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100’s of pilots have stated the official account of 9/11 was impossible. Why doesn’t the media ever report this?

One crucial detail has for the best part been either ignored or simply missed by most 9/11 truthers. In fact, I’ll hold my hands up & admit, I made ten 9/11 videos & I missed it altogether. It was only when i read what several pilots said on the site Patriotsquestion9/11 did I realise that passenger planes cannot travel anywhere

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There’s another way of look looking at this – Israel regular as clockwork claims the Palestinians, Hamas & Hezbollah are terrorists & their aim is to wipe Israel off the map. Now after looking at the map, HOW DEAF, DUMB, BLIND & POSITIVELY BRAINLESS DOES ONE HAVE TO BE NOT TO CONCLUDE SOMETHING STINKS LIKE A POLECAT? That is unless –

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What irony. For years FIFA corrupt as can be. Then, for once, they do the right thing & all of a sudden ……….

In most countries Soccer is by far & away the No 1 sport. I’m not saying this because it’s my favorite sport because if it was, I’d tell you. Soccer for me doesn’t make the top 3. An oddity perhaps being a sport enthusiast yet the most popular one doesn’t rank in one’s top 3? Soccer remains the No.1 sport

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How ironic. Merely imagining such a thing is anti-Semetic. In the meantime, their goal is to achieve the exact reverse

The irony of it. It’s all true. There are no ifs & buts about this yet I wouldn’t say the caption’s perfect. There’s the Lavon affair, the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty & the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 – they all qualify with distinction…….. yet if you’re the messenger you better either disappear sharpish or shout

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