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1) Why isn’t anyone in the media saying anything about Israel’s nuclear weapons? 2) How come only Israel is allowed to say we’re merely defending ourselves? Surely isn’t Iran or anyone else allowed this fundamental right? As much as I deplore nuclear weapons, if I had a neighbor like Israel, I’d make getting hold of the damn things PRIORITY NUMERO

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If being opposed to child-kidnapping, paedophile-protecting, warmongering, mass-murdering liars is anti-Semitic….. THEN I’M ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL!

My good friend Venner always keeps me on my toes. He likes asking questions & me being the person I am, I like answering them, that is if I can. For me, there’s very little more gratifying than being able to spread knowledge. Venner left this comment on my website…..   I don’t see why the Zionists would think British people

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Trump should be on guard. The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders

Before you read the extract taken from the diary of the 33rd U.S. President & the accompanying piece by Mark Weiser, I’d like to firstly say I’m no fan of Harry S. Truman. Japan had lost the war & twice offered to surrender. This detail remained hidden from public gaze & only surfaced in the autobiography’s of two of Truman’s inner circle

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The truth about Israel, Zionists & the Khazarian Rothschild banking dynasty

If only people realised just how ludicrous the accusation of being anti-Semitic is. The dawning realisation quickly reveals the ungodly level of media complicity & the fact media barons have a vested interest to keep the public oblivious. The continued success of Zionists & those wishing to establish a New World Order depends on maintaining outrageous deceptions like this. You

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