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Story of why David Icke met an ‘anti-terrorism officer’ and a council ‘anti-extremist co-ordinator’

There can be no question, behind closed doors Zionists & Jews are going out of their way to shut David Icke up. One can go on arguing the toss about censorship, freedom of speech, who’s right & who’s wrong but at the end of the day it boils down to this….   If David Icke was talking a load of

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Allowing legislation to ban certain firearms is tantamount to signing a death warrant

I’ve no idea how accurate this caption is so if anyone is thinking about playing silly bollocks, forget it! The finer detail is more or less irrelevant because what’s beyond any doubt is nearly all gun crime in America is committed by those who acquire firearms illegally. This is what matters so think about this before you go mouthing off

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I normally shy away from titles like this. However, if I was asked which one speech would I want everyone in the world to hear, Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington in 1961 wins it hands down!    Many people believe 9/11 was the major turning point. Serious as it was I feel the advent of the

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Watch it here! Mainstream media refuses airtime to Corbyn’s anti-press rant (RANT INCLUDED)

I really don’t believe the media can do any more to harm Jeremy Corbyn. I feel their actions will only serve to drive more folk away from mainstream media. I’m sure they’re aware of this. So why do they continue with a policy that’s all but failed? Well doing nothing would surely result in more voters deserting the Tory Party

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Trump should be on guard. The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders

Before you read the extract taken from the diary of the 33rd U.S. President & the accompanying piece by Mark Weiser, I’d like to firstly say I’m no fan of Harry S. Truman. Japan had lost the war & twice offered to surrender. This detail remained hidden from public gaze & only surfaced in the autobiography’s of two of Truman’s inner circle

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