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Can you imagine producing an effective treatment for cancer & the end result is you serve 5 months in jail?

Yesterday I received an email from David Noakes & it contains some very important information. I tried to find out as much as I could in the short time we were together. I wish I hadn’t jumped the gun. I just felt the matter was too important. Anyway, here’s what Mr Noakes said – Please, I’m not a doctor. I

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The Banking Fiasco was all about one thing – Austerity in order to Create Civil Unrest

Zionists love killing two birds with one stone. They did it beautifully in 2008. On the one hand they stole untold billions; on the other they gave us austerity! In another piece I’ll endeavor to explain exactly how they did this but first things first – All fraudsters should be punished. The greater the fraud, the stiffer the sentence. Plain

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