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Allowing Zionist skulduggery to forever slip under the radar merely serves to give them licence to commit ever-greater crimes

Fantastic video featuring the superb CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN. It’s obvious 9/11 was planned & executed by dual national Zionists. The last 3 days I’ve been writing a piece which specifically deals with the non investigation. In fact every rule in the book was broken. The key here is the media’s role in this. Not only did they fail to ask patently

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Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians

For most of us the sheer scale of the Paedophile scandal only became evident when master molester Jimmy Savile croaked. Almost a thousand victims came forward. The public finally were afforded the truth – this Paedophile ring wasn’t just massive; it contained a who’s who of perverts. Yet even then I never imagined there existed an altogether sinister reason such

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Cameron wants to fight terrorism? Anyone ever going to suggest a change in foreign policy? Oh I forgot – foreign policy wasn’t an issue in the General election.

Whenever Cameron mentions this terrible terrorist threat that’s engulfing our planet, I struggle not to throw up. However when I talk to someone who’s fallen for this tripe, my only wish is to heave all over them! Here are my three perspectives – 1) Whatever Cameron or anyone says about terrorism & our security, these are facts: We are around a

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German police storm home of elderly woman who debated holocaust

Ursula Haverbeck has done nothing wrong. She has every right to express an opinion. The German authorities have no right to arrest her. As for those responsible for giving the order to arrest this woman – traitors plain & simple! They’re the ones who should be arrested for they have sold their country down the river to a bunch of liars. No one ever

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