Watch it here! Mainstream media refuses airtime to Corbyn’s anti-press rant (RANT INCLUDED)

I really don’t believe the media can do any more to harm Jeremy Corbyn. I feel their actions will only serve to drive more folk away from mainstream media. I’m sure they’re aware of this. So why do they continue with a policy that’s all but failed? Well doing nothing would surely result in more voters deserting the Tory Party so what else can they do? They’re stuck between a rock & a hard place. Sure, these smears will cast doubt. Thankfully we’ve arrived at a point where only those with the brains of a rocking horse will believe such clap-trap.


No. What drives me mad are the fools who so readily dismiss the media’s actions with the banal assumption ‘aaahh, it’s always been like this!’ The sad reality is an integral reason we’re in this dire predicament today is because we’re surrounded by morons who think nothing of the fact media outlets are bound by the Royal Charter which states they have to be truthful & impartial. If not their license can be revoked. Yet, what we’re seeing today is a media that couldn’t be more biased if it tried. Maybe if more of us weren’t so damn selfish & bone idle we wouldn’t be in this mess.


Making matters infinitely worse though is the way the media has simply become a mouthpiece for the super wealthy & a propaganda tool for those who really control us & are seeking world domination. Our politicians are supposed to represent us; the media is supposed to keep us informed. On both fronts we couldn’t be further from where we should be. We’re not just being sold short. Along with having the proverbial piss taken out of us, we’re slowly but surely being thrown to the wolves. We not only have to wake up to this but each & everyone one of us have to act, for our politicians & the entire corporate media are controlled by a handful of warmongering Zionist banksters who couldn’t give a damn about ordinary people! 


JEREMY CORBYN DOES THOUGH…… but what perhaps folk should bear in mind is for 34 years JC has always stood by his principles supporting the elderly, the infirm, the exploited & the victimised. He’s always believed in having decent public services in order to have a fairer society. He’s always been staunchly anti-war. In all this time the media pretty much ignored him. Strange too when you think at the height of the MP’s expenses scandal, JC expenses were the lowest in Parliament yet this wasn’t worth a mention. Only since JC became the unlikely leader of the Labour Party & THEREFORE WAS NOW SOMEBODY WHO COULD DEFY THE WISHES OF THE RULING ELITE has the media sought to character assassinate him. So the media tear apart a man who hasn’t yet tasted power while no scrutiny whatsoever is afforded to how our unbelievably inept leader Theresa May desperately, almost embarrassingly clings to power while her party remains in a state of disarray. 


Check out JC’s brilliant response to the MSM’s latest slur on him. Of course this is their Modus Operandi – they lie their arse off & then give zero media coverage to any response you may have…..



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  • zakimar

    Jeremy Corbyn is anti war and pro worker so the jew owned msm has to do everything they can to prevent a decent man being elected who won’t serve the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, like ALL the rest of the EU and amerikkkan regimes. #BDS #BDSusa

  • Hi Michael

    Please find below an article which I recently published on Facebook and which you may find of interest.

    Cheers, Walter C


    Let us be charitable and accept that Mr. Jan Sarkocy was a genuine spy and is telling the unvarnished truth – in spite of a senior member of the current Czech Ministry of Defence accusing him of lying – and that Mr. Corbyn was not in fact present at that alleged television event in Derby at the time. Pass lightly over the fact that the gentleman in question has also claimed that he organised Live Aid and knew in advance what Margaret Thatcher was going to wear. Forget that same gentleman’s claim that John McDonnell was a Soviet spy at the time – even though he was not yet an MP. Let us also assume that the East German Stasi actually did keep a file on Mr Corbyn – in spite of categorical assurance from German intelligence that no such file exists – and that that well-known icon of journalistic rectitude, the Saaaan, can invariably be relied upon never wilfully to mislead its readers. Even if all the above is accepted, what exactly does Mr. Corbyn stand accused of?

    The contacts between “COB” and the Czech “spy” are said to have taken place some time in mid-1987. There were already definite and hopeful signs that the Cold War was in its death throes. The last of the Stalinist apparatchiks to head the Supreme Soviet had been replaced by Mikhail Gorbachev, the man with whom even that most fanatical of cold warriors, Maggie Thatcher, asserted she could “do business” with. The combined effect of the Solidarity movement and the Pope’s visit was bringing about a sea change in Poland’s internal politics. Already, the church communities in East Germany, which were to play such an important part in the movement that culminated in the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, were beginning to flourish. The Reykjavik Summit between Gorbachev and Reagan – a much better President than many on the Left have given him credit for – came as close as any previous East/West negotiations to the potential elimination of all nuclear weapons, with both sides discovering the extent of the concessions the other side was willing to make. Human rights also had become a subject of productive discussion for the first time at that crucial meeting in Iceland. In Hungary, the rule of hardliner Janos Kadar was clearly coming to an end and would culminate in Hungary being the first Eastern Block country to allow its citizens freedom of travel.

    Therefore, given all these positive trends, it would appear that any dialogue between politicians on both sides could only further this process, particularly when, in Mr. Corbyn’s case, it is abundantly clear that he was incapable of communicating any sensitive security-related information for the simple reason that he was never privy to any Parliamentary committee or working party concerning itself with defence and security – MI5 would have made quite sure that this was the case! People in all walks of life – academics, business owners, prominent authors – were involved in various groups and associations promoting East-West understanding which posed no security threat to the West whatsoever. Schools from Western countries were organising friendly visits to Eastern Europe and encouraging pupils to become “pen pals” with their counterparts in the East. Significant and unstoppable change was in the air, and Mr. Corbyn’s contacts with Czechoslovakian officials were very much part of this trend.

    But even when the Cold War was at its highest – or should we say lowest – point, there was plenty of dialogue across the Iron Curtain – all with the object of reducing tensions and mitigating the unthinkable prospect of nuclear warfare between the two sides. Was it not

    that well-known Communist sympathiser and wartime hero of recent cinematographic resuscitation, i.e. Winston Churchill, who has asserted that “jaw-jaw was better than war-war”? (In fact, like so many misattributed aphorisms, this was never actually said by Churchill – his official biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert, specified that Churchill actual words were “Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war” – nevertheless, its meaning is clearly along the same lines). Later, Conservative Prime Minister Harold “wind of change” Macmillan – who was actually responsible for the misquote – was to repeat this formula on several occasions. And in “Beyond the Divide – Entangled Histories of Cold War Europe” (2015), respected author Sonja Großmann points out that the increasing activity of friendship societies in East/West exchanges following Stalin’s demise prompted Western governments to allow and establish more intense cultural relations with the Eastern bloc, both at the official and private level. In fact, in the 1970s Western governments learned to make use of these friendship societies for their own purposes, establishing, especially in the case of West Germany, a kind of private-public partnership that peaked during the period of economic reconstruction known as “perestroika” – which played a massive part in the dismantling of Communism in the Soviet Union.

    So hold your head up high Mr Corbyn – you have done nothing to be even remotely ashamed of or have cause to regret. Far from endangering our national security, you were part of the dialogue conducted at a multitude of levels which served to reduce tension, increase peaceful exchanges between the peoples of Europe across the Iron Curtain, and ultimately brought democracy and increasing prosperity to those countries. And I would rather spend my next holiday at the North Pole than ever to read a copy of the “Saaaan” agai

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  • venner

    Yes beyond any shadow of a doubt, the mainstream media is totally pwned and this is all about global domination for sure.
    I hope JC knows what he is getting into.
    I believe if we were to investigate thoroughly we would find that the labour movement in Britain had been infiltrated and undermined for decades by the zionists.
    For one, the immigration issue. How better to turn average British people against socialism than for labour policy to bring millions of immigrants into Britain.
    Not widthstanding the fact that immigrants from other parts of the world have very different cultures and beliefs, that contradict those of native Britons, but is in total contradiction to a party that represents the working people, to import millions of unskilled immigrants who have no concept of how the British people fought against the wealthy elite for collective bargaining and workers rights, and will therefore undermine that by accepting lower pay and conditions than their native British counterparts would.
    Immigration is actually capitalist policy, for the very same reason, being that immigrants represent easily exploitable, cheap labor.

    Anyway, regardless of that, I think the British people have been the subject of intense manipulation by the media for some time, Brexit is the big one. I am convinced that is a zionist plot to break apart the EU, because the one power that stands as a threat to US led, zionst global domination is a United Europe.
    I also think the Isis attacks on the bridge by the houses of parliment represented a zionist threat to the British Government. That was saying, this is how close we are to you.

  • venner

    Further to my conments about Brexit. The British people have been led by the mainstream tabloid media into being anti Europe for years. Claiming they want to steal our soveriegnjty and make out laws etc, we know who controls the mainstream media. Then look at, the laws the EU make to protect ordinary EU citizens, the social charter, the new EU privacy laws. The trouble is the British people en mass have not experiened the alternative which is what they will get without the EU. That is unrestrained US style capitalist subjugation. How many British people know, in the US an employee has no rights at all.
    If a manager decides he/she doesnt like you, your fired.
    If a manager wants to pick on you, you will be cleaning toilets with a toothbrush, or your fired.
    Corporate ideology rules in America. That is, profits are the sole purpose of business. Social responsibility is zero.
    That means in practice, wages are a cost, detrimental to profits therefore wages must be kept to a minimum. Such things as paid vacation time are unheard of in capitalist America
    The idea that employees should receive pay when they are sick is ludicrous in the US.
    In fact, in America employees are often fired for calling out sick and no one is surprised if that happens to someone they know.
    The 40 hour work week is unheard of, most people consider themselves fortunate to get 30 hours on their work schedule. Many get close to twenty and the schedule is randomised week on week to make it difficult to work a second job. Why? Two main reasons, one because it makes the unemployment figures look good if everyone is employed, even when there is no where near to 40 hours available for everyone.
    The other, it means the employer has an abundance of short hour workers that are desperate for any way to make more money, so easy to get shifts covered when someone calls out, or when they fire people theres always more to take their shifts.
    I could go on and on, but, just to say, I don’t think the British people realise what they are letting themselves in for by voting themselves out from under the protection of the EU.

    • Absolutely right again. I hate using meaningless phrases like the capitalist system. These are all Zionist inventions. I prefer to say whichever way you look at it, our history is littered with endless conflicts & the end result of this is a minute percentage of humans have or control almost the entire wealth of the globe. The gulf between the rich & ordinary folk is so wide it’s actually impossible to describe with mere words. In short, whatever system we have has been an abject failure especially considering how incredible man’s technological & scientific prowess has been. We need a complete overhaul.

  • Venner

    Yes you’re right, it is nothing short of pitiful that in the 21st Century we are still fighting against rule by the elite. Perhaps in Britain Jeremy Corbyn might put a small dent in.that, I say might because the labour party as a workers party has been so far weakened by conservative infiltration he will have a tough time changing anything.
    It is the similar story in the US, worse for the fact they never had a workers party to begin with. In fact for all intents the US only has one party, the party of the elite, masquerading as two parties so they can play out the charade that they call democratic elections.
    Unless I am very much mistaken and admittedly I have really not kept up with politics at home in the past few years but up to the point I did, that is the road British political representation has been on for some years now.
    I dont know how many British MP’s are zionist and how many just tow the zionist line but I dont recall any speaking out against their false flag terrorism, or the UK government’s support of US style anti terrorist legislation that is based on lies. I do know Both Cameron and Theresa May used the terrorist threat lie constantly during their rants about public encryption and the recent legislation to force suspects to give up encryption keys which is a blatant attack civil rights seemed to pass in both houses without the dissent of the labour party so are most Labour MP’s now zionist puppets too?

    • Thanks for that V. Excellent analysis of the ideological meltdown that’s taken place especially in the past 30 years between Labour & Conservative as well as Democrat & Republican. In short the vast majority are bought off. In fact the situation is so bad even though the Zionist power-brokers were caught with their pants down & as a result an ungodly aberration occurred to allow Jeremy Corbyn to snatch the Labour leadership, the Zionists have the media to make life impossible for JC just as they’re doing with Trump; they have the ability to coerce & threaten a leader of one of our major political parties & then to put the icing on the cake, at the drop of a hat they will commit murder, just as I’m sure they did with John Smith.
      Sadly over 80 Labour MP’s now belong to the heinous Labour Friends of Israel. You can be certain – whatever trouble is created for JC in his own party it will come from those in the LFI under the orders of Zionist banksters. Blair, Cameron & May were perfect Zionist puppets who time & again committed Treason & so deserve the firing squad.

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