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The “Failed” War on Terror is a success! Ken O’Keefe Debates Stupid Wars

The “Failed” War on Terror is a success! Ken O’Keefe Debates Stupid Wars   RT is a lone voice in the wilderness. The rest of the news is controlled by a bunch of pathological liars. YET…..can you imagine – the Zionists have got this vile, nasty, little cretin; a vindictive, acidic spouting specimen who’s job is to pile untold heat

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No Question We Are Moving Closer to WW III but Brinkmanship Aside: Are We Actually Daft Enough to Launch Our Nuclear Weapons?

Whatsupic — The immediate future is bleak but talk of WW III being inevitable is somewhat inappropriate. The awesome destructive power of ICBM’s paradoxically renders the likelihood of them ever being launched minimal. Everyone knows there can be no winners! The good news – with early warning systems in place it seems it’s going to have to take an act of

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Nearly Every Conflict in The World Since the End of WW II can in Some Way, Shape or Form be Traced Back to Washington DC!

Whatsupic — By that I mean any leader of any country which has something they want, has to play ball or else. It’s all about money, power & control. It has nothing to do with democracy! And it’s always been like this. It’s in our nature. No one likes being challenged! Therefore, once a situation is reached where you can’t

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