya, Mali & Syria had been & were being slaughtered by the French government. I felt this was a good tactic for it highlighted the outrageous deviousness of the MSM.


On July 15 I also wrote how strange it was to see the passenger side of the windscreen riddled with bullets while the driver’s side was relatively untouched. So mesmerised I was by this inexplicable anomaly, I failed to notice that there was hardly a speck of blood anywhere on the lorry. Considering over 80 people were killed & 2-300 injured, how could this possibly be? If what we were being told was correct, that white lorry should have been covered in blood. On July 16 I rectified this glaring error. Yet even though I hadn’t flat out called this event another Israeli false flag, the moronic twats were out in force criticising, no – insulting me for daring to question anything.
France vows to retaliate for Nice attack, extends state of emergency – RT – July 15


Left-hand drive - bullet holes on the right!


3 clips about Nice: where’s all the blood; ISIS claims responsibility & the Corbett Report – July 16


By July 17, though I was beginning to smell a rat, a rather large one known as Mossad, I nevertheless pulled my horns in, after all, I hadn’t connected several dots. I simply concentrated on the two major anomalies of this fictitious war on terror in the hope people would recognise the West’s horrendous double standards & duplicity –
Why isn’t the media highlighting the most obvious fact – the war on terror is making things infinitely worse! – July 17


Now I’m convinced the Nice attack was another Mossad false flag. Why? Some of the material I’ve been sent has cleared up a few loose ends. This along with a little thought & once again we see the same old pattern – NO INVESTIGATION AS TO HOW THIS OUTRAGE COULD HAVE OCCURRED! I know there are going to be idiots who simply refuse to think, merely saying ‘show some respect.’ Well quite how not asking patently obvious questions shows respect to those killed, I’m at a complete loss! I’m going to keep it simple. Here are a few key points….
The Bastille Day celebrations were taking place at a time when France was under a state of emergency. Therefore, how could a great big lorry be allowed into the Promenade Des Anglais? If this had been a one-off act of lunacy as we’ve had time & again before this so-called war on terror, one of the first things the media would be asking is ‘WHO DROPPED THE GODDAMNED BALL? WHERE WERE THE BARRIERS? WHY WASN’T THE PROMENADE CORDONED OFF? WHAT KIND OF STATE OF EMERGENCY IS THIS?’ That’s what would be happening if the media was doing its job. The tell-tale sign is there is zero investigation.
Instead we have a media that brainwashes people into thinking anyone who dares to question is a conspiracy nut who slowly but surely is being categorised as a trouble-maker. In the meantime for the world it seems the media is doing everything it can to incite further civil unrest & of course provide justification for the continuation of overseas bombing campaigns which if the truth be told is the root cause of the problem. Our policies are not fighting terrorism; we’re creating it! I’d like to bet those who lost loved ones asking similar questions are simply blanked by the media, just like with 9/11 where 1000’s who lost family members discovered, they have no voice whatsoever.


The second point I’d like to make is after conducting some research I learned that the Promenade Des Anglais & the particular route the lorry took is loaded with CCTV cameras. WELL, WHERE’S ALL THE FOOTAGE THEN? THE WHOLE THING SHOULD BE ON CAMERA. WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO EVEN SEE THE DRIVER! Once again the similarities with 9/11 is striking. To this day the footage from over 30 CCTV cameras surrounding the Pentagon remain hidden from public gaze. Only in a world run by total gangsters can this happen. Of course quite how the FBI were there at the Pentagon literally within minutes for the purpose of confiscating the footage for me is an admission of guilt but just as with 9/11, the Zionist controlled media neglects to ask the most obvious questions.
Naturally, one of the best ways to unravel a crime is to be able to watch it over & over again. Now if the truth was told you can be sure we’d see all the CCTV footage. The only possible reason to withhold it is because the authorities wish to establish a false narrative. You can be sure all the footage of the Police shooting & stopping the lorry, the driver escaping or being killed would be captured on CCTV. If the lorry was loaded with a cache of weapons, we’d see this. Of course the very notion anyone would store a load of weapons in the back of a lorry where the intention is to use the lorry as a battering ram is utterly ludicrous as Patrick Hennigsen said on this radio show, 21st Century Wire. Think about it. How can anyone ignore this? How can people be daft enough to just take what the media says for granted?


Before I put up the link for 21st Century Wire which features 4 kick-arse guys – Hennigsen is joined by Mike Robinson of UK Column fame, Turkey -based freelance journalist, Jeremy Salt & French-based writer & geopolitical analyst Gearóid Ó Colmáin, I would first like to feature an article which helped connect all the dots on the Nice debacle. Thanks to Linda Wal for this – 


The Nice Attack: Things we dare not think about


Gearóid Ó Colmáin has fast become one of my favorite journalists. If you want to learn about what really happened read his piece.

‘Islamist’ terrorist attacks serve Zionism’s agenda of taking over the Middle East as they demonise Muslims and Arabs, thus criminalising legitimate resistance to Israeli colonialism. ‘Islamist’ terrorism also drives the Zionist agenda, referred to by Samuel Huntington as the ‘clash of civilisations’ – the idea that Muslims have no place in ‘Western civilisation’. Although the truck slaughtered over 84 people and injured hundreds more, there was no blood visible on the published photos of the vehicle. Perhaps there is a simple explanation for this apparent discrepancy. I hope to see a good ‘debunking’ video or article of the blood problem soon! We are also informed that police opened up the barricades to the Promenade Des Anglais minutes before the attack. There have been reports of up to four trucks in the area that day. Trucks are not authorised to drive through streets during festivals or national holidays. France is in a state of emergency! How is all of this possible?

However I’d also like to take an excerpt from one of the comments left on his piece by Anne Guerrier……


There were CCTV cameras all along the route the lorry took (Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who is most likely involved with the local mafia and in no position to object, having a number of court cases for embezzlement in his CV, has been boasting about the level of surveillance in his city) but no footage from these cameras has been released. The footage would probably have revealed that the lorry had a driver and a passenger (see Russian tourist testimony you can check that on Russia Today french edition). The driver was a special operation agent dressed in the gear of his trade (dark blue tight-fitting vest like they use in the police now, this is shown in the testimony of the Egyptian tourist who shot the footage shown on Russia Today. He says the driver he saw from very close, wore blue, a uniform like the police, I quote), and the passenger, whether conscious or not, or even dead at that time, was the patsy Mohamed. Not easily visible. When the lorry reached the appointed place there was an Israeli “resident” ready to shoot embarrassing evidence to put pressure on the french government.

Seconds before the police had sprayed with bullets the lorry, without ever aiming at the driver’s seat (you can see that on all the pictures). They aimed at the passenger’s seat. The official narrative is that the man moved but what I think happened was Mohamed the patsy was a sitting duck, while the driver just put his police armband and special operation hood and slipped out of the truck and blended into all the other anonymous cops who were already there. When they opened the truck door they found only one man who probably never knew what shit he’s got himself into before he died. They began building the narrative that they need, and that Israel wants them to sell (because Israel, as I said, is twisting their balls). The narrative is that it’s not only Muslims that are dangerous, it’s Arabs. They hate us. period. Any Arab could run over your children tomorrow just because he has it in him, being an Arab.


Here’s the radio interview which is 3 hours long. I listened to all of it because it was that good. However, I picked out some key moments – What Patrick says (around 12 mins) regarding how the media only concentrates on these ‘events’ whereas all the mayhem & carnage that’s occurring in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya never gets a mention. The media isn’t just biased; it couldn’t possibly be more one-sided. Around 17 minutes – how we allow ourselves to be divided by the media & the establishment, so that opposition is diluted. I’ve pulled my hair out on this one over 9/11 – Dr Judy Wood & the ridiculous no plane theory. The media is instrumental in helping us put our worst foot forward. There are some great points about the Nice ‘attack’ (21 mins). As I said it’s worth listening to the whole lot but Patrick makes a fantastic point at around 134 minutes – every day, innocent people are being blown to bits but there’s never any JE SUIS IRAQI or JE SUIS SYRIAN KIDS.
21st Century Wire – ‘Mass Consternation’ with guests Jeremy Salt and Gearóid Ó Colmáin


None of this ever gets shown on the MSM. Considering all these wars are illegal, what kind of a media not only turns a blind eye but then labels these poor people migrants when they’re actually refugees of our politician’s making. We’re doing this….. Thanks to Motahir Sunny Ahmed for these two clips –



If only people realised the media functions solely to feed the most virulent carcinogenic strain that’s rampaging through mankind right now – it’s a thing called Zionism. Small wonder the use of illegal cluster bombs never gets a mention in the MSM. What am I supposed to say – Je suis cluster bombs?



I believe that no less than one of the greatest crimes ever is being committed right now. 9/11 was a Zionist operation. Within an hour of the attack the media blamed Israel’s enemies. Not satisfied with the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria, the media is now trying to incite Islamophobia. In other words as Michael X so rightly said ‘the media will have you hating the victim.’ The Israelis are right at the forefront. It’s all about creating hatred of Muslims EVEN THOUGH THE MUSLIMS ARE THE TERRIBLE VICTIMS. All of these so-called terrorist attacks, all these murders have actually been planned & executed by the Israelis in order to vilify Muslims throughout the world. What the Zionists are relying on is people’s stupidity.
Finally an RT clip about Israeli manipulation of media. This is what we have to stop, otherwise the mayhem will continue.


I just got sent this link from Anne Guerrier who is in France. She informs me this link contains some revealing clips & accounts regarding the Nice attack. It’s in French so what can I say except there you go all you lovely French folk. She also said big time trouble is brewing for Hollande. Apparently there’s a major spat going on about the imminent destruction of all the CCTV footage……




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      • Bill h

        to me all the bullet holes look like coming from the same angle,reports of the truck traveling at 80 ks and swerving for the distance means it would be IMPOSSIBLE for every bullet to hit at one angle.Iv hit a cow at 70 ks, blood every where and dragged the beast for 20 meters , a blood trail on the road, none in the photos,it all doesn’t ring true …911TRUTH.

        • Exactly right Bill. Some 300 people being hit by a massive lorry & not a drop of blood on the lorry? Why are there so many idiots who try to argue this discrepancy away as if it’s nothing? I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is, as per usual, out politicians & media are lying through their back teeth. The official version simply does not add up & anyone who thinks it does is an idiot, plain & simple!

  • Codie Vickers

    Where is the front of the vehicle? Why is there so much dust on the windshield? I can’t say what happened to that vehicle but I know one thing that didn’t happen. This vehicle was not in service and hasn’t been for long enough to get a thick layer of dust on the windshield. Looks like they hit the windshield wipers so they could see through it. Why no fluid? Because the vehicle wasn’t being maintained. The holes in the windshield, could be endless scenarios to explain it.

  • Codie Vickers

    To me the dust patterns on the windshield suggest the bullet holes influenced them, which suggests the vehicle had bullet holes in it when the dust was wiped by the wipers. Again, no fluid, so was this vehicle in service?

  • B Mason

    Whist I am not totally convinced by your arguments about the Nice attack, I do not dismiss them either. I support your views of government intervention and manipulation of events to satisfy another hidden agenda. And as for those pulling the strings of government, yes I do believe large corporations including the media seek to serve their own purpose, and to hell with the minions who get in the way. How else would a total moron like JW Bush get into power?

    Its important for a fully coherent comment to be made with supporting evidence, and whilst there have been some good valid observations made:; bullet holes on one side, no evidence of blood ( even though it could have been washed off) some quantum leaps have been made in the comments from various people, The photographer MUST be a government agent probable but not proven. The bodies could have been dummies.

    I feel sure the more we all continue to question and apply whatever pressure we can on those puppets who hold the power, that the truth will prevail, whatever that is. So PLEASE keep this going and don’t let the bastards grind us down.

    Thanks for doing what you do, if nothing else it makes us question the validity of the so called news that’s spewed out by the current mainstream media.

  • Cy

    Great overview of the case. Specially in summarizing the political side.

    This is a page compiling most of the “problematic” reports around this attack, including the once your mention…

    “What happened on Sept. 11 is that the Likud doctrine, previously used only against Palestinians, was picked up by the most powerful nation on Earth and applied on a global scale. Call it the Likudization of the world, the real legacy of Sept. 11.” – Naomi Klein, 2004

  • Bill

    In all these mass ‘events’ we have never seen any media coverage of the funerals? This usually happens in such circumstances, such as Sandy Hook, which was totally annihilated for it’s fakery. Perhaps that’s why they stopped?

    • Very good point Bill. I’m now 100% convinced each & every one of these mass shootings are Mossad operations. This is how they got to bomb Syria when over 90% of the people in the US & UK were directly against military intervention.

  • Thanks i get a lot information from this site

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