Election Fraud has been Proven. Your vote does not count!

Please watch this video. This is what we’re up against. They’re going to cheat in the election. They’ve been doing this for goodness knows how long. The quote, “THOSE WHO VOTE DECIDE NOTHING. THOSE WHO COUNT THE VOTES DECIDE EVERYTHING” couldn’t be more true. I don’t care whether it was Goebbles or Stalin. That’s mere detail. What matters is we understand democracy is a myth. Like I said, watch the video, spread it far & wide because this is how they’re doing it. First I need to do some blabbering…….

Those of you who follow me know I’m often banned yet I never indulge in hate speech. I may suffer the brunt of such accusations by liars & morons who know no better. That’s because they’ve no argument & the more evil ones of this lot are all too aware the mere use of the word ‘hate’, has been duly set up by media barons to become a retaliatory weapon against those who speak the truth. Sure, an integral reason I’m banned is I don’t pull my punches when it comes to pointing the finger at the ‘you know who’s’ but there’s more to this than just banning people who criticise Zionism & the NWO merchants.

I’ve always told people, leave out profanities & stuff like ‘death to Israel.’ Nevertheless I spend far more time off the grid than on but where I’ve been truly crucified is on this website. By rights I should be reaching millions. Subscriber lists vanishing into thin air is just one of the more obvious dirty tricks but quite how they’ve crippled my post reach so effectively I’ve no idea. I’ve asked for help from those well versed in the inner workings of websites. The end result is I’m told, ‘boy. They’ve really got it in for you!’ Plain common sense dictates those who are found wanting when it comes to analytical prowess & sound judgement aren’t going to be the ones singled out for special treatment.

So I’ll give what I believe is a perfect example & it’s happening right now. The bad news is, if a hell of lot more don’t wise up to this then we ARE going to be in a very dire situation. I believe Jeremy Corbyn supporters are missing something critical. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve made giant leaps. Nearly everyone now realises the media’s rotten to the core. Even better, when JC became leader & the anti-Semitic smears started, most people shied away from challenging this tripe. I was thrown out of countless JC groups & I wrote about it too. Well in three years, that’s all changed. Most folk realise these anti-Semitic claims are mere Zionist fabrications in order to pervert our democracy. Moreover, now, only blithering idiots don’t believe the Tories are far more racist than Labour. Worse still, when Trump embarrasses the entire Western world by proudly showing he’d hardly look out of place with a massive white sheet plonked over his stupid orange bonce, the media & the Tories clam up. The bias & double standards couldn’t be more chronic, so naturally people are recognising this…… yet the media’s attacks on JC continue unabated. Here’s the big question – WHY?

It’s so bloody annoying. I really do not want to give it the big I am. I know it’s nice receiving compliments. The fact people take an interest is rewarding enough for me. The thing is, the only reason I write on my website & social media is to make people aware of certain things because every so often we fall short when it comes to reading between the lines & correctly analysing given situations. What people perhaps fail to grasp is the scheming behind the scenes is on a level scarcely conceivable. Imagine the worst mafia possible having carte blanche. Not a nice thought. However, this mafia knows it will never be held accountable for any crime. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE IN THE MEDIA & THE UPPER ECHELONS OF POWER, INCLUDING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM & OUR SECURITY SERVICES. In short this mafia is able to do what it likes.

This is how to work out what’s really going on. Never stop asking ‘does this make sense?’ ‘Does it add up?’ Significantly, are we supposed to believe the media can be that foolish. I don’t think so. I’m convinced I know exactly what they’re up to & it’s all about the bigger picture. Remember, this is an attack that’s across the board, every single media outlet. Not one has offered JC any support; not one has decided to back off & if anything the media is showing no signs of letting up. Yet all the polls have JC in front. This tactic is now back-firing because most people are sick to the back teeth of these constant media slurs. Enough already. In fact, if anything these smears are not hurting Labour anymore……. YET THEY CONTINUE. WHY? And each time, it’s the same bullshit argument. This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to JC when he first became leader 3 years ago

These are the tactics you should employ – attack the media full on because this way they will be the ones on the back foot. This is critical. Make it abundantly clear that not only do you have a duty to the people of this country but SO DO THEY! Remind them of the fact you are the only leader ever to win on the first ballot. The people spoke. Most importantly, it would be a terrible error trying to appease your enemies simply because there is nothing you can ever do or say that will get these Zionists to back off.

If you’d like to read the whole letter or even, god forbid, the whole piece click link below –

So why is the media’s attack on JC relentless I’ll say it again – all of this is NOT for the sake of turning voters away. What they’re merely doing is creating a climate so that when they cheat in the election & THEY WILL CHEAT, the media will put this so-called defeat down to all the bullshit they themselves created. It’s all a smokescreen so that they can get away with robbing us ordinary folk blind. Independent polls have Corbyn miles in front but the media naturally never reports this. They can’t give us this information because they have no intention of letting us decide anything. Don’t be under any illusions. The cheating started long ago & it’s continuing right before our very eyes. Here was a bent poll I read the other day. Note especially how the Tory & UKIP votes combined will leave Labour out in the cold.


This is their plan & it’s the reason I included my post above. Before, Labour said they would respect the referendum result. Had this situation remained where would UKIP be? Gone & all but forgotten. All of a sudden they’ve been given a new lease of life. JC was all set & ready to walk into NO.10. for there was no possible chance the racist, war-mongering, pedophile-protecting Tories could stay in power. Now they have UKIP to latch onto, just as Cameron did with the Lib Dems. Of course that little wretch Nick Clegg only had to hold his hand out to sell his party down the Swanee. I’m sure there’ll be more arm-twisting with Farage. That’s not the point though because the conspirators would have bought the time they so badly needed & significantly, stopped Corbyn.

Here’s the crucial part – DON’T FOR ONE MINUTE THINK THESE LIARS ARE GOING TO TAKE US OUT OF THE EU! Here’s the classic test of whether ones brain cells function correctly. Anyone who votes for UKIP or Tory on the basis of Brexit I’m afraid emphatically fails the test! I WANT TO LEAVE THE EU MORE THAN ANYONE! You all know that yet have I fallen for this crap? Most of you know the Tories & the media are in cahoots; you know the media has been 100% biased in favor of staying in the EU….. yet now we have the two would-be Tory leaders both campaigning to leave & is there any media criticism of this? HELL NO! Now cast your mind back to when Corbyn was in favor of Brexit. Didn’t the media ambush him from every conceivable angle? Just a touch…. yet even though JC’s been coerced & I believe threatened into adopting the ‘remain’ position, THE MEDIA ARE STILL CRITICISING HIM! If you can’t see something is terribly amiss here then you’re blind as a bat! (This is why I get banned by the way. I’m able to see the wood from the trees).

First of all, you’ve got to have the brains of a rocking horse to believe 1 in 5 voters want the Lib Dems. The party is a dead stick or should I say, dead as a Dodo! There is no possible chance they have 19% of the vote. However I can well understand why more or less the same number wish to vote for UKIP. The referendum vote was rigged too to make it appear close. MOST OF US WANTED TO LEAVE! What I most certainly do not believe is the Tories are only 8% behind Labour. After all that’s happened this cannot be possible. Whether you like Corbyn or not, how anyone denies we’ve not had two of the most useless Tory governments in the history of British politics is beyond me. They’ve nigh on destroyed our nation. All this has occurred while there’s been a transformation at the grass roots level in the Labour party. I believe this poll is far, far closer to the truth –


NOW LABOUR WINS WITH A MASSIVE MAJORITY! HERE’S REALITY….. The problem as I’ve said, we don’t know it collectively. This is precisely the nightmare scenario the elite are trying to stop. The media’s job is make it seem only half-crazed conspiracy nutters would write something like this. To this I say, if I was a blithering idiot….. WOULD THEY KEEP PULLING THE PLUG ON ME? Why wouldn’t they want me to wear my tonsils out screaming from the rafters? I could show everyone how daft I am!

Again, cast your mind back. From the very beginning didn’t I insist the EU referendum was rigged? I showed you an independent poll that had 76% – 24%. THEY RIGGED THAT TOO to make it appear close in order to drag it out just as they have. Not only that, this ‘close’ result enabled them to create a diversionary talking point so that the public was well & truly taken all around the houses. What happened? Did you have a nice sight-seeing tour? Get it into you head – the media couldn’t be more corrupt if it tried. They haven’t stopped over Brexit yet never once did they say what was painfully obvious – ‘wait a minute. Didn’t we vote to leave?’ In the meantime, virtually nothing else made the news. Forget about Yemen, the Palestinians, the catastrophe in Libya & Syria & of course, let’s not say too much about Jeffrey Epstein…… Ssshhhhh.

This is the media. It’s the worst type of Cancer imaginable. Think about this. You know how they yearn for any story to attack JC. Well, one such incident was as if JC actually put it on a plate for them. He went from being a Brexiteer to a Remainer – inexplicably an unpopular move & an unbelievable U-turn from a man who always stood by what he believed. So ask yourself: did the media unload on Corbyn for effecting such an incredible U-turn?…… Ssshhhh. Be quiet….. This is my forte. I recognise when something doesn’t add up & then I bother to mull over any discrepancy. I think & eventually I come up with an answer which connects all the dots. Here’s the reason why JC did this & I believe it all ties in with the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

JC was always anti EU. Why the sudden u-turn? Has MI5 & Bilderberg Attempted a Coup on Jeremy Corbyn?

Our elections are rigged from top to bottom. I bet 99% of Brits have no idea Corbyn was cheated in the last election. There was significant fraud reported in key seats but none of it ever made the airwaves. The good news is the elite are showing out like never before because they are being pushed into a corner; the bad news is this could be our last chance so we better get our act together & realise what their game is. WE LEARN BY ASKING QUESTIONS! So I’ve arrived at a point where I’m asking – what can we do to stop these Zionist crooks rigging the next general election? Well the answer is what I’m doing now – making people aware. You see, as more people realise that election fraud is on the cards, then the harder it becomes for them to go through with it!

I thought I’d include a few of my older articles –

I wrote this in Oct 2015 –

I wrote this a while ago: Only one thing’s stopped us making huge inroads. Not the media or politicians. No. What worries me – our elections are being rigged. The same crooks are involved yet there’s virtually zero noise! Ron Paul was robbed of the Presidency twice. He was anti-war. He wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. This would have been a game-changer! Marie Le Pen was robbed blind. They wanted Macron. Look what’s happened in France. 
The Scottish vote for independence had regions voting to remain in the Union where the SNP had sitting MPs in Parliament! I mean that’s actually hilarious! Worst of all, the EU referendum was the last thing they wanted for they knew 3 out of 4 people wanted out. They rigged it to make it seem close & they’ve been rigging everything ever since. Now I’m being told the Lib Dems got more votes in the EU election than Labour. That’s impossible but the reason they cheated here is as clear as daylight. It’s to make people think Corbyn isn’t that popular so when the General Election comes along, THEY’LL RIG THAT TOO!

So what do they want? Only this –

  1. no right to bear children without approval
  2. no right to travel without authorisation
  3. no right to own private property
  4. no right to privacy
  5. no right to bear arms
  6. no right to protest
  7. no right to receive an inheritance
  8. no right to choose an education or a job or even a place of residence & worst of all,
  9. no right to live!

I think it’s fair to say, we better start wising up!


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