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Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!

Here’s an article by Brandon Martinez who can explain the whole ISIS fiasco a whole lot better than I can – – but I’ll give it a go anyway –   Since this link is now unavailable & it’s a popular post, I thought I’d include an article I wrote about ISIS 6 months prior to this post –

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Jews are Semitic; Zionists are not! We should take a leaf out of the Rothschild book – Divide & Conquer

Earlier today I posted a piece which emphasised the distinction between Zionists & Jews. You see, what way too many people don’t realise, especially Jews, is there’s a gulf as wide as the Grand Canyon between the two. It’s like comparing Jews with the Spanish or the Zionists with the Outer Mongolians. The post also contained a reference to how

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Florida Judge Donald Middlebrooks orders Bill and Hillary Clinton to stand trial for racketeering (RICO violations)

My main man John Miranda sent these links regarding this Clinton trial but what intrigued me more than anything was he said ‘so far there’s been a total media blackout on this.’ I thought how’s this possible? For the Clinton’s to be facing trial, they had to have upset the wrong people. Trouble is, the wrong people also own the

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Canada’s crackdown on freedom – New anti-terror law slammed as democracy killer

I was in the middle of writing a piece about the Rothschild Zionists and I wrote the line ‘what I can’t understand is how Harper hasn’t been arrested for Treason.’ And then I remembered I had this RT report that I wanted to post because here we have Canadian politicians passing laws that can only hurt the very citizens they’re

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America’s failed war on terror? No. It’s Israel’s successful war of terror in order to create Greater Israel.

Yesterday I made a pig’s ear of a most crucial post. After a sleepless night I thought to hell with it – I’ll do it properly this time, without rushing. First & foremost GREAT SHOW! Way to go guys…. though in his intro Peter Lavelle talks of the ‘failed war on terror due to America & Obama’s foreign policy.’ Let

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Israel promotes soldier who beat Palestinian children

The kid must be anti-Semitic……….even though he’s a Semite…… he’s still anti-Semitic! They are killing our vimin & our children. They vunt to vipe us off the map! Ven ve invade ve come in peace. Ve are only defending ourselves! 1 every 3 days! In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Bear in mind, this court is slightly

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