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When it comes to hoodwinking the public there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Over 100 years of experience has gone into perfecting this art.

Back in April I wrote a piece regarding how certain phrases are conjured up out of thin air by the Zionist propaganda machine, more commonly known as the BBC, CNN, FOX & all the rest of the garbage, seemingly tame & unassuming, while providing an opportunity for those who wish to appear a touch more intelligent than they are simply

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Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is?

Here’s my latest episode of GMM ranting & raving but really, this is one of my better efforts of laying it on the line. We’ve got to recognise who the real enemy is. If you believe anything the media says your thinking will inevitably be flawed. On several occasions I’ve reiterated the best way to understand what’s going on is

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Few of us wanted WW I & II. The ancestors of those responsible hope to fulfill their dream of establishing a one world government. WW III is indeed a necessity. Are we going to sit by & allow them to start another world war?

I’ve always felt Alex Jones is a good guy. Few have done more to alert others to the shenanigans of the power-brokers. What put me off was the ranting & raving & the tendency to sensationalise. Coming from a person who never holds back, many may feel ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’. I understand perfectly but let’s

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Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!

Here’s an article by Brandon Martinez who can explain the whole ISIS fiasco a whole lot better than I can – – but I’ll give it a go anyway –   Since this link is now unavailable & it’s a popular post, I thought I’d include an article I wrote about ISIS 6 months prior to this post –

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Jews are Semitic; Zionists are not! We should take a leaf out of the Rothschild book – Divide & Conquer

Earlier today I posted a piece which emphasised the distinction between Zionists & Jews. You see, what way too many people don’t realise, especially Jews, is there’s a gulf as wide as the Grand Canyon between the two. It’s like comparing Jews with the Spanish or the Zionists with the Outer Mongolians. The post also contained a reference to how

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