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Indiscriminate slaying more akin to the Wild West? Who gives a damn about terrorists when cops behave like Nazi stormtroopers…. & make no mistake, this is all by design.

Imagine: On the way to a new job, Police pull you over for changing lanes without signalling. You’re dragged from your car, violently slammed to the ground, arrested, charged with assault & taken to jail. 3 days later you’re dead! The incident was caught on tape. Sandra Bland can be heard saying “You just slammed my head to the ground. Do

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MH 17 – a year on & justice remains but a pipe-dream. Yet, I’d like to bet most of the victim’s families know who the true perpetrators of this heinous crime were.

MH 17 – a year on & the victims families are no nearer to knowing who the real perpetrators were. Within an hour of the plane going down, it was obvious & I so much as said so on FB. Immediately I put pen to paper, listing all the crucial points & most of it centered specifically around what the

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Netanyahu threatens to ‘kill himself’ in order to stop Iran deal

5 minutes ago the very notion a Benjamin Netanyahu threat, would, if followed through, have me muttering ‘there is a God after all?’ We all dream but come on – let’s not get too carried away. Well, never say never because if Netanyahu made good on this threat, it would be a perfect gift to all of mankind! I’ve never

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“Instead Of Fighting Terror with All Its Might, the Free World Has Granted Legitimacy to Iran’s Hateful, Murderous Ways.” Netanyahu

Finally I’ve managed to complete an article for my buddies at Whatsupic. Of course only delusional fools refuse to admit Netanyahu is a pathological liar but though his quote, which I utilised as the title, is another absolute whopper, interestingly, by replacing just one word, a pack of lies is transformed to the whole truth & nothing but! All one

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