The Banking Fiasco was all about one thing – Austerity in order to Create Civil Unrest

Zionists love killing two birds with one stone. They did it beautifully in 2008. On the one hand they stole untold billions; on the other they gave us austerity! In another piece I’ll endeavor to explain exactly how they did this but first things first – All fraudsters should be punished. The greater the fraud, the stiffer the sentence. Plain

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The perpetrators further their cause; activists argue over detail. This is what actually occurs with false flag events. DUMP THE DETAIL!

Receiving yet another 30 day ban at least gave me time to think about New Zealand & the controversy caused by my two posts. I’m sad I ended up blocking 3 people on FB & getting into an unnecessary rows on my website. I should have tried harder to show they really hadn’t thought things out. By far the most

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