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Trump administration supports ‘free and independent press’: VP


US Vice President Mike Pence says the Donald Trump administration supports a “free & independent press,” days after the president described the media as “the enemy of the American people.” Do you hear this folks? THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! And you best believe all these protests, which incidentally are nothing less than an affront to democracy, HAVE BEEN ORGANISED BY

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This is why the Deep State has it in for Trump – DHS Insider Warns “It’s Spy Versus Spy”


This is from Victurus Libertas via the Burning Platform Blog. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! The guy answering the questions wasn’t me but everything he said I wholeheartedly believe. In an earlier post today I felt dismayed at the way activists weren’t getting behind Trump. Just the fact he’s calling the media liars & he’s said they’re the worst

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Not giving Trump a chance is plain daft but allowing the media to influence you is inexcusable especially when you know who owns them & how dishonest they are

It’s started – those who insisted Trump, all along was part of the establishment are already stepping out of their prams. The same thing that’s happening to Jeremy Corbyn is now happening to Trump. I cannot believe how people cannot see this. Now I know – we are doomed. Here was my response to the first ‘I told you so’……

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Miko Peled: How to deal with the Anti-Semitism accusation


The other day I touched on how the chief power-brokers did such a grand job conjuring up a defense mechanism that would serve to deflect wholly justifiable criticism & attention away from their crimes. I’m not sure when this bullshit label of anti-Semitism was christened; it must be close to 100 years ago. Well it’s proved to be an absolute

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Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente – Has Trump Duped America? Shocking Developments


I don’t believe Trump tried to dupe anyone. Like Jeff Rense, I held out hope he would be true to his word. Years ago on CNN he told that evil Zionist wretch Wolf Blitzer “these wars have been disastrous for America.” At the time Trump wasn’t in anyone’s pocket. I believe too he was being entirely genuine & people who think

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Israel passed a controversial law about settlements


CONTROVERSIAL? Are you kidding me? This is so unbelievable it’s almost a wonder of the world – not so much that Israel wants to steal land – IT’S THE FACT THEY’RE ALLOWED TO! Ask yourself – what did Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria & Yemen do to rival this? While all this land theft is going on contrary to the most

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One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed against MSM for staging ‘Sandy Hook’


I came across this rather interesting link which I feel is more worthy of attention than people may think. Of course you’d have to be a blithering idiot to believe the government & the media’s version of events right from the get-go. It was obvious false flag events like Sandy Hook were going to occur. At the time Diane Feinstein

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Elijah Wood: Hollywood is gripped by a powerful Paedophile ring


I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve said ‘we have the worst possible people in control!’ Often when one makes such a vague, far-reaching statement, most people tend to feel it’s a flippant remark, not nearly as serious as it’s meant to be. Well, in this case I couldn’t be more serious for those who call the shots hold

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Efforts to fight the BDS have failed – ADL


I just had a chat with a guy who believes in pretty much all the things I do. He knows about the Rothschilds, Illuminati/NWO & the pedophilia associated with it; the true extent of media lies & the fact the whole MSM apparatus is owned by Rothschild Zionists. He’s aware that all the false flag events including 9/11, have been

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The Israeli Lobby: A Danger to the World – Banned Documentary


Carrying on from my post yesterday regarding how best to describe the chief power-brokers, Gale Obler & Doug Mare came up with some decent suggestions – Global Elites & Globalists respectively. My response was “but the vast majority of these global elites are Zionists. I guarantee – you cannot find one member of the global elite that does not support

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