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Benjamin Freedman’s historic speech at the Willard Hotel Washington DC in 1961

The last time I posted Benjamin Freedman’s historic speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961 was on June 1 2015. The other day though Tracey Howitt posted a comment which was the link below –  Theresa May wants British people to feel ‘pride’ in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of? You what? Immediately

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12 years have passed & still the beleagured Iraqis see no end to the pain & suffering caused by the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith & their Zionist partners in the media

I’ve been trying to complete an article I began a day & a half ago about the lies that led to the Iraq war, the media’s involvement in conning the public & who was really responsible. Sickening enough because even though most people now concede we went to war on a pack of lies, I get the distinct impression few people

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Are Zionists actually trying to say when people with opposing views discuss the Holocaust & do so in a civil manner, one is guilty of hate speech?

I read all the comments on my FB wall & page as well as my new website. Today it pleased me no end when I noticed something I rarely see – two people with opposing views regarding the Holocaust & not a nasty word between them. I gave my two pennies worth afterwards saying how enlightening it was seeing two people having

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There’s another way of look looking at this – Israel regular as clockwork claims the Palestinians, Hamas & Hezbollah are terrorists & their aim is to wipe Israel off the map. Now after looking at the map, HOW DEAF, DUMB, BLIND & POSITIVELY BRAINLESS DOES ONE HAVE TO BE NOT TO CONCLUDE SOMETHING STINKS LIKE A POLECAT? That is unless –

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No mention of FIFA ban or the Palestinians. This was all about corruption. This is the MSM in a nutshell – the only thing this is not about is corruption.

Think about the media’s role – what we know is, out of the blue, US hierarchy decided to come down like a ton of bricks on FIFA because of their corrupt ways. Well talk about the pot calling the Kettle black. The fact FIFA’s antics dated back to the Victorian era & the only people who don’t know it are

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What irony. For years FIFA corrupt as can be. Then, for once, they do the right thing & all of a sudden ……….

In most countries Soccer is by far & away the No 1 sport. I’m not saying this because it’s my favorite sport because if it was, I’d tell you. Soccer for me doesn’t make the top 3. An oddity perhaps being a sport enthusiast yet the most popular one doesn’t rank in one’s top 3? Soccer remains the No.1 sport

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